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10 Things Your Competitors Will Learn at RallyFwd™

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10 Things Your Competitors Will Learn at RallyFwd™
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More than 2,800 people have now registered to watch RallyFwd™ Let’s Humanize the Candidate Experience, our free virtual conference on Tuesday, May 1, to hear leading practitioners share the real campaigns and technologies they use to humanize their candidate experience and gain a recruiting advantage.

Don’t let your competition learn all the latest Recruitment Marketing strategies without you!

Here are 10 things you’ll learn at RallyFwd™, and the expert speakers you’ll hear from:

1) How to build a candidate experience inspired by the latest and best practices from the world of marketing and customer experience.

  • Session: “Would You Do That to Your Mother?”
  • Speaker: Jeanne Bliss, Best-selling Author and Customer Experience Expert

2) How to leverage your employees to develop and communicate an authentic Employee Value Proposition.

  • Session: “Leveraging Real Employees to Humanize Your Employer Brand”
  • Speaker: Colleen Finnegan, Employer Brand & Recruitment Marketing Manager at Squarespace

3) How to automate candidate communications to provide a human candidate experience at scale.

  • Session: “Chatbots Explained: How Bots Can Make Your Company More Human”
  • Speaker: Adam Glassman, Employment Brand Manager, Cox Enterprises

4) How to borrow from our marketing peers to build out a truly personalized career site that your candidates will connect with.

  • Session: “You Get Me: How a Personalized Career Site Boosts the Candidate Experience.”
  • Speaker: Jess Schuster, Candidate Engagement & Experience Manager, Northwell Health

5) How to activate your employees to tell your authentic employer story across social media.

  • Session: “Humanize the Message: What Your Social Content Says to Candidates”
  • Speaker: Craig Fisher, Head of Marketing and Employer Brand at Allegis Global Solutions

6) How to humanize your candidate experience with modern and efficient communication approaches, like texting.

  • Session: “Make Candidates 🙂 Using Text Messaging to Respond (and Hire) Faster”
  • Speaker: John Turner, HR Tech Analyst, Trilogy Health Services

7) How to execute on email marketing campaigns to nurture candidates and drive them to action.

  • Session: “You Have Mail: Communicating With Candidates Like a Marketer”
  • Speakers: Charlotte Jones, Recruitment Marketing Leader, Lockheed Martin & Jared Nypen, Talent Acquisition Director, Great Clips

8) How we can anticipate and answer candidate questions during the candidate journey.

  • Session: “Recruiting Informed Candidates: How Anticipating and Answering Questions Helps You Hire Better”
  • Speaker: Mallory Brown, Product Marketing Manager, Glassdoor

9) How to provide a candidate experience that will preserve your consumer brand and keep customers coming back (even if they’re rejected during your hiring process).

  • Session: “Showing Heart: When Candidates Are Your Customers”
  • Speaker: Shari Conaway, Senior Director of People, Southwest Airlines

10) Why Johnson & Johnson created Shine, a custom “Candidate Experience Platform” and how it has performed to date.

  • Session: “How a Transparent Candidate Experience Helps Johnson & Johnson ‘Shine’”
  • Speaker: Trevor Higgs, Director of Candidate Experience, Johnson & Johnson

With such great speakers and thought-provoking topics, you won’t want to miss RallyFwd on May 1! Register today at

Can’t make it on May 1? Register anyway and we’ll send you a link to all the recordings.

10 Things Your Competitors Will Learn at RallyFwd™
5 (100%) 3 votes

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