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Highlights from December’s RallyFwd (Part 2)

Highlights from December’s RallyFwd (Part 2)
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In our second installment of highlights from December’s RallyFwd Virtual Conference, we share more top takeaways and lessons learned from each of the sessions.

Highlights from December’s RallyFwd (Part 2)
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We’re back with part 2 of our highlights from RallyFwd! Along with a record-breaking turnout, our diverse speaker panel of 9 talent leaders stole the show with their incredibly detailed accounts of the tactics and technology they’re using to win talent in today’s labor market.

Topics included how to expand your talent pool with greater diversity, reframe the way your stakeholders and leaders see your role, tap into the full potential of employee stories at your company, create your professional data story, take advantage of new hiring channels and trends and more!

RallyFwd Virtual Conference On DemandIf you weren’t able to attend in December, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with presentation highlights to catch you up on what you missed. You’ll find more than enough below to start your new year off with a competitive recruitment edge, but for a complete picture of everything you missed, be sure to watch the full presentations on-demand here!

The Candidate Experience Trinity: Tech, Process and People

Craig Fisher, TalentNet

Few people have stayed tuned into the evolving blueprint of a successful candidate experience better than Craig Fisher. As the Founder of employer brand and Recruitment Marketing strategy firm TalentNet Media, Craig shared what he’s seeing work in today’s hiring landscape, touching on why speed and flexibility rule, new ways to amplify your brand and striking the perfect balance between technology and human touch in your candidate experience.

Here are just a few of the many practical tips that emerged from Craig’s presentation:

  • Use Quick Apply, but make sure to send candidates auto-responses to help them remember you and keep the application momentum going by allowing self-scheduling with the help of a tool or chatbot
  • Take advantage of the reach potential of TikTok without spending a fortune on their native advertising by empowering your employees to create and post content to their own personal channels with company hashtags (i.e. AmazonJobs)
  • Make sure your recruiters and employees have the right keywords in their LinkedIn summary, headline and even job titles to help LinkedIn correctly classify you and connect candidates with available roles (i.e. keywords like “hairstylist” + “job” + “Austin” + “Texas” if you’re trying to hire hairstylists in Austin)
  • For maximum engagement and network growth on LinkedIn, post 5 “gives” for every 1 “ask” (i.e. 5 helpful, entertaining, funny or personal posts for every 1 “refer people to my job”, “look at our new article in Forbes with our CEO”, or other post asking people to do something)
keyword checklist LinkedIn best SEO inbound results

Craig’s keyword checklist on LinkedIn for the best SEO and inbound results.

How Lessons from Healthcare Recruitment Can Help Prepare All Recruiting and TA Teams for 2022

Paul White, Kindred at Home

While healthcare is certainly one of the more competitive job markets right now, recruitment and TA teams from all kinds of industries are having trouble filling roles. To address this, Paul White, Director of Recruitment Operations at Kindred at Home, the nation’s largest home care company, shared the lessons he’s learned in healthcare recruitment for teams to take and apply in their own industries. 

With apply rates down and cost-per-click going up, Paul and his team leverage programmatic recruitment technology (Appcast) to help them fill thousands of roles as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Their specific strategy consists of prioritizing their budget on the most critical 200-300 positions at any given time, which helps them get the most out of their spend. 

Healthcare apply rates down 17% while cost-per-click is up 11%, recruitment teams prepare more expensive, competitive hiring

Healthcare apply rates are down 17% while cost-per-click is up 11%, which means recruitment teams should prepare for more expensive, competitive hiring.

With built-in reporting, Paul is also able to see which of the thousands of job boards they’re posting to produce candidates that make it through the recruitment screening, get an interview, receive a job offer and ultimately get hired. Based on this data, Paul then adjusts his campaign settings and budget to focus on these high-quality candidate sources. This source-specific reporting also helps them identify sources of more diverse talent, with programmatic job ads reaching 23% more candidates from underrepresented groups and 7% more women than the U.S. online benchmark average.

Aside from changing campaign settings, all of this takes place automatically, freeing up Paul and his team to maintain the human element of their recruitment, such as through in-person drive-by recruitment events. During these events, candidates are assigned parking spots and can speak to recruiters from the comfort and safety of their cars. 

The Motivation Code

Todd Henry

According to Todd Henry, international speaker, consultant, advisor, author of 5 books and keynote speaker at RallyFwd, the reason behind the current Great Resignation is largely lack of motivation. As explained in his keynote, and in his latest book, The Motivation Code, recruiters and organizations can unlock more engagement, satisfaction and productivity from their workforce by understanding each person’s unique motivation code. 

27 unique themes of motivation across 6 families, based over 50 years of research, 100,000 interviews 1 million stories

The 27 unique themes of motivation across 6 families, based on over 50 years of research, 100,000 interviews and 1 million stories.

Despite so many possible combinations of motivation, to quickly get to the heart of someone’s motivation code, Todd recommends asking them to think of a time when they achieved something great. Then, when they have that time in mind, follow up with these questions: 

  1. What was the outcome?
  2. What did you do to bring out that outcome?
  3. What did you enjoy about that process?
  4. Why do you think that memory sticks with you?

As a recruiter interviewing a candidate, this can be a very helpful line of questioning, as it can help you understand what motivates them, what kind of role they’re best suited for (i.e. team member vs. leader) and how to form their role and responsibilities to keep them satisfied and around for the long haul. 

The Power of a Proactive Approach

Jessica Rose, Equinix

Entering 2022, many hiring teams finally have a little more breathing room to zoom out, take stock of the landscape and plan for the future — to shift your hiring strategy from reactive to proactive. To help lead this shift, Jessica Rose, Director of Global Talent Marketing at Equinix, shared her approach at Equinix. 

Technology and transparency proved to be the most important factors in Equinix’s shift to proactive hiring. For example, after identifying the size of their HR team as an obstacle in the way of the company’s growth, Jessica invested in Clinch to help build bigger warm talent communities, better amplify their employer brand and build a bigger, more capable HR team. For example, Clinch now allows Jessica and her team to build career sites and pages with dynamic content and job postings that change to serve whatever talent audience is visiting. On these pages, candidates are also automatically asked if they want to join Equinix’s talent network and sign up for their hot job alerts.

Not only do these tools make for a quicker, more helpful candidate experience (another change Jessica made was automatically reaching out to candidates who didn’t complete their application), but they also take many time-consuming tasks off Jessica’s plate so that she and her team can devote more team to looking for ways to improve their hiring strategy, in other words, to being proactive!


Thanks again to everyone who attended our Dec 8 RallyFwd virtual conference, and to all our speakers and sponsors that made it possible. Again, you can watch all of the presentations in full on-demand here!

Highlights from December’s RallyFwd (Part 2)
4.7 (93.33%) 3 votes

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