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3 Ways You Can Use Video Job Descriptions

Why You Need Video Job Descriptions
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3 Ways You Can Use Video Job Descriptions
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Video has quickly become one of the best tools that companies can use to provide customers with the right information, give a glimpse into what these organizations care about and boost awareness of products and services.

And video has also been a welcome addition to the toolkit of many Recruitment Marketing practitioners. But the question is: Are you using it to its full advantage?

One area that may be missing some of that video magic is your job descriptions. In the past, descriptions were text-based pages filled with bulleted lists and information about the qualifications companies were looking for. However, with the rise of technology — especially with video — job descriptions can now include a variety of content formats to educate candidates and encourage them to apply. 

This is why video job descriptions are becoming more important — and more common. Including video in your descriptions allows you to show certain aspects that can’t be as effectively communicated in other formats, such as your culture, your physical work environment and your employee experience.

When we say video job descriptions, it doesn’t mean the video needs to have someone listing out all of the qualifications and experience that are sought after for that specific role. It can be a video communicating your culture, values, employee experience and much more. It’s any information that is valuable to job seekers and arms them with the details needed to apply.

You’ve probably already heard the praise that video gets when it comes to increasing awareness, engagement and conversions, but it never hurts to drive that message home — and hopefully provide you with some new data that can help you make the business case for video job descriptions:

  • When it comes to ROI, 83% of marketers say video is one of the top providers, according to animated video company Wyzowl.
  • Video increased the time on site metric for 80% of marketers, Wyzowl found.
  • The report also revealed that website visitors prefer to learn information and details via video.
  • Specifically within Recruitment Marketing, job postings that include video garner 12% more views than postings without, according to CareerBuilder.
  • Videos within job descriptions can also help drive a 34% higher application rate, the CareerBuilder survey found.

Video is one important element within an enhanced job description. To learn more about enhanced descriptions and how they can help you, download our ideabook 6 Enhanced Job Descriptions to Inspire You to see examples from companies that are leading the way with this strategy.

Video on other pages of your careers site are a must-have tool, of course. But your job descriptions are often the “clincher” that moves talent toward the first step in the application process. Including video in your descriptions at this stage can be a key driver to get them to progress forward.

Here are a few examples from employers that have implemented video job descriptions to connect with candidates and provide a more engaging experience:

1. Oracle

When looking for new opportunities, candidates want to know the people they may potentially be working with. Oracle provides this information by including employee highlight videos on the pages of their job descriptions. 

Employee videos in job description

Employee videos help candidates see more into the experience that a company offers

These employees talk about the passions they pursue outside of their work and how the work-life balance that the company provides helps them continue to follow those hobbies. These videos paint a picture of how Oracle supports team members both inside and outside of work.

2. CVS

As much as job seekers want to know about the culture, experience and environment of an organization, they also want to learn about the values that a company strives toward. On their job descriptions, CVS includes a video that covers the values they have and how the organization is working to ensure those values are achieved.

Company value video in job description

Candidates want to work at a company that shares their own values, which is why communicating those values is a top attraction tactic.

Learning that they share values with a potential employer, job seekers might picture themselves making a positive impact at the company, be more engaged and work toward helping the organization pursue those values.

3. Galileo Camps

Knowing what’s expected in a role and what the day-to-day life will be like for an employee is a vital element that candidates look for when conducting a job search. Galileo Camps does an excellent job of providing this information to job seekers — directly from those who work in similar positions themselves!

Employee qualifications video in job descriptions

Job seekers can learn directly from those who have worked in the position before.

Videos within their job descriptions feature prominently on the page, and include employees who have worked in that specific position discussing the qualifications and characteristics that someone needs to possess to be successful, their own experience as part of the team and what potential employees will be doing as part of their work.

Here are a few additional companies that have made the move to video job descriptions:

Videos do more than bring in ROI and results. They also engage candidates more effectively and provide a more personalized element so that job seekers feel they are being spoken directly to. As part of your job descriptions, videos can be just the thing that candidates need to become applicants.

3 Ways You Can Use Video Job Descriptions
5 (100%) 3 votes

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