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RallyRM Mentor: Meet Lane Sutton

RallyRM Mentor: Meet Lane Sutton
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At just 21 years old, Lane Sutton hasn’t even graduated college yet, but he’s already a Rally Recruitment Marketing Mentor. He’s worked with brands including HubSpot, TripAdvisor, Sprinklr, Formlabs and Disney, gaining great Recruitment Marketing experience that he’s ready to share with the Rally community.

How did you discover you liked Marketing?

The current college junior first branched into content marketing when he was 11 through a blog he created called, “Kid Critic.” On the blog, Lane reviewed books, movies, products and activities for kids and families. He soon began promoting his posts on social media where he discovered an entire community looking for family-friendly information and insight.

Lane started attending social media “meet-ups,” where online content creators, like Lane, would get together and discuss strategy – helping each other in the process.

“I started getting some opportunities through that. An Emerson College professor invited me to speak. It was a good way to get my name out there,” Lane continued.

Then one day, Lane got a call from the Chief Marketing Officer at HubSpot who inviting Lane to intern for them. At 13 years old, Lane says he was the Inbound Marketing & Sales Software company’s youngest intern. He returned the following Summer as a Social Media Manager.

“I worked with a Venture Capital firm after that. I then got a call from Sprinklr. They said, ‘We love your social media experience, but we want you to use it for recruiting – not marketing,’” Lane explained. “That was my entry into social recruiting.”

How do you define Recruitment Marketing and how does it relate to Employer Brand?

For Lane, Recruitment Marketing is the tactics in your ‘tool kit.” He says those tactics can be anything from the social media channels you use, your career site or any other content.

He makes a key distinction between Recruitment Marketing and its relationship to Employer Branding. “The brand is what people are saying. That’s your message. That’s your story.”

Where do you see the future of Recruitment Marketing?

Lane predicts that the next 5-10 years will bring a lot of changes to recruiting driven by what he calls Recruitment Marketing 2.0. He believes technology innovation from the marketing field will soon reach the Recruitment Marketing space – things like Artificial Intelligence.

“It’s already starting to happen if you look at chat bots and scheduling. The role of the Recruiting Coordinator is going to shift as well. It won’t be obsolete, but there are technologies that can do some of that,” Lane said.

At just the beginning of his career, we think Lane will be a big part of the future of Recruitment Marketing, and we’re thrilled he’s here as a RallyRM Mentor.

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