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Our Opportunity to Reinvent Recruiting and Our Careers at RallyFwd

RallyFwd Virtual Conference December 2, 2020
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Written by Lori Sylvia

During this time of uncertainty, you have a tremendous opportunity to not only reinvent recruiting, but to seize the moment to reimagine your career, your value and your impact. Here’s what you’ll learn at RallyFwd on Dec. 2, 2020. Register today!

Our Opportunity to Reinvent Recruiting and Our Careers at RallyFwd
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Last May, when we held our RallyFwd Virtual Conference, it was a scary time, but we were all hopeful that we could charge ahead and that the pandemic would be over soon. However, fast forward 6 months and today is no less frightening. We still have months of this pandemic to get through. At the same time, society and institutions are struggling towards more equality and inclusion. There seems to be so much uncertainty in the near future.

While 2020 has been really difficult, I have found optimism every time I’ve connected with the amazing people in the Rally community. You’ve told me inspiring stories about how your companies are caring for employees and candidates, about how you’ve pivoted your strategy with grace and ingenuity, and about how you’ve stepped up to take on new responsibilities, both at work and at home. Through all our conversations and all the stories I’ve heard across our industry, there’s been a common theme: Reinvention.

As your company’s leaders have been working hard to reinvent business models and operations, you’ve been working hard to reinvent recruiting. Almost overnight, you had to shift to a digital-first environment, from the Recruitment Marketing channels you use to attract talent, to a virtual candidate experience, to video interviews, to online onboarding. 

During those early weeks last Spring, the changes to your talent acquisition systems and hiring processes were thought to be temporary, but they have now become the “new normal” — and many believe, including me, that we can’t retreat back to how we operated before.

Yet, operating in this virtual world of online recruiting events and Zoom interviews means that many candidates today don’t have the benefit of meeting their prospective manager and team in person or touring your office or facility to picture themselves working at your company. Candidates still need a realistic view of what their job will be like now and when it’s safe to go back. They still crave an inside view of your company culture, especially during this time of uncertainty. And they’re counting on YOU to bring your employer brand and employee experience to life to help them make an important decision about your job offer.

That’s why I’m excited to announce that our next RallyFwd Virtual Conference on December 2, 2020 will focus on “Reinventing Recruiting in a Virtual World.” I honestly can’t wait to host RallyFwd again! At our last event, I saw incredible connections being made during the conference. Our audience engagement tool blew up with so many of you sharing your LinkedIn profiles with each other! Afterwards, when I asked you to tell me one word to describe your RallyFwd experience, you said: Inspirational, Informative, Amazing and Energizing. We all need to feel that again!

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Attendees at our RallyFwd Virtual Conference call it inspirational, informative, amazing and energizing.

But, we also need to get ready. There’s a unique opportunity in front of us to shift our thinking from old paradigms to a new approach to recruiting that’s more transparent, authentic and inclusive. We can use this time to rethink talent strategy and put a greater emphasis on community, engagement and wellness. 

Things are continuing to change fast and we need to not just keep up, but stay ahead of the seismic shifts that are happening in talent acquisition. The opportunity is yours to lead right now, and the upcoming RallyFwd Virtual Conference will give you strategies, insights and inspiration to help you thrive in 2021 and beyond. Because we can’t retreat. We must choose to move forward, to reinvent not only recruiting, but also to reimagine our careers, our value and our impact.

Here are 5 reasons you should attend RallyFwd on Dec. 2, 2020:

1. Reinvent your recruiting strategy

Your leadership team is likely working right now to reinvent business operations to be ready for whatever lies ahead. CEOs are facing a massive disruption — the pandemic has changed how (and where) employees work, how customers behave, how supply chains function and even what constitutes “good” business performance.

At RallyFwd, you’ll hear how leading practitioners are getting ahead of these challenges with talent acquisition and Recruitment Marketing strategies that will support business growth so that you can come back even stronger.

2. Make your virtual experiences real

With the sudden shift to remote work, we’ve all had to create virtual talent experiences for candidates, new hires and employees. In addition, we’ve had to focus on the employee experience more than ever, and create new programming to support mental health and wellbeing.

Our speakers will share specific technologies and strategies they’re using to adapt to this shift to virtual recruiting and offer a positive virtual candidate and employee experience during these uncertain times.

3. Bring your employer brand to life

Candidates are counting on you to help them picture themselves working at your company and get a realistic view of what their job will be like if they accept your offer. During these challenging times, candidates want to minimize risk — and if they can fully understand your employee experience they’ll be more likely to make a move.

This means, your Recruitment Marketing content and digital careers channels are more important than ever when it comes to communicating your employer brand and company culture.

In addition, as many workplaces have gone remote, being a “work-from-home company” is no longer a competitive advantage. At RallyFwd, you’ll hear about innovative approaches to differentiate your messaging and bring your employer brand to life in a virtual world. 

4. Reimagine your career

For some of us, our jobs have changed. For others, we’ve lost our jobs and are now exploring new careers in a difficult job market. Regardless of where you are today, many believe that the role of talent acquisition and Recruitment Marketing professionals will never be the same.

However, this shift can be your opportunity to grow. RallyFwd will help you seize the moment to not only reinvent your role, but reimagine your career, your value and your impact. In addition, you’ll also have the opportunity to network with your peers through real-time discussions, Q&As and virtual networking sessions during and after the online event. 

5. Be Ready for 2021

Many of us are navigating a tremendous amount of uncertainty at the moment. Although it might be overwhelming or confusing knowing where to start, failing to plan is planning to fail. At RallyFwd you’ll gain tangible insights that you can take back to your organization to begin strategizing for the new year.

In addition, we’re planning a giant ideabook, packed with dozens of strategies, examples and results from our speakers and other top talent acquisition and Recruitment Marketing teams. This ideabook will give you an actionable roadmap to succeed in 2021, whatever challenges come your way.

We’ve got a fantastic program planned for you at our free RallyFwd Virtual Conference on December 2, 2020. Let’s come together to connect with one another again and to get inspired as we reinvent the future of recruitment and our own careers. Register for RallyFwd today!

Our Opportunity to Reinvent Recruiting and Our Careers at RallyFwd
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