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Q&A With Tony Prudente, Recruitment Marketing Rising Star

Q&A With Tony Prudente Recruitment Marketing Rising Star
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Paving the way for Recruitment Marketing at Brother USA, Tony Prudente launched the company’s EVP, careers website, CRM and more. Learn how this led him to be named a Recruitment Marketing Rising Star at the 2021 Rally Awards.

Q&A With Tony Prudente, Recruitment Marketing Rising Star
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Many recruitment marketers know launching a new careers site is a big project — it can involve a lot of stakeholders, needs to reflect authentic employee stories and aims for the finished product to be something employees are proud to share.

This was Tony Prudente’s goal when he led Brother USA’s careers site launch, incorporating the company’s new employee value proposition (EVP) and infusing fun with a century old brand in an engaging, creative way. 

Tony has paved the way for Recruitment Marketing at Brother, from establishing the EVP and employer brand to identifying the right vendors to partner with. His creative work on the careers site and building Brother’s employer brand is what made Tony one of this year’s Recruitment Marketing Rising Stars in the 2021 Rally Awards!

The Rally Awards celebrate excellence in Recruitment Marketing and employer branding practices that attract and recruit talent through social and digital channels, as well as practitioners who have demonstrated how they’ve moved the needle to make a difference at their organization. 

Our Recruitment Marketing Rising Star award recognizes practitioners who have spent between 1-3 years in a Recruitment Marketing role. This is a person who has helped to transform the talent acquisition strategy for their company into one that is brand-led and marketing-driven and distinguished themselves as a future leader of our profession. In 2021, Rally named three Rising Stars

Meet Tony Prudente, 2021 Rally Awards Recruitment Marketing Rising Star

Anthony Prudente, Brother USA

Anthony Prudente, Recruitment Marketing Rising Star in the 2021 Rally Awards

Throughout his nearly 7 years at Brother USA, Tony specialized in various areas of the business, including HR, employee engagement, Recruitment Marketing, social media, and Corporate Communications.

Powered by his natural inclination towards creativity, Tony works to create innovative, frictionless and personalized experiences for candidates, employees and talent advisors. To learn more about Tony’s work, we asked him about his Recruitment Marketing career, what he’s learned and what advice he’d pass on to others starting in the field. 

Q&A with Tony Prudente, Senior Specialist of Corporate Communications at Brother USA

Rally: How did you get started in Recruitment Marketing?

Tony: I started as an intern at Brother when I was in college pursuing my BA in Human Resources Management. After graduation, I was hired on as an HR specialist focusing on employee engagement. I eventually fell into Recruitment Marketing after being given the task of managing our LinkedIn presence and positioning our company as a great place to work. I then helped launch the company’s EVP, careers website, CRM, and programmatic advertising strategy.

Rally: What do you enjoy most about working in Recruitment Marketing and employer branding?

Tony: I enjoy the people the most. I’ve met so many wonderful people who are so caring, considerate and helpful. It can be difficult to get the support and resources you need when you’re on a one-person Recruitment Marketing team. Being able to engage with and support my peers in the field has been so rewarding.

I also love the creativity that the field affords. When I was in grade school, I loved making art and coloring but I was never an artist. I always felt that I had a creative mindset, but I didn’t think there was a way I could use that as an outlet in my career. Today, I get to use that creativity to tell stories – with digital content that attracts, and with data that provides insights that drive action. Being able to be creative in how I can help solve recruiting challenges has been personally so fulfilling. 

Rally: What skills do you think are important for other recruitment marketers who are looking to forge their path in this space?

Tony: The first that comes to mind is negotiation — you need to know how to negotiate in ways that will get you one step closer to where you want to be, especially if you’re a recruitment marketing team of one.

Social media marketing, content marketing, and copywriting are so important to be able to communicate in ways that attract and persuade, both externally and internally.

Adaptability is also key because things change every day in this field. Recruitment was completely upended at the start of the pandemic – and then it was upended again earlier this year! It’s really important that you try new things, fail forward and learn from mistakes. If you can’t be adaptable you’re going to lose out on growing yourself and growing your company.

Rally: What project are you most proud of to date?

Tony: I’m most proud of launching Spectrum – Brother’s employee resource group for LGTBQ+ individuals and allies. I was part of a cross-collaborative team of employees that launched the company’s framework for establishing and supporting ERGs. In less than one year, the company went from 1 to 4 ERGs.

I hold a special place in my heart for Spectrum because I truly felt like I created it – because I did! Even down to the logo design, content strategy, launch and publicization – I had a huge part in helping all of that come to life.

Rally: As a Recruitment Marketing Rising Star, what’s next for you in your career?

Tony: There’s still a lot of motivation, passion and desire for me to continue progressing up the ladder in the corporate world. I may find myself one day pivoting in my career, maybe in consulting, or even starting my own business or non-profit. 

Rally: Anything else you want to pass on to the Rally community? 

Tony: Remain open and collaborative; it’s critical to advancing ourselves and our field. Continue helping others, sharing your wins, asking for help, and being honest. That’s how you’ll rise up one day to be the next Recruitment Marketing Rising Star!

Rally: Thank you so much Tony and that’s a great note to leave us on, some wise words for up-and-coming Recruitment Marketing professionals!


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Q&A With Tony Prudente, Recruitment Marketing Rising Star
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