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How Dell’s Recruitment Marketing strategy Is Helping Achieve 40% Women Leadership by 2030

How Dell’s Recruitment Marketing strategy Is Helping Achieve 40% Women Leadership by 2030
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Written by Bethany Mason

Rally Award winner Dell Technologies is working to have 40% of their leadership to be people who identify as women by 2030. Bethany Mason, their Director of Global Employer Brand Strategy, explains the 4 steps they’re taking in their Recruitment Marketing strategy to meet this goal.

How Dell’s Recruitment Marketing strategy Is Helping Achieve 40% Women Leadership by 2030
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At Dell Technologies, we’ve publicly announced that by 2030, we want 50% of our global workforce and 40% of our global leaders to be those who identify as women. 

As the Director of Global Employer Brand Strategy at Dell, where I oversee everything from strategy, operations, and creative I’m thrilled to share with you today the four steps we’re taking to meet these goals, which include:

  • Supporting our goals through programs, and highlighting this in our Recruitment Marketing
  • Collaborating internally to find powerful women storytellers
  • Showing employee experience through video stories  
  • Measuring progress towards diversity and inclusion goals

The goals we want to accomplish in the next 8 years may sound ambitious, but in hearing our methodical approach, I hope you’ll be inspired and gain an understanding of how to support similarly ambitious diversity and inclusion goals of your own! Today I want to share how our Recruitment Marketing strategy is part of making these goals a reality. 

Support your goals through your programs

As a first step, we started sharing information and stories of the programs supporting women in technical positions and leadership roles, all part of what we call “Women at Dell.” This was important to do first because, if there is a disconnect between the progress you’re saying you want to make and what your company is set up to accomplish, candidates will see that immediately. 

For example, programs like Dell Career ReStart provide career opportunities to women who are looking to rejoin the workforce after time away. This has been a great way to share that there are exciting career opportunities for those who may have stepped away to care for an aging parent, grow their families or serve in the military – tapping into a candidate pool that can help us close the technology talent gap of 4.3 million by 2030.  

For all the ways in which we support and empower women at Dell, check out our Women at Dell career page

Collaborate internally to find powerful women storytellers

With these programs in place, it’s our employees who we ultimately rely on to showcase the supportive environment we’ve created. For example, for our main Women at Dell header video, we worked with Dell’s talent attraction marketing team to arrange interviews with women across all of the regions we operate in.

Working with the talent attraction marketing department made these introductions especially easy. With a lead in every region, the team helped identify women team members with powerful stories to share, as well as connect those team members with my team to get the ball rolling.  

We also sent out a call for participants to our 13 employee resource groups, which are made up of 54,000 team members across 74 countries. In the end, we scheduled, prepared and interviewed 44 storytellers, which uncovered hundreds of stories illustrating Dell’s values and employee experiences.

Show your employee experience through video stories

Out of the 44 storytellers interviewed, we narrowed down the final video to feature the voices and stories of 12 women. Spread across 9 Dell offices worldwide, these women were chosen for a couple of reasons. 

The featured video on our Women at Dell careers page.

For one, they were excellent storytellers. But more importantly, they best captured what it was like to work at Dell from a variety of different regions, backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures. Their diverse stories allow women candidates to easily imagine what their own experience at the company might be like and encourages more applications as a result.  

After packaging up these 12 stories into a single video, we launched it on International Women’s Day for maximum effect. The video has generated 182,00 views and 800 engagements across our careers page and socials to date, and we’re confident it played a role in increasing the number of women candidates we saw applying to roles at Dell. We were also thrilled to be recognized for our efforts with the Rally Award for Best Use of Video in Recruitment Marketing!

Even after the launch, we continue to feature this video across our various channels as one of our premier recruitment marketing content pieces. 

Measure progress towards diversity and inclusion goals like any other business goals

The final component of our plan is measurement, as a lack of measurement is something that often gets in the way of companies making real progress in the area of diversity and inclusion. That’s why we treat diversity and inclusion like any other business venture, complete with data, moonshot goals and systems in place to track progress. 

For example, we release our Annual Progress Made Real and D&I Reports which outline holistically what Dell is doing to make progress towards our goals, including those related to women representation.

clear snapshot of the progress we made towards our women-focused goals in 2021

A clear snapshot of the progress we made towards our women-focused goals in 2021.

These reports detail our goals, year-over-year progress, methodology and other information necessary in understanding if we’re on the right track — and keeping us accountable to the public. It shows us how we’re making progress, and also where we have more work to do.

With setting our goal to have 50% of our global workforce and 40% of our global leaders identify as women, it’s not just about reaching that number. We continue driving an inclusive culture to support women long-term at Dell, and we understand creating an inclusive culture is essential to support a positive employee experience. 

By exposing more women to the employee experience they can expect at Dell, as well as the goals and programs we have in place supporting diversity and inclusion, we’re confident that it contributed to the growth we saw in 2021. 


If I were to choose one primary driver behind the progress we’ve made towards our goals so far, it’s authenticity. We’re proud of our programs and know that Dell is an amazing place to work for all; we just need to empower our employees and recruiters to show new talent why that’s the case through story-driven content. 

To learn how more companies are leveraging video in Recruitment Marketing to great effect, be sure to read Great Recruitment Marketing Videos: 4 Winning Examples to Elevate Your Strategy!

How Dell’s Recruitment Marketing strategy Is Helping Achieve 40% Women Leadership by 2030
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