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How Outback Steakhouse Recruiters Launched a Facebook Careers Page

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Written by Kaitlyn Holbein
How Outback Steakhouse Recruiters Launched a Facebook Careers Page
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No full-time Recruitment Marketing professional at your organization yet? No problem! There are a lot of creative ways that you can take action and leverage Recruitment Marketing tactics to enhance your efforts.

In this blog, we find out how Sharen Robinson, Talent Acquisition Manager at Outback Steakhouse, and the rest of the savvy recruitment team are able to maintain a Facebook careers page and share Recruitment Marketing content without having a dedicated resource on their team.

We chatted with Sharen to get the scoop on what Recruitment Marketing content the team creates and how they manage the social media workload to give you inspiration for your own team’s approach.

Rally: Hi Sharen, to start off, can you share with us what your team looks like today? How many people work together on the Outback Steakhouse careers Facebook page?

Sharen: Currently, I work with two other recruiters. Together we’re responsible for hiring management and supporting hourly hiring and home office positions as needed. Considering there are 560 Outback Steakhouse restaurants, this is a busy job! To keep things manageable, we all work together to select and post content to our Facebook careers page.

Rally: Wow, that does sound busy. How do you manage creating and publishing Facebook posts on top of all that hiring activity?

Sharen: Each recruiter has one or two days of the week where they’re responsible for coming up with a Facebook post. We use a social media scheduling tool called Buffer to slot in the content ahead of time so we don’t need to worry about it on a daily basis. We also have job advertisement posts that are published automatically, with help from a company called Work4Labs.

Rally: What type of posts does your team share to Facebook?

Sharen: We share several different types of posts to our Facebook careers page. Our aim is to make sure that we share a good mix of “gives” and “asks”. We actually learned about this concept at RallyFwd, from Craig Fisher’s session (Rally note: you can still watch Craig’s session, What Your Social Content Says to Candidates, for free and on demand).

During his talk, Craig shared that for every “ask” you might make on social media, you should provide five “gives”. I’m not sure we always strike the perfect balance, but we aim to provide several pieces of content that are “gives” (something valuable for candidates) for every “ask” we make (such as applying to or sharing a job).

Rally: That’s great! So, what types of “gives” do you provide to your Facebook followers?

Sharen: Some of our common ones include:

  • Our fun culture
    • We like to spotlight what it’s like to work here and give people the inside scoop.
  • Employee stories
    • The Outback Steakhouse has a ton of great career opportunities. However, we are not a “braggy” brand. Using employee stories, we can show, rather than tell, prospective candidates all the things they can look forward to with a career at Outback Steakhouse.
  • Career and job search tips
    • We hand pick articles and resources that will help our job seekers get ahead and that will help our current employees to continue learning and developing their skill sets.
  • Community involvement initiatives
    • People want to work for companies that give back. And our employees love our volunteer activities. We try to spotlight community involvement activities we support at the local level as much as possible.
Rally: How do you find these stories and career tips?

Sharen: Our approach to finding good employee stories and pictures is still pretty grassroots level. We email people at different locations asking for pictures and try to encourage employees to use the hashtags #OutbackerLife and #BloomWithUs so we can easily find and share what they post to social media.

For the career and job search articles, we follow a few different blogs, RSS feeds and Twitter profiles that consistently post good quality stuff that we can share with our audiences. A few sites with articles that we frequently read and share are The Muse, Balance Careers, Be Leaderly and

Rally: Awesome! Any final tips to share with any recruiting teams looking to launch a Facebook page?

Sharen: Don’t be afraid! Getting started is the hardest part, but it gets easier and easier the more posts you create. Remember that you have each other for sanity checks along the way. If you’re all in agreement that something would be useful or attractive for candidates to know about, then it’s probably worth sharing!

Thanks so much to Sharen and team for sharing their approach with us. We hope it inspires you to add more Recruitment Marketing tactics into your entire team’s recruiting strategy!

If you have any questions or thoughts about this blog post, or if you’d like to share your team’s Recruitment Marketing approach, tweet to us at @Rally_RM or message us on the Rally Recruitment Marketing Facebook page.

How Outback Steakhouse Recruiters Launched a Facebook Careers Page
5 (100%) 5 votes

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