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How Text Recruiting Can Boost Your Candidate Flow: RallyFwd Sneak Peek

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How Text Recruiting Can Boost Your Candidate Flow: RallyFwd Sneak Peek
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As Recruitment Marketers, it’s our job to create strategy and content that drives candidates to take a desired action.

Text recruiting can be a great way to influence candidates to take action, like applying for jobs, joining your talent network or attending an upcoming recruiting event.

At our upcoming RallyFwd Virtual Conference (happening December 5!), Erica Campbell, Talent Acquisition Manager at Dierbergs Markets, will share how her team used text recruiting to drive candidates to apply using a short text code. This strategy helped her team increase their candidate flow and reduce their time to hire.

Here’s a bit more about Erica and what she’ll cover for us at RallyFwd:

Hi Erica, can you tell us about your background and how you got into Recruitment Marketing?

My background and the industries I’ve worked in are quite diverse: from retail, to technology, to manufacturing. My career started in retail though, and that’s where my love for Talent Acquisition was born!

Fast forward to my current role as Talent Acquisition Manager at Dierbergs Markets. My role today is really a perfect blend of where my career started and the things I love to work on. The one universal, constant throughout my TA career to date has been my belief in the importance of creating a strong Employer Brand and Recruitment Marketing strategy.

Can you describe what you’ll be talking about at RallyFwd?

At RallyFwd, I’ll be talking about how to harness the power of text recruiting in your Recruitment Marketing strategies. I’ll overview how our team implemented TextRecruit and the significant, positive ROI we’ve seen to date from our new texting tool.

I’ll be covering some of the main ways that text recruiting can help you boost your candidate attraction strategy, namely:

  • How to attract, capture and nurture more leads through text recruiting
  • How to reduce your time-to-fill by incorporating text into your work flows
  • How to simplify and improve your candidate experience using text
Why do you think this is an important topic for us to be talking about now in Recruitment Marketing?

Because texting and smartphones are one of the most effective forms of communication – and many organizations are not leveraging these tools at all from a Talent Acquisition perspective!

To illustrate my point:

How many of you are reading this blog post from your smartphone? If you’re not reading this post from your smartphone, how many of you have your smartphone within 1-2 feet of you?

I’m going to venture to guess, if you add both answers together, we’re almost at 100%.

One more question: do you typically respond quicker to a text or an email? What about to text vs. a phone call – which are you more likely to use?

What I’m trying to get at here is that we are incredibly connected to our mobile devices. If we can engage talent by tapping into a tool that the overwhelming majority of people use every hour, doesn’t that make great business sense?

What challenges do you think exist for companies looking to add text recruiting to their Recruitment Marketing toolkit?

Many companies are working with less and expecting more than ever, so additional budget can be incredibly difficult to secure.

How did your team solve for this challenge?

I am incredibly fortunate to work for a company that encourages the exploration of new technology and resources, especially when it comes to Talent Acquisition.

Leadership was very supportive of implementing text recruiting when I demonstrated ease of use, showed potential return on the investment (faster time to fill, increase in applicants), and most importantly the overall, positive candidate experience text recruiting could offer.

You have to be willing to create a solid business case to anticipate all of the questions and objections you may receive.  A strong business case, coupled with passion and persistence, will be key components in your pursuit to lock down text recruiting technology at your organization.

Any final tips for companies looking to incorporate text recruiting into their 2019 strategy?

Don’t wait any longer! Start building the business case to implement text recruiting as soon as possible. It will most certainly be a stand-out project for 2019, and quite possibly the one that will have the biggest impact on your Recruiting Marketing efforts.

Want to hear more from Erica? Register for RallyFwd to catch her full session, Why Text Recruiting Became Our Go-To Call To Action, on December 5!

How Text Recruiting Can Boost Your Candidate Flow: RallyFwd Sneak Peek
5 (100%) 3 votes

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