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2022 Rally Awards Submissions Are Now Open

2022 Rally Awards Submissions Are Now Open
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Submissions are open for the 2022 Rally Awards! Learn about this global competition recognizing and celebrating excellence in Recruitment Marketing and employer branding and find out how to enter.

2022 Rally Awards Submissions Are Now Open
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Hey, Rally community! I have amazing news: submissions for the 2022 Rally® Awards, the biggest global competition recognizing and celebrating excellence in Recruitment Marketing and employer branding, are now open.

If you think you, your team, your employer, a peer, a client, or any other eligible party is making groundbreaking progress in the fields of Recruitment Marketing or employer branding at their organization, we want to hear from you!

Last year, we recognized 33 winners across 14 categories who inspired us with their creativity and innovation in how they showcased their workplaces and their people. They helped thousands of people find work during the pandemic and establish a sense of belonging at their company, often while maneuvering an entirely new way of working. The 2021 Rally Awards winners spanned across industries like tech, hospitality and healthcare — all ensuring their organizations had the critical staffing needed to provide the services that we all depended on.

To meet these winners and gain a glimpse into the amazing work that earned them a spot on the podium, check out last year’s virtual awards ceremony below.

The 2021 Rally® Awards virtual awards ceremony. 

This year, we’ve experienced a major shift in the priorities of candidates, who, over the course of the pandemic, have had a chance to reconsider what exactly they want from their employers — and from life! This has majorly impacted the way recruiters attract, engage and recruit talent — and even redefined what it means to be a recruiter in many cases. We’re at the edge of our seats to find out how today’s practitioners are overcoming this challenge, which is why we’re so excited for the Rally Awards this year. 

2022 Rally® Awards categories

As always, the 2022 Rally® Awards will once again seek to uncover what really works in Recruitment Marketing and employer branding, and to share those practices with everyone in the Rally community to help progress the field as a whole.

To accomplish this, we’re accepting submissions for all of the following categories:

  1. Best Content Marketing Program
  2. Best Careers Blog
  3. Best Talent e-Newsletter
  4. Best Employer Brand Video 
  5. Best Use of Video in Recruitment Marketing
  6. Best Hiring Manager Video
  7. Best Enhanced Job Description
  8. Best Use of Employee Generated Content
  9. Best Use of Organic Social Media in Recruitment Marketing
  10. Best Use of Paid Social Media in Recruitment Marketing 
  11. Best Social Careers Channels
  12. Best Employer Brand Launch 
  13. Best Use of Recruitment Marketing Technology 
  14. Best Recruitment Marketing Campaign 
  15. Recruitment Marketing Rising Star
  16. Recruitment Marketer of the Year

What does it take to win a Rally Award?

If any of the categories above sound up your alley, here are a few winners from the 2021 Rally® Awards to help you understand what an award-winning submission looks like:

ADP, 1st place in Best Employer Brand Launch

As a global leader in HR technology, ADP worked with existing tech talent within the company to build a new EVP from the ground up to appeal to tech talent. This was largely accomplished by collecting and sharing the diverse stories of tech workers from their various global offices. As a result of their new EVP, ADP saw a 3x boost in traffic to their careers site compared to the previous year and more than a 70% increase in their application rate.

Learn more about ADP’s submission.

One of ADP’s 52 videos created for their Tech and Innovation playlist on YouTube.

Syneos Health, 2nd place in Best Use of Recruitment Marketing Technology

Syneos used personalized landing pages, text-based outreach, passive candidate nurturing and constant measurement and optimization to increase their daily applications 10-fold, producing the most daily applications in the company’s history.

Learn more about Syneos Health’s submission.

An example of the kind of employee-driven content Syneos shares on their landing pages.

Nestlé USA, 1st place in Best Content Marketing Program

By staying on top of what candidates and employees care about, getting creative in formats while working remotely, and showing company values through authentic employee stories, Nestlé USA experienced a record-high 321.4 million impressions and nearly 9.1 million engagements.

Learn more about Nestlé USA’s submission.

An example of a content series created by Nestlé USA called Nestlé USA BFF, featuring best friends at work in casual conversation.

Why submit to the 2022 Rally® Awards?

Entering its third year, this Rally® Awards competition is set to be our greatest one yet, which means there are more benefits for those who submit than ever before. Here’s an idea of why this is the year to apply:

1. Recognize your work

The Rally® Awards is produced by Rally® Recruitment Marketing, the largest online Recruitment Marketing and employer branding community of more than 31,000 practitioners. Applications are also judged by an independent panel of industry experts and leaders, many with their own established followings and communities.  

With this in mind, our competition offers one of the biggest opportunities to be recognized for your hard work — as someone within your company who drives success, and, on a much larger scale, as a trailblazer or thought leader within your respective field. We also partner with winners afterward to feature them in content on our Rally website in our newsletter. 

2. Demonstrate your value

Recruitment Marketing has evolved rapidly in the past 2 years, and the roles and responsibilities of practitioners are no longer what they used to be. With the rising importance of employer branding, recruiters today have had to update their skill sets and responsibilities — and quickly.

While more employers are beginning to recognize this change, many still rely solely on old ways of measuring success, resulting in Recruitment Marketing professionals not being recognized for their full value. Fortunately, that’s exactly what The Rally® Awards sets out to change. 

As an authority in Recruitment Marketing, our stamp of approval is something you can bring to leaders to prove your hard work, demonstrate your full value and earn buy-in for future projects. 

3. Learn from experts

As much as The Rally® Awards is about recognizing excellence, it’s also about progressing the field as a whole. This is why every submission receives feedback from our esteemed panel of judges.

The feedback provided will help you understand what you’re doing right, as well as practical suggestions to improve your strategy going forward. Through this learning-centric approach, whether you win or not, you’re guaranteed to walk away from the competition with a clearer path to hiring success. 

4. Help those around you grow

Let’s be honest, it feels good to have your achievement shouted from the hilltops. But inspiring and educating others in your field, especially in today’s competitive market, is even better! 

The learning doesn’t just stop after the event is over, either; after each Rally® Awards, we partner with our winners to create even more content to share with our respective communities. This content goes even deeper into the work, individuals and winning strategies behind each submission.


Ready to apply? If you have a project you’re proud of that you’d love to share with other Recruitment Marketing professionals, that’s a great sign it’s worth applying. Here are the deadlines: 

  • Early bird: January 31, 2022 ($395 per entry)
  • Final entry: February 15, 2022 ($495 per entry)

If the nomination cost is an obstacle from entering, we do have scholarships available. If you’re interested, please contact us here.

Winners will be announced in April 2022 during a live virtual ceremony. 

If you or someone you know is sitting on the next big thing in Recruitment Marketing and employer branding, get the recognition you deserve by entering your submission to the 2022 Rally® Awards today!

2022 Rally Awards Submissions Are Now Open
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