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Give & Get Employer Branding Book (download a free chapter!)

Give & Get Employer Branding Book
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Learn this refreshing new approach to creating and activating your employer brand using the Give & Get Employer Branding Framework, based on the popular book by Charlotte Marshall and Bryan Adams. Download a free chapter below!

Give & Get Employer Branding Book (download a free chapter!)
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In their new book, Give & Get Employer Branding, Charlotte Marshall and Bryan Adams introduce the idea that your company’s employer brand should act as a “smart filter” that repels the many and compels the few to want to join your organization.

Give & Get Employer Branding redefines the concept of an employee value proposition (EVP) entirely. Instead of a sales pitch aimed at seducing candidates with sizzle, this refreshing new approach harnesses the value to be found within the cultural realities and expectations of your company.

Charlotte Marshall and Bryan Adams

Charlotte Marshall and Bryan Adams, co-authors of Give & Get Employer Branding

Give & Get Employer Branding Book downloadThe central premise of their book is the Give & Get Framework — the concept that candidates understand they need to sacrifice something in order to receive something in return. By making this arrangement explicit in your employer brand positioning and content, you will help filter out wrong-fit candidates and stop people who aren’t the right fit from applying in the first place, joining and leaving your org — saving your recruiting team time and money.

We all know that an EVP is not only company-defining, it’s career-defining, and you can’t risk getting it wrong. Even if your company has an EVP or you’ve never created an EVP before, as a talent acquisition, HR, Recruitment Marketing or employer branding practitioner, you should know the Give & Get Framework!

Download a free chapter of Give & Get Employer Branding

What actions can you take today to set yourself up to win the war for talent? Give & Get Employer Branding provides tangible steps to help you re-recruit the talent you have and set you up to win more than your share of top talent in the future. You’ll learn how to create a smart filter, elevate your organization’s strengths by pairing them with what it truly takes to thrive and answer the burning questions on candidates’ minds like never before.

Click to download a free chapter today to learn how to activate your employer brand internally.

Activation—both internal and external. It’s time to take the strong foundation of your Give and Get and apply it to all the touchpoints in the candidate and employee ecosystem to attract, engage, and retain top talent. Through carefully planned activation activities, your EVPs can reach and impact talent both out in the marketplace as well as within your own company.

Thank you to Charlotte and Bryan for providing this free chapter to the Rally Recruitment Marketing community! Give & Get Employer Branding is also available to order on Amazon.

Give & Get Employer Branding Book (download a free chapter!)
5 (100%) 6 votes

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