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If You Want to Attract Remote Candidates, You’ve Got to Speak the Language

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If You Want to Attract Remote Candidates, You’ve Got to Speak the Language
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Content that speaks directly to candidates and provides them with the information they are looking for during their job search process is one of your best ways to attract and engage talent and get them to hit that “Sign up for our talent network” or — better yet — that “Apply” button.

But what if the content you have isn’t quite hitting the mark, especially when it concerns a growing trend among job seekers? I’m talking about content centered around your company’s remote work opportunities targeted to talent who are looking for more flexible working options.

Candidates seeking remote roles want to know your company is focused on providing an engaging, collaborative and supportive culture around the flexible options you offer. So how can you ensure that the content geared toward this talent is giving them the information they want and need when considering an opportunity with your organization?

It’s all about speaking the language of remote! 

To grab — and hold — their attention and turn them into applicants, you’ll want to ensure that you have content on your careers site, social media and other channels that displays your company’s dedication to remote work.

Our recent webinar with The Muse, 3 Strategies to Attract Remote & Virtual Talent: Is Your Employer Brand Ready?, featured insight from two top practitioners — Dell Technologies Global Project Manager of Talent Attraction & Employer Brand Amy Winebright and DigitalOcean Senior Technical Recruiter Kiley Rumpf. They shared how their employer brand content includes remote work messaging to attract right-fit talent to their flexible roles. You can watch the webinar on demand to learn all of the strategies they used to create a remote-centric content plan!

One of the tactics both practitioners covered was how companies need to “speak remote.” Keep reading to discover some of their main insights around the remote language and how it can be effectively used, along with compelling examples from each of their organizations.

The way of remote

Before we dive into how to speak remote to attract top candidates, it’s a good idea to understand why remote-centric content is vital to include in your Recruitment Marketing content strategy. Take a look at these data points that show just how quickly remote work is growing, why candidates want remote roles and the benefits that flexible work options provide:

  • Since 2005, remote work has increased by 140%, according to Global Workplace Analytics. Additionally, 80% to 90% of employees say they would like the option to work remotely at least half of the time (2 to 3 days per week).
  • The 2018 User Survey from The Muse revealed that more than half of millennial and Gen Z candidates search specifically for jobs outside of their current region.
  • Gallup found that one-third of employees would consider changing jobs if a new opportunity provided more remote and flexible options.
  • Increased productivity is the top reason employees give for wanting to work remotely, according to Owl Labs. 
  • More than 80% of remote workers report being highly satisfied with their jobs, research from Amerisleep found.

These stats show that while remote work is currently straddling the line between a “nice-to-have” perk and a “must have” benefit when searching for a new career opportunity, its continued growth means it will soon become a requirement for many candidates.

Make remote content readily available

If you have content that talks about your remote options but you aren’t putting it where candidates can easily see it, they’ll look elsewhere for flexible opportunities. The first step in speaking remote to connect with talent is to ensure your content is easy to find and consume.

Your careers site is your top tool for displaying remote-focused content. Even if it’s just a small section on your main page, any language around remote helps candidates learn more about that culture. Check out what DigitalOcean includes on their careers page to tell talent about their dedication to remote options.

Video conference

DigitalOcean’s careers site showcases a remote friendly environment for employees.

More in-depth content is also a great way to capture the attention of remote job seekers. This can be a dedicated landing page to your organization’s remote culture, like the example from Dell below. A FAQ that answers candidate questions can be a one-stop shop to find the information they are looking for.

A Dell careers page

The modern workplace is changing and Dell shows its flexibility.

Make employee voices heard

What’s the best way for candidates to learn about your company’s remote culture? From remote employees themselves! Including employee stories in your remote-focused content can help the message resonate with talent and give them a glimpse into how they would be supported in a more flexible role.

Dell includes videos on their remote careers page that feature employee interviews on what they value most from a flexible employer and how they stay connected with their colleagues.

Video of a man working on his computer at home.

Candidates can learn about a company’s remote culture from employees, like this Dell employee video.

DigitalOcean features employee videos as a pop-up in the lower right-hand corner of their careers page, that when clicked opens up a video library of DigitalOcean employees talking on a variety of topics about working at the company, including how remote teams work together and what employees like best about working at the organization.

DigitalOcean employee videos answering candidate questions

DigitalOcean features employee videos that explain a variety of topics about working at a company.

Speaking the same language as remote candidates through content on your careers page and other channels shows that your company is dedicated to providing a supportive and enriching culture for employees who are outside of the office. As remote continues to grow, these language skills will become more important in order to attract top talent.

Learn more about DigitalOcean’s and Dell Technologies’ remote-centric content strategies by watching our webinar on demand!

Note: The Muse is a sponsor of Rally and supports our efforts to provide educational content and events on Recruitment Marketing.


If You Want to Attract Remote Candidates, You’ve Got to Speak the Language
5 (100%) 1 vote

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