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The Role of Storytelling in Recruitment Marketing

The Role of Storytelling in Recruitment Marketing
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Storytelling is one of those buzzwords floating around, but in Recruitment Marketing, it’s a must-have skill.

I can tell you right away that I’m not a big “buzzword guy,” but I am a huge proponent of storytelling and its role in Recruitment Marketing and Employer Branding.

It’s one thing to know your employer brand. It’s another to be able to communicate that employer brand in an engaging way. That’s really where the storytelling comes into play. From a strategic perspective, if you’re able to tell that story in a bigger, broader way, you’re engaging with a wider audience and you’re attracting candidates through content and a strong story.

Storytelling is part of human nature and human history, but the mediums have changed and it now goes far beyond just video and long-form articles. Storytelling can be woven into quick tasks like emails and posts on Twitter. It all comes down to being a clear and concise communicator and knowing your message.

This skill is very valuable for Recruitment Marketers to learn — or keep strong — as part of their toolkit.

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