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5 Truths About the Future of Candidate Experience

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5 Truths About the Future of Candidate Experience
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Can you believe 2020 is only a few weeks away? It couldn’t be a better time to look ahead and consider what’s next for our profession. No matter your role in Recruitment Marketing, Talent Acquisition or HR, we are all focused on people — how we attract them to our company, how we recruit them to our jobs and how we keep them engaged to stay.

Our perspective is expanding beyond “talent.” Candidates, employees, customers — we now understand that these labels are fluid. A person’s relationship with a company can change at any given time. What moves them from one relationship with our brand to another, if we do it right, is their experience with us. This is why we’ve decided to focus on the future of candidate experience for our next RallyFwd Virtual Conference — coming up on December 4, 2019! 

We’ve partnered with our friends at the Talent Board, which means that many of our speakers are Candidate Experience Award (CandE) winners. If experience is the critical factor that builds and grows our relationships with people, then I wanted to hear from practitioners who’ve got it right! Our RallyFwd speakers have implemented creative approaches and innovative technologies to provide a candidate experience that stands out from the crowd, and they are graciously going to share their strategies and work examples with you on Dec. 4th to help you succeed in 2020. 

In collaborating with our speakers to prepare for RallyFwd, I’ve discovered 5 common attributes that have made them successful:

  1. commitment to authentic, transparent and frequent candidate communications
  2. prioritizing resources on the moments that matter in the candidate journey
  3. keeping the human touch omnipresent while smartly using technology to support their strategy and help them scale
  4. aligning all stakeholders and holding them accountable, and 
  5. the courage to lead change in their organization.

These attributes may not sound “futuristic” but the truth is that mastering them is still aspirational for most of us. It takes a lot to implement change, and even more to sustain it. But our RallyFwd speakers are ready to show you how and give you practical strategies to make the difference that you want to make in your careers and at your companies!

So here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll learn about their future-forward candidate experiences at RallyFwd. Don’t forget to register (for free!) and join us on December 4, 2019, to “See the Future of Candidate Experience” together! 

RallyFwd Virtual Conference December 4, 2019

Don’t miss our free RallyFwd Virtual Conference on Dec. 4, 2019!

Breaking through the status quo and driving change will take people with courage and a company culture that empowers courageous thinking.

Ryan Berman“Opening Keynote: Return on Courage,” Ryan Berman, Founder of Courageous and Author of Return on Courage: A Playbook for Creative Change

We are very excited to have thought leader and best-selling author Ryan Berman as our opening keynote speaker on Dec. 4th! Ryan will kick off RallyFwd with a bang by sharing his playbook for leading courageous change. During Ryan’s session, you’ll learn how to inspire coworkers and employees to think bigger when it comes to candidate and employee experience, or become victim to the business apocalypse. Ryan will teach you how to make courageous decisions and create a Central Courage System within your organization using his 5-step P.R.I.C.E model. Ryan will also cover how to create authentic and appealing messaging, and boost your personal and company brand into “Courage Brands” that people will believe in and advocate for. We think you’ll walk away from this session with lots of ideas to put into play right away!

While new and emerging technologies will impact the candidate experience landscape in a big way, keeping a personal touch will be the real differentiator.

Kristen MagniBears, Goldilocks, and AI: Getting Candidate Experience ‘Just Right,’” Kristen Magni, Vice President of Talent & Culture at Bozzuto 

Repeat CandE winner Kristen Magni will share her secret to delighting candidates: blending tech and human touch to get candidate experience “just right.” Kristen has been an early adopter of new technology her entire career, but believes that strategy should drive technology choices. At RallyFwd, Kristen will teach you how she creates candidate journey maps to develop her recruiting strategy and to determine where she needs to deploy her tech stack and where she needs her human stack. She’ll present the experience building blocks that you can use to redesign your candidate experience.

It’s not the job itself, it’s how candidates will feel doing the job at your company.

Shavonne Thomas“The Power of Emotion in Your Candidate Experience,” Shavonne Thomas, North America Employer Brand & Recruitment Marketing Partner at AstraZeneca

95% of decision making takes place in the subconscious mind. Career decisions are no different. Shavonne will explain the power of tapping into emotions in your talent attraction strategy and ensuring those messages are reinforced as candidates move forward in your process. Shavonne will give you an inside look at a campaign she created to recruit physicians to AstraZeneca, from the research phase to messaging development to recruitment marketing content. You’ll learn how to use emotion to appeal to your target candidates and win them over to join your employee experience. 

With so many touchpoints, systems, tools and platforms vying for resources, you will make the biggest impact by prioritizing the moments that matter.

Chris Mulhall“Using the 80/20 Rule to Create Moments That Matter,” Chris Mulhall, VP Talent & Organizational Effectiveness at PointClickClare

During his session at RallyFwd, Chris will share his CandE-winning approach for honing in on what really matters to providing a winning candidate experience. Chris will explain how he uses the 80/20 business principle to identify the critical moments in the candidate experience that matter most to candidates and that have the biggest influence on their perception of an employer. He will also present candidate communications templates that his team uses to provide a personalized experience at scale. 

Executing on a modernized candidate experience will require a team effort.

Stacy Van Meter“Master Class: Rallying Your Company to Prioritize Candidate Experience,” Stacy Van Meter, Vice President of Talent Acquisition & Employment Brand at Deluxe

As the bar gets higher and candidates expect more from your hiring process, one person can’t be responsible for the quality of your entire organization’s candidate journey. It takes everyone who “touches” candidates to understand the expectation and know the part they play, and that’s one of the reasons Deluxe has been a multi-year CandE winner. At RallyFwd, Stacy will speak about her success at rallying stakeholders across the organization to prioritize the candidate experience and be accountable for the journey. She’ll also share some of the training materials she has used to align recruiters and hiring managers on candidate experience objectives.

Technology will make or break your candidate experience and your hiring goals.

NEW: Online Technology Showcase!

RallyFwd Sponsors

For the first time at RallyFwd, we’re excited to announce we’ll be providing a virtual tech exhibit experience for attendees! Our online technology showcase, exclusive to RallyFwd registrants, will include short 20-30 minute videos that provide an overview of what our sponsors’ solutions do and how their technology can improve your candidate experience. Get all the info you need about a range of software tools, without having to walk an exhibit hall floor or spend your scarce travel budget!

Let’s Rally Forward Together to Modernize the Candidate Experience!

We think our speakers will leave you feeling inspired and ready to take some great ideas back to your company and lead your organization to candidate experience excellence. And as you implement these changes, just a reminder that the Rally team is also here to support you every step of the way and shout out your successes. We are building a community of forward-thinkers, innovative practitioners and leaders, rallying forward together to lead the future of talent acquisition.

Save your seat — register for RallyFwd for free today — we can’t wait to see you there on December 4!

5 Truths About the Future of Candidate Experience
5 (100%) 3 votes

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