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Why Programmatic Advertising is the Next Frontier in Recruitment Marketing: RallyFwd Sneak Peek

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Written by Kaitlyn Holbein
Why Programmatic Advertising is the Next Frontier in Recruitment Marketing: RallyFwd Sneak Peek
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Programmatic advertising is an incredibly powerful tool for Recruitment Marketers to leverage to get in front of their candidates.

While our peers in marketing have been using programmatic ads for years to reach their audiences, most of us in Talent Acquisition are not using this technology – yet!

In case you’re wondering what programmatic advertising is, here’s a quick definition for you:

Programmatic advertising is a type of media purchase where computers use the data from your past and current ads to determine which ads to buy on an ongoing basis for peak performance (Marketing Week).

Programmatic is an example of the type of small effort, big impact strategy that you can action on to make sure 2019 is a success for your team!

At RallyFwd Virtual Conference, our speakers will cover a range of other small effort, big impact ideas that will help you move your function or role forward this upcoming calendar year.

But, back to programmatic! Our expert on the topic is Brandon Luiszer, Manager of Talent Acquisition at Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores. At RallyFwd, Brandon will explain more about what programmatic is and how his team has used the technology to reduce their cost per hire.

Here’s a bit more about Brandon and what he’ll be covering at RallyFwd:

Hi Brandon, can you tell us about your background and how you got into Recruitment Marketing?

It has certainly been an interesting journey! I completed 22 years of active duty service as an officer in the U.S. Navy. In my last role, I oversaw officer recruiting operations in a seven state area.

I then transitioned to the private sector and interviewed with Love’s for the role to oversee the Field Talent Acquisition program. After working in the field for about six months, I came into the home office and began my work in TA.

Can you describe what you’ll be talking about at RallyFwd?

The topic I’ll be discussing focuses on spending smarter when it comes to Recruitment Marketing advertising.

Given the extremely tight labor market, the cost of attracting great candidates is increasing. Programmatic pay for performance ads let you control job advertising costs and ensure you’re targeting the right audience at the right time.

Why do you think this is an important topic for us to be talking about now in Recruitment Marketing?

Programmatic ad, or media, buying has existed in the marketing world for years. It’s only been practiced in Talent Acquisition for the past few years though.

Although I am not an expert in the field and more of an end-user of programmatic, it seems the pay for performance model is here to stay, so it’s the right time to learn about this technology.

What challenges do you think exist for companies looking to move towards programmatic advertising for Recruitment Marketing?

I would have to say not knowing how programmatic works will be the biggest challenge. Once there is understanding about the process, and after setting up the initial campaigns, it is a very easy system to maintain and you’ll see your advertising budget go further.

How did your team solve for this challenge?

Our programmatic vendor has been exceptional when it comes to training on the process. They explained it in a way that erased the magic and instead provided the science.

For 2019, we have a dedicated Recruitment Marketing Specialist on our team who will oversee the process. She will be the one who sets up campaigns and ultimately monitors the performance.

Any final tips for companies looking to improve their job advertising approach or implement programmatic ads in 2019?

When our agency proposed pay for performance a couple of years ago, there was a fear of exploring something new and funneling our advertising dollars into programmatic. However, it was been wonderful having the ability to control costs while continuing to project cost per hire. There are numerous vendors in the programmatic space so finding the right one who will partner with you would be the best advice I can offer.

Want to hear more from Brandon? Register for RallyFwd to catch his full session, Pulling a Rabbit Out of a Hat: It’s Not Magic, It’s Programmatic Advertising, on December 5!

Why Programmatic Advertising is the Next Frontier in Recruitment Marketing: RallyFwd Sneak Peek
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