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#RMRedo with RallyRM Mentor Jared Nypen: Job Boards

#RMRedo with RallyRM Mentor Jared Nypen: Job Boards
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RallyRM Mentor Jared Nypen from Great Clips shares this #RMRedo video about job boards.

We asked our RallyRM Mentors what should we be doing differently in our Recruitment Marketing strategies.

Jared believes that job boards have become more of a Recruitment Marketing and Employer Branding tactic than a direct Recruiting strategy to fill open jobs. And even so, it’s important to remember that job boards like Indeed and Glassdoor are crowded with many employer brands.

Jared says it can be a challenge to convince others to think about job boards differently, and even he struggles with it sometimes, because we’ve come to expect job boards and digital advertising to directly produce applicants. But in Jared’s experience, these tactics and channels contribute to overall brand impressions that help candidates form a positive view of our companies, and collectively they support our overall Recruiting strategy.


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