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Your Recruitment Marketing Toolbox on a Budget

Your Recruitment Marketing Toolbox on a Budget
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So, anyone who reads my blogs or follows me on Twitter will probably know two things about me. 1). I like to be practical; Blue Sky Aspirational Thought Leadership is alright on a stage somewhere but how does it translate into day-to-day “doing it” and 2). I like to look at low cost options as a lot of people simply can’t contact one of the big London based agencies and sign a large Purchase Order for a worldwide programme.

Now taking that into consideration I thought I would share something that is very close to me, we’ve been through a lot together and our relationship grows closer each day. Yes. It’s my Recruitment Marketing Toolbox. These are the tools of the trade that enable you to make your Employer Brand come to life in the physical form of Content Marketing, whatever the context might be. You might not recognise some of these; that is probably because most are out and out Marketing tools that are slowly making their way into Recruitment Marketing. All very cool at a very reasonable cost: for £85/$115/€96 per month.

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  • Planning – What are we going to create? What will be the impact? Is it what our audience wants? When will we do it?
  • Capture – Getting the real authentic “stuff” from your people and their environment.
  • Production – Editing and adding accessibility options.
  • Creation – Bringing together your ideas, captured content with some creative toys to produce the finished article.
  • Sharing – Letting it escape to the World.
  • Monitor and Measure – Did it work? How engaged was the audience? What was the ROI?

You will notice under Capture I have listed Mobile Phone. Yes. We all have one. If you have access to a standard Video Camera great stuff. If not, don’t panic. People wanting to explore your Employer Brand don’t want to see something worthy of an Academy Award nomination. They want to see the real you. They want to get under your corporate skin. They want to make a genuine connection with your people. They want to feel the story.

Now I could go through each tool in detail but that will take away all the fun of discovering what works for you. Get involved. Sign-up for some and see what you think. If some of these tools don’t match what you are looking for speak to your best mate Google and do some research. No reason why you can’t start producing content for your audience, begin to build a following and increase your Employer Brand awareness. It’s not about the money, it’s about cracking on and getting it done.

Your Recruitment Marketing Toolbox on a Budget
5 (100%) 2 votes

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