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Why Team Content is One of Your Best Candidate Attraction Tools

Why Team Content is One of Your Best Candidate Attraction Tools
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When searching for a new job, candidates want to know a lot about a potential new employer. You’re well aware of this, as you’ve likely put a lot of time and effort into creating and communicating your employer value proposition (EVP), which is one component that tells talent about your organization.

But have you thought about taking your EVP even deeper? I’m talking about drilling down into the department, business unit or location to really bring to life your team value proposition (TVP), which helps tell candidates not only about your company, but about the employees, culture, environment, work style and projects of your individual teams.

Why is getting deeper into the details important for attracting candidates? Well, job seekers increasingly want to know how they’ll fit within a potential team, sector or department when considering new opportunities. If you’re providing them with a look into which teams they might be working on, you’re more likely to capture their interest and encourage them to apply.

Shining a spotlight on individual teams and the employees who work on them can fuel your Recruitment Marketing strategy. With your EVP, a refresh or revamp happens maybe every 2 to 3 years. But with content that focuses on your TVP, there will always be a story to tell and employees to highlight!

Many companies are realizing the benefits of communicating their TVP to candidates and how this approach helps job seekers get a glimpse into how they might fit within a potential department or sector. In our ideabook 12 Ways to Tell Team Stories, we show you examples of how these companies have created content that effectively conveys their TVP.

One of the organizations featured in the ideabook is defense, security and aerospace company BAE Systems Inc. Their Platforms & Services (P&S) sector had been relying on general “We’re Hiring” ads to find candidates (and we know how well that works!). With manufacturing making up nearly 60% of the sector, they weren’t attracting the skilled trade employees needed just using corporate-centric EVP content. So the Recruitment Marketing team partnered with the P&S business unit to share team stories about building the future of defense and helping to keep warfighters safe.

Here’s how BAE Systems’ P&S team uses content to help candidates picture themselves on the team and highlight what employees value most:

The Value of the Work

An image library was created as part of the content plan that features a range of employees, from front line workers to more technical team members.

To promote National Engineers Week, employee photos were turned into “quote cards” featuring employees saying what they value most about their jobs, helping to attract top talent who share the same values.

Individual Personalities

The P&S team created banners featuring individual employee photos to use at recruiting events to draw in candidates. In these images, employees are seen in their working environments, and include small insights that help candidates see how they would fit in. For example, employees who are required to wear helmets are pictured wearing their personalized and decorated gear.

Part of the Bigger Picture

For the P&S team’s Weapons Systems unit, employees feel as though the work they’re doing is greater than themselves. This video highlights team members discussing how their work keeps warfighters safe and products reliable. The value that employees feel knowing their hard work helps protect the military is a core component of what they value about working on the team.

Teamwork Achieves the Goal

The P&S team’s Norfolk Ship Repair unit knows that it takes the work of individual employees to build ships for the Navy to keep service members safe. This video brings that element to the forefront, with employees discussing how their own contributions as part of the team help produce strong and equipped ships.

To see more examples of how companies are communicating their TVP to candidates, download our ideabook 12 Ways to Tell Team Stories. You’ll learn how organizations like CVS and Astra Zeneca have developed content that shines a light on their employees and provide details on individual teams’ cultures, environments, work styles and projects. You’ll even get a checklist of must-have content that you should include as part of your TVP strategy!

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Why Team Content is One of Your Best Candidate Attraction Tools
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