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Why the 2022 Rally® Awards is Your Key to Career Advancement and Better Hiring

Why the 2022 Rally® Awards is Your Key to Career Advancement and Better Hiring
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The early bird period for the 2022 Rally Awards nomination submissions goes through January 31. Explore the top 3 ways that they can help you advance your career in Recruitment Marketing, employer branding and talent acquisition.

Why the 2022 Rally® Awards is Your Key to Career Advancement and Better Hiring
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If your mouse is shakily hovering over “submit” right now, you’re half way through your application or you’re just learning about the 2022 Rally® Awards right this instant, I just want to say great job!

You’re moments away from embarking on a path to more recognition for your work, support and resources from leadership, expert feedback on your recruitment strategies and advancing the field of Recruitment Marketing and employer branding as a whole. 

If you have a project you’re proud of from the past year that you’d love to share with other Recruitment Marketing professionals, here are the 4 biggest reasons why submitting to the 2022 Rally® Awards is the right choice.

Rally note: The 2022 Rally® Awards are open to recruitment marketing and employer branding practitioners who work in-house as an employee at an Employer (“Employer”). Consultants, staffing firms, recruitment marketing agencies, recruitment advertising agencies and technology vendors aren’t eligible to enter directly, however we encourage them to nominate customers, partners, colleagues and any other individual or team working at an Employer.

1. Get recognized 

If a lack of audience is the only thing stopping you from getting the recognition you deserve — as a key driver of success within your team or a trailblazing thought leader within your community — Rally® Awards is your chance to show those who matter what you’re capable of. 

Produced by Rally® Recruitment Marketing, the largest online Recruitment Marketing and employer branding community of more than 33,000 practitioners, you won’t find a better opportunity to get interested and excited eyes on your work. On top of this, applications are judged by an independent panel of industry experts and leaders, many with their own established followings and communities, which represents a whole other opportunity for exposure.

An example of how The Rally® Awards helps practitioners get recognized

Kerry Noone, CVS Health

Kerry Noone, Director of Employer Branding & Recruitment Marketing, CVS Health

Kerry Noone was awarded the 2021 Recruitment Marketer of the Year because of her role in paving the way forward for her colleagues and community in Recruitment Marketing during the pandemic. Working together with 60 companies, Kerry and her team helped an unprecedented 50,000 people, many of whom had been furloughed or downsized, find work at CVS Health, and in the process, provide the essential services that so many of us relied on last year. 

Kerry’s work helped staff up COVID testing centers and get them ready to support the vaccine rollout — an achievement we were more than happy to promote throughout our community. 

Read our Q&A with Kerry.

2. Demonstrate your value

Our latest Rally community survey revealed that only 10% of our community is learning about Recruitment Marketing and employer branding from their manager. That leaves a whopping 90% of practitioners with managers who either know nothing about their field or are learning at the same time as the people they’re managing. 

This represents the biggest problem in Recruitment Marketing today — leaders not understanding or appreciating the full scope of our work. Fortunately, as an authority in Recruitment Marketing, our stamp of approval is something you can bring to leaders to help them understand the full scope of your role, what value you bring to the company and, through this, get the support and resources you need for future projects. 

An example of how The Rally® Awards helps practitioners demonstrate their value

Tricia Day, Senior Manager, Global Employer Brand, Appian

Tricia Day, Senior Manager, Global Employer Brand, Appian

Launching a Recruitment Marketing function for a global company in less than 3 years is no small feat, but that’s what Tricia has built at Appian — an achievement that earned her a Recruitment Marketing Rising Star award at the 2021 Rally® Awards.

The best part is that as a long-time contributor to Rally, you can read about Tricia’s journey — much of it taking place over the pandemic — growing her 1-person Global Employer Brand team to the 4-person team it is today. Her story is a great example of the lengths you can take your Recruitment Marketing success if you know you to prove your worth. And now with an award under her belt, we can’t wait to see what Tricia and her team achieve next!

Read our Q&A with Tricia.

3. Learn from experts

By bringing together the greatest minds in Recruitment Marketing every year, our goal with The Rally® Awards is not just to recognize excellence but also progress the field as a whole. 

This is why every submission receives feedback from our esteemed panel of judges. The feedback provided will help you understand what you’re doing right, as well as practical suggestions to improve your strategy going forward. Through this learning-centric approach, whether you win or not, you’re guaranteed to walk away from the competition with a clearer path to hiring success. Be sure to also tune into the award ceremony at the end to glean insights from other submissions!

Our panel of judges at last year’s 2021 Rally® Awards

2021 Rally Award Judges

Our 2021 Rally® Awards judges.

Each year, our panel features expert leaders and practitioners from a wide array of specialties in Recruitment Marketing and employer branding. Together, they pull from their decades of combined experience to offer helpful, practical feedback you can take back to your organization and use to improve your Recruitment Marketing strategy. 

While the panel for The 2022 Rally® Awards has not yet been announced, stay tuned for the announcement here!

4. Help those around you grow

The learning and mentorship goes both ways at The Rally® Awards; you’re receiving feedback from some of the most esteemed minds in the field, but by submitting your work, you’re also helping educate others in your field.

This is because after the awards ceremony wraps (which the public can watch and learn from in itself), we partner with our winners to create even more content to share with our respective communities. This content goes even deeper into the work, individuals and winning strategies behind each submission.

An example of a partnered piece of content with a Rally® Awards winner

article written by Bethany Mason, Director of Global Employer Brand Strategy, Dell Technologies

A Rally-featured article written by Bethany Mason, Director of Global Employer Brand Strategy, Dell Technologies.

Written by Dell’s Bethany Mason, posted to Rally’s website and shared with Rally’s community, this article delves deeper into the steps Bethany and her team are taking to meet Dell’s award-winning mission to reach 40% women-identifying leadership by 2030.

Read Bethany’s article to find out!


Ready to apply? Here are the deadlines: 

  • Early bird: January 31, 2022 ($395 per entry)
  • Final entry: February 15, 2022 ($495 per entry)

We never want money to get in the way of your hard work being recognized and benefiting our community, so if the nomination cost is an obstacle from entering, please reach out to us here and we’ll do everything in our power to help. 

Winners will be announced in April 2022 during a live virtual ceremony. 

If you or someone you know is sitting on the next big thing in Recruitment Marketing and employer branding, get the recognition you deserve by entering your submission to the 2022 Rally® Awards today!

Why the 2022 Rally® Awards is Your Key to Career Advancement and Better Hiring
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