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6 Highlights from RallyFwd’s Tech Showcase

6 Highlights from RallyFwd's Tech Showcase
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At the December 2021 Rally Fwd Virtual Conference, we featured 6 Recruitment Marketing companies that are changing how attract talent and promote our employer brands. We’re sharing highlights from the tech showcase so you can see the latest trends and tools available.

6 Highlights from RallyFwd’s Tech Showcase
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As we approach 2022, we’ve heard loud and clear from the Rally community that recruitment technology is something people are looking to explore and invest in. While it’s an exciting time of growth for the field of Recruitment Marketing with many companies ramping up hiring, it can also be overwhelming without the right tech in place to make our jobs easier.

That’s why, back by popular demand, we brought back the tech showcase to December’s RallyFwd virtual conference. We wanted to highlight the innovative recruitment technology and services that are changing the game, and are so grateful to have as our sponsors of the event!

We want to extend a huge thank you to our incredible sponsors, including Appcast, Stories Inc., Clinch, Talemetry and The Muse, without whom RallyFwd wouldn’t be possible. Plus, this year, we had the pleasure of hearing about all the cutting edge technology they’re developing to help recruiters around the world hire better. 

RallyFwd Virtual Conference On DemandIn case you missed their showcases, here are the highlights to help you stay up-to-date with the latest tech trends, and enter the new year with a competitive edge.

A proactive approach to recruiting with Appcast

If you haven’t yet dipped your toes into the world of programmatic recruitment advertising, you’re likely losing talent to organizations that are using such technology. 

This is because the old way of human-driven job advertising requires recruiters to manually manage too much at once. You know what it’s like: finding places to advertise jobs, placing and monitoring job ads, compiling multi-source reporting — it can feel impossible to give each task the time and attention it deserves. There is also often a lack of data to guide recruiters’ actions, leading to a lot of guesswork that’s not very efficient. 

With Appcast, you can use data and technology to place job ads in the right places at the right times in front of the right candidates to maximize the ROI of your Recruitment Marketing budget.

job boards channels included in Appcast’s network

Some of the job boards and channels included in Appcast’s network.

More extensively, here are a few tasks that you can rely on their software to handle:

  • Determine where in their 10,000+ job-board network to advertise and automatically deploy job ads to those boards with optimal budgets
  • Identify jobs with low application rates for advertising and sponsor them only until enough candidates have applied
  • Ramp up and scale down job advertising depending on specific hiring goals (i.e. monthly or seasonal)
  • Provide real-time, comprehensive analytics for all jobs and all job boards 

In terms of benefits, this proactive, programmatic approach means no job board bias, better budget management and ROI-proving data for your Recruitment Marketing team. It also helps ensure that your budget isn’t negatively affected by whatever economic issues are at hand, which is particularly important right now when there is an unprecedented gap between job demand and candidate supply.

performance of specific campaigns and jobs Appcast’s dashboard

You can break down the performance of specific campaigns and jobs within Appcast’s dashboard.

To learn more about Appcast, check out their website.

Building employee story libraries with Stories Inc.

When researching potential employers, today’s candidates are pushing away traditional corporate marketing in favor of culture-revealing content straight from employees themselves! 

That said, many recruiters are already struggling to tend to their mountain of tasks without piling on those related to creating and sourcing stories. 

Stories Inc. takes care of producing and creating the employee story process. The only thing that you, the employer, are responsible for is finding people with stories to tell and introducing them to Stories Inc. From there, everything else is taken care of, from logistics, to preparation, to the actual creation of the stories themselves.

Stories Inc. also accounts for the fact that many organizations are now working with a distributed workforce. Through their Virtual Story Sessions service, they can also virtually meet and capture stories from employees unable or unwilling to meet in person.

In the end, you’re left with content libraries of engaging pieces, optimized for each channel you’re building like social media, careers site, job descriptions and more. 

To learn more about Stories Inc., check out their website.

Customizing the candidate experience with Clinch

What if you could make sure that more candidates progress through your recruitment funnel with targeted, timely and helpful employer branding content? With Clinch (a PageUp company) you can!

example of integrating Clinch into a job ad on Google for Jobs

An example of integrating Clinch into a job ad on Google for Jobs.

