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#RMRedo with RallyRM Mentor Lindsay Parks: Showing Business Impact

#RMRedo with RallyRM Mentor Lindsay Parks: Showing Business Impact
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RallyRM Mentor Lindsay Parks from Travelers shares this #RMRedo about showing business impact.

We asked our RallyRM Mentors what they would do differently if they had the chance. For Lindsay, it’s understanding earlier in her career the importance of showing the business impact of her Recruitment Marketing strategies.

Lindsay remembers the time when she created employee stories and employer branding content, but realized she couldn’t speak to the “So what?” when presenting to key business stakeholders.

Lindsay says there can be a challenge in Recruitment Marketing with measuring and communicating the business impact that you’re having. We often think about measurement in terms of social media engagement, ad impressions or career site visits. But it’s important to show how our results support what matters to HR and Talent Acquisition, which is number of hires, cost of hires and time to fill.


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