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RallyRM Mentor: Meet Adam Glassman

RallyRM Mentor: Meet Adam Glassman
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When Adam Glassman, the Employment Branding Manager at Cox Enterprises and a Rally Recruitment Marketing Mentor, was in college, he had a goal of taking one class from every department. You see, he didn’t know what he wanted to do once he graduated.

Ultimately, after an encouraging conversation with his uncle, Adam settled on a journalism and communications major. He’s been utilizing those skills in the Recruitment Marketing space ever since.

“I think I was doing Recruitment Marketing before anybody called it, ‘Recruitment Marketing,’” Adam laughs.

After diving into marketing, communications and journalism based roles in the early part of his professional career, Adam got the opportunity to make a switch. He took a digital strategy position with a national recruitment agency.

“That’s where I started picking up more of the Talent Acquisition and recruitment side. I used my skills in communications and marketing in almost everything I did. It really came together for me,” Adam said.

Today, in his role at Alorica, Adam spends his time focusing on Employer Brand, content strategy, careers website development, HR technologies and social media. He has a hand in a variety of different areas and loves that aspect of his job.

How important is authenticity when it comes to a company’s Employer Brand?

Adam says authenticity is critical when it comes to marketing a company’s Employer Brand. He says a dishonest Employer Brand will ultimately lead to the wrong hires and turnover.

“I see a lot of organizations struggle with this because their culture may not be sexy,” Adam said. It is far better to have an authentic brand and have candidates self-select out because that brand does not appeal to them. Ultimately, you will have a turnover problem because when you’re trying to sell something that’s inauthentic, the candidate, and ultimately your new hires, will see through that.”

At the heart of Adam’s passion for Recruitment Marketing is the idea of pairing people with a meaningful career. Likewise, Adam says that passion is driven by a desire to improve the industry.

“I look at Talent Acquisition in somewhat of a noble role. If we’re honest about what our brand is and who we’re attracting, we can help reduce turnover, improve performance for the business and provide a great career for an individual,” Adam continued.

Adam has learned to levy his journalism experience in the Recruitment Marketing field and is a proven example of the diverse skill-sets that make someone a great Recruitment Marketer.

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