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Best Practice Examples of Employee Stories, from Rally Award Winners

Examples from Rally Award Winners Showcasing the Lives of Employees
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A proven strategy for connecting with candidates is sharing content that displays real employees’ experiences at work and beyond. Learn 3 techniques from Rally Award winners that spotlight employees in fun, authentic and unique ways.

Best Practice Examples of Employee Stories, from Rally Award Winners
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We know candidates are looking for authentic employee stories, but you may be asking yourself: what kind of stories will resonate with candidates? How do you create compelling and visual content in our remote world? Where do you start? 

To help inspire your strategy, we’re sharing 3 tips and examples from 2021 Rally Award Winners who excel at showcasing the lives of their employees in creative and powerful ways.

1. Tell the stories of why and how your employees work

While candidates can get the “what” from your job postings, the more important question they’re asking themselves is “why” they should work at your company — and that’s something that employee stories can help bring to life! 

However, sometimes those stories are hard to visualize, especially when we’re working remotely. ADP, winner of the Best Social Careers Channel in the 2021 Rally Awards, is a great example of how to level up your social media through employee stories.

When you scroll through the ADP Careers Instagram page, you’ll see very few photos of people on laptops at their desks, even if that’s what employees’ work looks like most days. Instead, they feature employees at their homes, with family, their pets, or participating in company events virtually. 

The posts highlight employees across teams, and why they chose to work at ADP — which all ties back to their employee value proposition (EVP) themes of driving change, being yourself and doing meaningful work.

It’s also valuable to hear the behind the scenes of how employees work what is their workflow and processes? What kind of work gets them excited?


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An Instagram post featuring Krista Principal UX Researcher, Generative Research at ADP, highlighted how she approaches challenges and why she’s motivated in her work.

Read more about ADP’s approach and results in our blog: What Does an Award-Winning Careers Social Media Presence Look Like?

2. Celebrate your employees as people, beyond their everyday work

“I came to the United States alone at the age of 16… people tell me I am brave for doing so, but at the time, I didn’t think much of it. When you are young, you don’t have as much fear, and it enables you to approach things differently.”

This is the opening of a blog post by Meisha-Ann Martin, Workhuman’s Director of People Analytics, published on Workhuman’s 2021 Rally Award-winning Best Careers Blog.

It’s a compelling story about Meisha-Ann’s journey to finding her identity and purpose moving to the U.S from Jamaica, her experience being Black in an American college and what led to her career in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Workhuman is part of her career and life journey, and that’s part of the blog but it’s focused on who she is and what led her to where she is today.

Another blog on Workhuman’s careers site is from recruiter Lauren Van Duyn who writes about her journey into motherhood and part of her story is how her Workhuman team and community have been there for support. 

These stories are powerful because they showcase who employees are outside of their work and help candidates paint a picture of who they’d be working with, their co-workers’ lives and their values as people — which can help candidates envision themselves working at your organization and relate to their prospective future team. 

For Workhuman, employee advocacy is a key element in launching their careers blog and driving brand awareness too. They share new blog features on the company Instagram page and encourage employees to share articles through LinkedIn. The team found that people were excited to share and celebrate their colleagues’ blog posts, which is great because if employees are excited to share these stories, then it’s likely that the content will resonate with prospective candidates too! 

3. Employee generated content: Pass the pen over to your employees

To hear the stories of employees, it’s often best to hear from the source — and it’s these real, authentic stories that candidates are interested in learning about! Employee generated content (EGC) is about passing the pen (or camera) over to your employees and about you playing the role of story-enabler, rather than storyteller.

PetSmart, Rally’s 2021 Best Content Marketing Award winner, is a great example of how to do this. Here’s what they did: 

  • Identified 20 passionate associates to enroll as ambassadors to help amplify #LifeAtPetsmart
  • Synced up the ambassadors’ LinkedIn profiles to their employee advocacy platform, making it seamless for associates to share, promote and curate content specifically for their networks 
  • Provided examples of what to post online and shared internally to encourage others to do the same

With employee generated content front and center in their content strategy (and a lot of cute puppies!) in 3 months PetSmart saw their ambassadors increase their reach on social media by 67%! 


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Example of PetSmart’s employee generated content on Instagram, featuring cute puppies. 

Want to learn even more about how to use EGC to support your talent acquisition and Recruitment Marketing strategy? Check out our ideabook: The Future of Employee Generated Content. 


When it comes to effective Recruitment Marketing, we know the importance of sharing employee stories, but it can sometimes be challenging to know how and where to start with showcasing the lives of your employees. We hope these award-winning examples provide some inspiration you can take back to your organization!  

Interested in entering your work in the Rally Awards? You can see all of the 2021 award winners and learn more on the Rally Awards website.  

Best Practice Examples of Employee Stories, from Rally Award Winners
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