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RallyRM Mentor: Meet Audra Knight

RallyRM Mentor: Meet Audra Knight
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Audra Knight’s career path to becoming a Recruitment Marketer wasn’t by chance. She jokes that her husband calls her a “super nerd” when it comes to all things Recruitment Marketing. In her spare time she’s reading content on the latest strategies or listening to podcasts. Audra even started her own podcast called The #SocialRecruiting Show, which we highly recommend, especially if you want some entertainment while you learn! You might even spot her cat, Max, which made his Rally debut in our video interview of Audra.

As one of Rally’s Recruitment Marketing Mentors, Audra works at Tenable where she recently made the jump from a Recruitment Marketing Strategist to a Recruitment Operations Manager, still overseeing Recruitment Marketing but now with expanded operational responsibilities.

How Did You Become a Recruitment Marketer?

Audra can’t quite recall who or what introduced her to the general idea of Recruitment Marketing, but she remembers being instantly intrigued.

“When I found out about it, I immediately knew that it was really cool and something I was interested in. I thought that we needed the role. So, I basically started doing it myself as a side gig.”

Audra created a Facebook career page, began working with recruiting technology vendors, analyzed the effectiveness of job postings, and reviewed what the agency was doing and if it made sense.

“After doing that for long enough, I said to my director, ‘Look, this is a job you need. I want to do it’ and her director said yes.”

Prior to Audra’s first official Recruitment Marketing position, she immersed herself in the industry (and still does). This is where those podcasts come into play. She personally recommends the podcast, “The Talent Cast.”

“Every time I was in the car or had any free time, I was listening to podcasts or audio books on marketing and recruiting,” Audra added.” Once Audra got down the basics, she was ready to apply Recruitment Marketing practices and start innovating.

What’s a Typical Day Like in Recruitment Marketing?

Every day is different, which Audra loves! “One month I’m redoing the career site, another week I’m improving our job descriptions. There’s always a few projects going on and a lot vendor management, which having worked at an HR tech company previously has been so helpful,” Audra said.

“There’s also things like email marketing. I’m always trying to create an email that makes sense to whatever target audience we were going for. I also help out the talent acquisition team however I can. Like, if they have a challenge in filling certain roles, I think, how can I help them fill it?”

As Audra proved herself in Recruitment Marketing, she’s been promoted to overseeing Recruiting Operations, and now is building a Recruitment Marketing team. “Now that I do more operations, I still guide strategy, but I have someone really fantastic that does social media and events and the internship program for me. I’m super excited that this summer we had a video intern who was really fantastic.”

How Do You Explain What is a Recruitment Marketer?

Considering that Recruitment Marketing is a relatively new discipline in HR, Audra has quite a bit of practice when it comes to explaining what it is that she does for a living.

She’s come up with a line that we think sums up the discipline pretty perfectly: “I am a marketer that works in recruitment. So, instead of advertising or marketing a product or service, I advertise and market the company as a great place to work.”

Max the Cat really likes that description, because he made his second cameo mid-sentence.

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