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Not a Big Brand? 3 Ways to Land Candidates Anyway

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Written by Kaitlyn Holbein
Not a Big Brand? 3 Ways to Land Candidates Anyway
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We live in a world where small and medium-sized businesses are competing for the same talent with huge employers like Google and Facebook.

If your Employer Brand isn’t as well-known as some of those goliaths, how can you still attract and appeal to candidates?

Here are 3 ideas you can put into play to gain an advantage and land the talent you’re looking for!

And if you’d like even more ideas, we’d encourage you to watch this Rally On Demand Webinar: The Rules of Talent Attraction – Appealing to Talent Without a Big Brand.

In this webinar, practitioners from Apex Clean Energy, Cytora and Calendly share their tried and tested tactics for attracting talent away from the big guys!

If you don’t have time to check out the full webinar, here are my favorite ideas shared by each of our panelists:

1) Open your doors and connect candidates with their future teams

Being small means that you operate at a different scale from your larger hiring competitors. You can take advantage of that by making your recruiting process more personal.

Ali Tankiewicz, HR Associate at Apex Clean Energy, shares that her team does this by inviting top candidates in for coffee meetups with leadership, hiring managers and key team members – before they even apply for a role.

Connecting stand-out candidates early in the process with their future teams builds a rapport that makes the candidate more likely to choose Apex over a competitor. The candidate knows exactly how awesome the people are and what they can expect from working there!

2) Don’t overthink your social approach—take advantage of everyday content! 

At some larger companies, the process for getting approval to publish content on social media can be quite slow. There are many layers of people who might need to see the content ahead of time before you can publish.

This means that posting organic content that emerges from everyday activities can be a lot more difficult to do in real-time for a large company.

Ben O’Mahony, Talent Director at Cytora, shares that his approach of “shipping fast” on social has resulted in some great engagement metrics. Some of Cytora’s best performing careers content has included real-time snapshots from daily employee events, like office pizza parties.

3) Host fun sourcing parties for your employees

Good recruiting is all about networking and forming relationships with candidates. So, take advantage of your employees’ networks and professional relationships with a fun sourcing party that will build up your pipeline of qualified leads.

Kate Riney, Marketing Manager at Calendly, hosts employees (and their friends and family!) at a sourcing party in the office. Kate makes these sourcing parties fun by segmenting the evening into different blocks for sourcing, playing games and eating great food.

During sourcing blocks, attendees go through their “digital Rolodex” (their LinkedIn connections) and identify people who would thrive at Calendly – or people who might make great referrals to an open job. They then reach out with a short personal note, inviting that person to check out or refer someone they know to an open role.

Competing with big employers for your brand can be challenging! But, by using some of the tactics and ideas shared in the Rally Rules of Talent Attraction webinar, you can arm yourself with the info you need to compete and win against the big guys.

Good luck and we’d love to hear more about your creative strategies. Reach out to us on the Rally Facebook page or tweet to us @Rally_RM!

Not a Big Brand? 3 Ways to Land Candidates Anyway
5 (100%) 1 vote

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