With Clinch, you can create landing pages that are integrated into your careers site, and even separate microsites, that are targeted to the candidate audience and role in question. This means that, instead of sending a candidate to a generic page that may not include relevant info to them, you can instead send them to a custom page tailored to them. This makes candidates more likely to venture deeper into the application process. 

What makes these pages tailored is their ability to change dynamically based on factors like location or language, as well as AI-placed jobs and employer branding content. 

example of automatically generated recommended job list

An example of an automatically generated recommended job list.

Caption: An example of an automatically generated recommended job list.

The best part is that no coding knowledge is required to create or tweak these pages or sites. What might take you several weeks and thousands of dollars with an outsourced development agency can be accomplished in several minutes for a fraction of the price with Clinch. 

Similarly, you don’t have to learn an entirely new skill set around data analysis or Google Analytics to understand how your site is doing with Clinch, as you can use their dashboard with easy-to-understand analytics to help you understand what is and isn’t working. 

view how your careers site is doing at a glance in Clinch

You can view how your careers site is doing at a glance from Clinch’s dashboard.

If you’re interested in using Clinch to produce similar results for your organization, check out their website.

Closing the job demand and candidate supply gap with Talemetry

The reality is that candidates aren’t applying to jobs today nearly as frequently as they used to. Fortunately, this is a challenge that Talemetry by Jobvite is working hard to solve with their enterprise Recruitment Marketing platform. 

A complete package for recruiters looking to combat the current gap between job demand and candidate supply, Talemetry offers automation tools, AI and candidate experience solutions to help you source, engage and convert candidates at scale.

results produced by Talemetry

The results produced by Talemetry.

More specifically, you can use their platform to:

  • Modernize candidate engagement
  • Deliver personalized candidate experiences
  • Increase application volume and conversion rates 
  • Search, source and nurture talent, and build talent pipelines
  • Post jobs programmatically to job boards, job aggregators and social media channels
  • Leverage employees professional networks with employee referrals
Talemetry dashboard

Talemetry’s comprehensive dashboard.

Their platform also integrates with all leading application tracking systems and has an expansive network of HCM partners. 

To learn more about Talemetry by Jovite, check out their website.

A one-stop-shop for employer branding with The Muse

From company storytelling, to content creation, to distribution, The Muse’s employer branding services and process are unlike any other on the market. 

After speaking with your team and your employees and learning what they value most about working for you, The Muse creates your company profile, complete with photos and videos offering a glimpse into your work environment, people and culture. 

content created using The Muse process

An example of content created using The Muse’s process.

With your company story captured, they then help you share all your great content to your careers site, social media and other recruitment channels, as well as track performance using their platform and technology. Your story is also shared on The Muse’s own platform, which contains millions of qualified candidates — 57% of which are women and 54% multicultural! 

To learn more about The Muse, check out their website.

A new way to measure and show recruitment impact with Rally Inside

Of course, we would be remiss if we didn’t highlight our brand new analytics and benchmarking tool, Rally Inside! 

Candidate priorities are changing at a pace we haven’t experienced in over a decade, and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down any time soon. As candidates continue to figure out what they want from the new world of work, it’s up to us recruitment marketers to stay on top of these changes through relevant content and to know what’s relevant, you need to measure and report the engagement the content is getting. 

content topics that candidates engaged with most

The content topics that candidates engaged with most from January to October 2021.

That’s why we created Rally Inside, to help you analyze candidate engagement with your Recruitment Marketing content across all social media and other digital platforms. Collected into an easy-to-use dashboard, this analysis can help you understand what content is working and what your talent audience wants to ultimately attract more great talent to your company.

You can learn more about our tool and sign up for Rally Inside here!

Whether you’re just beginning to experiment with recruitment technology or are looking to expand your arsenal in the new year, you’re in good hands with all of the choices above. 

Be sure to stay tuned for more highlights from our December RallyFwd coming soon, or sign up to see the conference in its entirety (including demo videos from all of these products and services) on demand here!

6 Highlights from RallyFwd’s Tech Showcase
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