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New to Recruitment Marketing, Part II: First Projects and Building Relationships

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Written by Briana Daugherty
New to Recruitment Marketing, Part II: First Projects and Building Relationships
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Welcome to post two in our “Rally New to Recruitment Marketing” series!

At Rally, we love helping people advance in their careers by learning new strategies and skills in Recruitment Marketing. In this series, Briana Daugherty from Cox Enterprises shares her first-hand experience as she launches her Recruitment Marketing career as an Employment Branding Specialist. Follow along her journey, learn the ropes with Briana and get inspired, whether you’re considering a career in Recruitment Marketing or ready to make your first hire. Enjoy!

– Lori Sylvia, Rally Founder and CEO

Hey Rally Readers,

Briana here! I’m back with part two of my journey in becoming a recruitment marketer. In part one of my series, I shared my first 30 days in my new Employment Branding role and as I quickly approach the 60- and 90-day milestones I’m excited to share with you more about my experience.

With each week that passes I am steadily growing and learning new marketing strategies. One thing that remains invaluable are the relationships. I have already made some great friends on the team, sharing similar interests, like running races together and attending each other’s church.

It’s a fact that people who have (or don’t have) good relationships at work will impact their employee experience and overall job satisfaction. The influence PEOPLE have in the workplace is outstanding – from day-to-day working habits to manager relationships. So it goes without saying that people drive the culture and people drive the company forward.

Along these lines, I was tasked with evaluating the perception that people have about our company by way of recruitment events. I was pulled in to help organize the design of our branded marketing collateral and banner stands that our recruiters display at recruitment events.

This task was my initial introduction to the role, as a deliberate way to start talking about our brand on a larger scale. I was encouraged to think about how our story is told from the “simplest” items that are viewed by prospects all over the nation, which led me to consider:

  • How can we drive people to our booth, aethestically showing off our brand?
  • How is our story being told from the materials we pass out at these events?
  • What do people take home about our brand? (one pagers, giveaways, etc.)
  • How do we show, not tell, people why we are an employer of choice?

From there, I set out to review our brand standards, from the typography, brand colors and logos, to the imagery and photography. I met with the marketing specialist on my team to talk through concepts that would align with our larger strategies across company divisions. After several revisions, I pieced together an updated approach for the recruiters to use at the events. Take a look!

I enjoyed this project because I learned a lot about the current state of our brand and received affirmation of our team’s year-long commitment to develop consistency in our employer brand across each of the divisions. However, keeping in mind the topic of people, one of the major areas that I learned in this collaboration were the unique personalities of my co-workers.

We each have different ways of working together and it’s awesome when the team gathers in a room to brainstorm and chat about project ideas. Also building a relationship with my manager has been super eye-opening that I believe a lot of people, new to their role, avoid talking about. What’s been great is my manager has taken a personal interest in getting to know each of his team members by having us enroll in the Birkman test, to learn about each of our work styles and communication habits to set us up to work even better together. After all, PEOPLE drive the team, the department and company goals forward.

My focus remains the same: to evolve as an experienced marketer and employment branding professional. However, in a lot of ways, the role of recruitment marketing and my own candidate journey poses a steady reminder to never forget the human side that new hires and prospective candidates experience throughout their career journey.

Thanks Rally readers for your support; stay tuned for part three of my personal story!  
New to Recruitment Marketing, Part II: First Projects and Building Relationships
5 (100%) 8 votes

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Briana Daugherty

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