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5 Expert Ways to Share Your Team’s Culture With Candidates

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5 Expert Ways to Share Your Team’s Culture With Candidates
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If you work in Talent Acquisition, you’re likely familiar with the term EVP (short for Employer Value Proposition). But have you heard about the TVP yet?

TVP stands for “Team Value Proposition,” and it helps candidates understand the unique value they would get from joining a specific team, business unit or location at your organization.

Your TVP should answer:

  • Who’s on the team?
  • What kind of people thrive here?
  • What is the team culture like?
  • Where does this team work?
  • What does the environment or office space look like?
  • What types of projects or work is this team responsible for?
  • How does the team approach their work?
  • What is the primary language used by this team?

Last week, we covered this topic in depth in the Rally webinar, Evolve Your Employer Brand: Storytelling for Team Value Propositions. If you’re wondering how to create and communicate your own TVPs, the webinar is worth watching on demand when you have time.

One common theme that came up in this webinar was that you should aim to communicate your TVP through content so candidates can get a feel for the team and assess if it’s the right fit for them. Not only does this approach improve the candidate experience, if the content is attractive and distributed effectively it can help to land more qualified candidates.

So, if you’re interested in creating more personalized content that shares a specific team’s culture at your organization, here are some tips from content pro, Lauryn Sargent.

Meet the Expert

Lauryn Sargent is an employee storytelling expert. She is the Co-Founder and Partner at Stories Inc., a Recruitment Marketing Content Studio. Her team specializes in helping organizations uncover and share authentic employee stories to build connections with candidates, team members and even customers.

Lauryn’s Expert Tips For Sharing Your TVP Through Quality Content

1) Get specific

Good TVP content should be specific enough to really bring a team’s culture to life. To identify if your content is specific enough, consider if it answers some of the TVP questions listed at the top of this article (who’s on the team, how they work together, etc.). Lauryn advises that you can answer these questions and bring your TVP to life by showcasing people, projects and experiences that are team specific.

2) Tie your TVP back to your EVP

Using content to answer FAQs is helpful, but you also need to ensure that it ties back to your global company EVP. Because teams can’t exist in isolation! And you want to make sure that the team culture you’re sharing is still clearly connected with your global employer brand.

To tie back to your global brand, Lauryn suggests sharing employee stories that show how the team’s work connects back to the larger organizational mission and purpose. You can also spotlight how a team member’s values align with the greater organizational values and how it helps drive them to success at the organization.

3) Share photos of real employees – both on and off the job

Say it with me now: avoid stock photos! Lauryn explains the best way to personalize the experience for candidates is to share images of real team members. This type of authentic content humanizes the company and can make it easier for candidates to picture themselves as part of the team.

Try to capture some images of team members on their own, but also team members working together to give a sense of the team rapport. Bonus points too if you can collect images of team members enjoying life outside of work together – enjoying a nice meal, social event or volunteering in the community.

4) Capture the physical space

Don’t forget to include some images of the actual space where the team works! If a team is office based, people want to see where they’ll spend their time. The physical work space communicates a lot about the culture. One candidates dream open office layout is another candidate’s nightmare. Sharing images up front can help candidates make decisions based on their preferred working approach and environment.

5) Repurpose your video content

To make the most of your video sessions with employees on a team, Lauryn advises that you should aim to repurpose your content. Take the footage from a video interview and divide it up into a few different pieces of content for different social channels and purposes.

For example, from one video you can create a 15-second teaser video to grab attention on social, a 75-second video to share a longer testimonial and a meatier 2-minute video for candidates later in the consideration stage to really get to know a team member.

Thanks to Lauryn for sharing these insights into content creation at the team level with us!

If you’d like to hear more from Lauryn, or see some examples from practitioners who have created TVP content, you can watch the Rally webinar Evolve Your Employer Brand: Storytelling for Team Value Propositions for free and on demand.

5 Expert Ways to Share Your Team’s Culture With Candidates
5 (100%) 1 vote

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