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What Recruitment Marketing Leaders Look for in New Hires

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What Recruitment Marketing Leaders Look for in New Hires
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Looking to transition into a Recruitment Marketing role from another area in HR, marketing or recruitment? Or are you already working in Recruitment Marketing, but open to a new opportunity?

We’re here to help you prepare for your next career move! We asked our RallyRM Mentors what they look for when hiring a new person for their teams.

Here are the top skills, values, experiences and attributes they prioritize:

RallyRM Mentor: Debbie Celado

Job title: Vice President, Employer Brand Marketing
Organization: Citizens Bank

What she looks for: “When hiring, I look for people who are passionate, driven and smart. This is something you can’t teach. I think those are fundamental to success in any field. Specific to Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing roles, I’m looking for people who are very comfortable navigating unmapped territory, creating structure, and who are curious, self-directed, collaborative and creative. And I think you need to be fun to fit with our team!”

RallyRM Mentor: Ben Gledhill

Job title: Head of Resourcing
Organization: Yodel

What he looks for: “The perfect Recruitment Marketing hire for me is a person who is thoughtful and empathetic. They can put themselves in the candidate’s shoes in order to come up with great content and solutions to a range of challenges they may face in the role.”

RallyRM Mentor: Shaunda Zilich

Job title: Global Talent Brand Manager
Organization: Qualtrics

What she looks for: “One of the most important traits to me is the willingness and capacity to always be learning.  This function and the online world are always changing and reinventing. The actual evolution of Recruitment Marketing shows that in this field what we might be implementing today is actually what recruiters and salespeople will be doing daily tomorrow. Also, our candidates are always evolving so we have to learn and pivot alongside them to attract the top talent to our organizations. The second trait I look for is creativity in a unique way. We are forging this world of Recruitment Marketing and we need unique thoughts to do it right!”

RallyRM Mentor: Charlotte Jones

Job title: Recruitment Marketing Manager
Organization: Lockheed Martin

What she looks for: “I look for a visionary mindset that will transform our strategies into forward-moving and high-impact results. We want to move away from being transactional and following what other companies are doing. I look for a more visionary mindset, that is not afraid of being an early adopter. I also value project management skills because we manage multiple high-profile projects at one time and expect quality output. And finally, being research driven is critical to making effective decisions.”  

RallyRM Mentor: Audra Knight

Job title: Recruitment Operations Manager
Organization: Tenable

What she looks for: “A challenge with Recruitment Marketing roles is that the person needs to be very creative and great at big picture strategy (right brain dominance) while also great at data analytics (left brain dominance). If I can find that rare person that is adept at both, that’s ideal! If not, I choose which is more important based on the complementary skills of the rest of my team at a given time.”

RallyRM Mentor: Adam Glassman

Job title: Employment Brand Manager
Organization: Cox Enterprises

What he looks for: “I hate to say this, but it really depends! It depends on where we are in our strategic evolution and what other strengths I already have on my team. In general though, I tend to look for people with an aptitude to learn and a passion for the work. Depending on the role I’m hiring for, there aren’t a ton of super experienced people (it is a newer field, after all), so, I definitely look for marketing experience first and foremost. This doesn’t have to be Recruitment Marketing experience though. I like people with an eye for storytelling and an ability to think creatively. And it’s always important to have a thirst for knowledge and a drive to improve. There are so many changes in this field and we have to push ourselves to stay ahead of the game and experiment – but that only happens if we want to learn and really care about what we’re doing.”  

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What Recruitment Marketing Leaders Look for in New Hires
5 (100%) 6 votes

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