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Recruitment Marketing Job Description

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Recruitment Marketing Job Description
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Recruitment Marketing is an exciting new discipline in HR that promotes the value of working for an employer in order to recruit talent. Recruitment Marketers bring modern marketing strategies to the recruiting process to give employers a competitive edge in finding and attracting quality candidates through search, social, mobile and email.

Recruitment Marketing is different from Recruiting! Recruiters focus on partnering with hiring managers to fill open jobs with qualified candidates; Recruitment Marketers focus on brand awareness, reputation management, social engagement and lead generation—attracting quality candidates that help recruiters fill jobs faster and easier.

There’s no single career path to become a Recruitment Marketer and there’s no one right way to organize your Recruitment Marketing function — whatever works best for your organization. Recruitment Marketers can come from just about any background, but most have experience in marketing or recruiting. Most Recruitment Marketers report into the Talent Acquisition or HR team, but some report into Marketing. What’s most successful is when there is cross-functional collaboration between Recruitment Marketing and Marketing.

If you’re ready to hire a Recruitment Marketer, or you’re interested in becoming one, here’s a sample Recruitment Marketing job description. This job description encompasses all aspects of Recruitment Marketing, from employer branding to social recruiting. Feel free to copy and customize this for your own needs!


Job Title: Recruitment Marketing Specialist / Manager / Director / Vice President

Other Possible Titles: Employer Branding, Talent Attraction, Candidate Experience, Social Recruiting and Recruiting Operations

Does this sound like you?

Brand Awareness. Social Engagement. Lead Generation. You’re a Marketer at heart, and now you’re ready to bring your passion and skills to our growing Talent Acquisition team and pioneer a new position in Recruitment Marketing. Unlike traditional marketing, you won’t be promoting our products—you’ll be promoting the value of working for our company to help us attract great candidates who fit our culture and can support our mission. You have a gift for storytelling, and know how to reach and engage your audience on a human level through search, social, mobile, text and email. You think strategically about channels and messaging, roll up your sleeves to execute campaigns and programs, and track and measure everything. If you’d love to help us tell our story and build a great company, we’d love to meet you!

How you’ll make an impact:
  • Creating the employer brand
  • Building brand awareness
  • Engaging brand followers
  • Managing the career website
  • Overseeing the candidate experience
  • Managing the employer reputation
  • Defining target candidate personas
  • Developing a campus / veteran / diversity recruiting strategy
  • Creating and curating content
  • Determining channels to recruit
  • Optimizing channel and advertising spend
  • Driving qualified applicants to open jobs
  • Building a talent network / talent community
  • Generating a pipeline of qualified leads
  • Converting leads into applicants
  • Managing recruiting events
  • Amplifying employee ambassadors
  • Generating employee referrals
  • Tracking, measuring and reporting on campaign results
  • Managing recruitment marketing operations and technology
  • Managing contracts with vendors and agencies
The skills you’ll need:
  • You understand that an employer brand is more than a logo, and know how to communicate the value prop of working at our company both authentically and transparently
  • You’re a great storyteller and writer, and can create content from blogs to emails to videos yourself as well as enlist internal and external content creators
  • You inspire employees to create and share their stories and employer reviews, amplifying our reach and influence throughout the candidate journey
  • You can teach and empower recruiters on how to tell our story effectively to attract and nurture candidates
  • You practice inbound marketing and SEO, and can get your content found when and where people are searching
  • You develop a deep understanding of your target audience to ensure your messaging hits home
  • You’ve organized campaigns, programs and events from strategy to execution that build brand awareness and generate qualified leads
  • You live on social media, and can attract followers and keep them engaged
  • You’ve created and managed mobile-first websites, and can leverage Google Analytics to optimize the candidate experience and increase CTA conversions
  • You’ve built a pipeline / database of leads who read your texts, open your emails and respond to your content
  • You can’t live without marketing automation / CRM, and love to try new technology that can improve your processes and results
  • You track, measure and analyze everything from top to bottom of the funnel, test to know what’s working and what’s not, and jump in to try new tactics, fail and learn
  • You’re curious, resourceful, a self-starter, a creative problem solver, an organized project manager and a team player who can also do it all yourself without needing a lot of resources or budget
  • You collaborate across Talent Acquisition, partner with Marketing, support Business Units and work with external agencies and vendors to make big things happen
  • You’ve had a career in Recruiting, Human Resources, Marketing or Advertising, and now you’re ready to become a Recruitment Marketer
Recruitment Marketing Job Description
4.9 (97.14%) 7 votes

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