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Save Time and Publish More Recruitment Marketing Content: Here’s How

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Save Time and Publish More Recruitment Marketing Content: Here’s How
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We’ve all been in that spot where we feel like we’re completely stuck for content.

Maybe a blog post you were working on fell through or an employee you were planning to spotlight on your careers page just left your company. Now, you’re scrambling to fill the gap.

I’ve got a proven way to help you #endthescramble, save time and keep your content calendar full. It’s called repurposing content.

The art of repurposing content is a go-to content marketing approach that will help you stretch your resources and get more done in less time – which we know is mission critical, since many of us in Recruitment Marketing are solo practitioners or working on small teams and with a limited budget.

This blog post will walk you through the art of repurposing content and will give you some great ideas. But if you want to dive deeper, we cover this topic in our Rally Content Marketing Workshop coming next to San Jose on Sept. 24, Boston on Oct. 4 and New York on Oct. 22.

Here’s 3 reasons why you should repurpose your Recruitment Marketing content
  1. You can benefit from your best content more than once. If you have a post that performs really well, you can slice and dice it in different ways to reach more prospective candidates.
  2. Save time and money. Good quality content takes a lot of time and effort, and sometimes money, to create. Repurposing content lets you put that time and money to better use by stretching the return you’ll see on that effort further. This clears up more of your time to focus on other Recruitment Marketing projects and areas that also need your attention.
  3. Drive home your EVP and other key messages. It’s been said that people need to hear a message 7x times before they fully absorb it. By sharing your key messages multiple times in different ways, your audience will be more likely to hear and remember your takeaways. 
Ideas for repurposing your Recruitment Marketing content

Change the format

You can revive an older piece of content by changing it from one format to another. For instance, you could:

  • Take a video and turn it into a blog post (or series of blog posts).
  • Pull quotes from a blog post and use these as bite-sized pieces of content to share on social media and post to your careers site.
  • Turn a few photos into a video using Movie Maker on Windows or iPhoto on Mac. You can then add music using a service like Audio Jungle.
  • Create an infographic that sums up a blog post or video. Some examples here could be spotlighting the career path for a sales pro at your org, or maybe your company’s history and growth trajectory in terms of the number of products, employees, locations, etc. Canva is a free tool that offers infographic templates.

Create a “best of” blog post or eBook

One approach to repurposing content is taking longer content and breaking it out into smaller pieces. However, you can also consider going in the other direction and taking smaller pieces of content and packaging them up into more comprehensive resources.

What might this look like in a Recruitment Marketing context? You could:

  • Create a landing page will all your top employee stories from the year for a specific team like Sales or with a certain theme like Career Progression.
  • Compile a “best of career advice” blog post that features the top tips shared by your hiring managers on interviewing.
  • Put together “a life at your company around the world lookbook”, that features testimonials or quotes and photos from your employees in different locations.

Repurpose and leverage OPC (other people’s content!)

There are likely other teams at your organization producing some great content that you could repurpose for Recruitment Marketing.

Your internal Communications team might be producing employee engagement stories and content for your company newsletter that you could tweak and push out externally (with their buy-in).

Similarly, your Marketing team likely has customer case studies that you could share with your audience to give them insight into the kind of work you do and the types of customers you work with. Or you could take a different angle by showcasing the team who worked on the customer project and the part they played.

We hope these ideas give you a great start in repurposing some of the content you’ve already created. Let us know what ideas for repurposing content you came up with after reading this list by messaging Rally Recruitment Marketing on Facebook or Twitter! We’d love to hear from you.

If you’re looking for even more content repurposing ideas, check out the Rally Lookbook: 18 Ways to Share Employee Stories.

Save Time and Publish More Recruitment Marketing Content: Here’s How
4.7 (94.29%) 7 votes

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