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Recruitment Marketing: How to Finally Prove which Strategies Generate Applicants

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Written by Lori Sylvia

Recruitment Marketing has moved beyond job boards to include many social and digital strategies to attract and engage talent. Now you can prove the effectiveness of every Recruitment Marketing tactic with Rally Inside’s new Conversion Analytics feature.

Recruitment Marketing: How to Finally Prove which Strategies Generate Applicants
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Today’s Recruitment Marketing strategies are much more comprehensive (and mature) than simply advertising jobs on job boards. Every week, you spend hours crafting social media posts, sending candidates targeted emails, promoting hiring events and running digital ads to bring candidates to your careers site. Yet it’s been practically impossible to connect your talent attraction efforts at the top of the recruiting funnel to talent acquisition results at the bottom of the funnel.

Now imagine knowing that a specific social post you published directly resulted in 10 new applicants (or 20, or 50!) for a hard-to-fill nursing role, or better yet, learning that across your social and digital channels you get more nursing applicants from content that features specific topics or includes specific photos, so that you can know how to keep attracting nurses again and again. 

These types of insights would tell you precisely which Recruitment Marketing tactics you should use because they do more than generate clicks and views, they ultimately convert candidates into applicants, registrations and sign ups. And it would enable you to show your boss and stakeholders the effectiveness of your strategies with clarity and certainty.

Recruitment Marketing: How to Finally Prove which Strategies Generate Applicants

I’m excited to announce you can finally prove which Recruitment Marketing strategies generate applicants!

Introducing… Conversion Analytics, a new feature of Rally® Inside™, our Recruitment Marketing Analytics & Benchmarking platform used by 300+ employers to track and measure the effectiveness of their social and digital recruiting strategies. 

What is Conversion Analytics and how can it help your Recruitment Marketing? 

In marketing terms, a conversion is when a lead takes a desired action, such as purchasing a product. In Recruitment Marketing, conversions are measured differently. A conversion may be when a candidate applies for a job, joins a talent community or registers for a hiring event.

Typical applicant tracking systems report conversions based on Source of Hire, meaning “where” did an applicant come from, such as a job board or social channel. But that doesn’t tell you anything about the Recruitment Marketing strategies you implemented through those channels.

This is where Rally Inside’s Conversion Analytics capability is different (and better!). Rally Inside tells you not only where” your conversions come from, but also critically, “what” did candidates engage with that led them to convert, enabling you to know which content topics, EVP messaging, calls to action, photos, videos, ad placement and other factors are leading to the these actions.

get full view of Recruitment Marketing funnel - clicks to conversions

Rally Inside’s Conversion Analytics capability uniquely tells you “what” content, messaging and creative is driving candidates to become applicants, more than simply “where” they come from.  

Here are some of the insights you can gain through tracking your Recruitment Marketing strategy from click to conversion with Rally Inside:

  • What types of content are more effective for employer brand awareness versus what types of content drive more candidates to convert
  • What photos / videos / graphics influence your talent audience to take the action to apply for a job now
  • What works better to recruit nurses versus radiologists
  • What is the conversion rate of your organic content versus paid content, and are there organic strategies that work well and can save you budget
  • Which types of paid ads are most effective at generating applicants, so that you can optimize your campaign with the highest performing ads based on content, messaging, creative and channel

As you can see, with Conversion Analytics, you can learn how each of your Recruitment Marketing strategies directly results in new applicants and contacts for your recruiters, proving to your leaders and stakeholders the value of your efforts, and helping you know where to focus your time, resources and budget for the biggest results.

Case Study: 37% more applicants for 27% lower CPA 

After using Conversion Analytics for just 2 weeks, Rally Inside showed one user that a YouTube ad, costing $4,000 monthly, had the highest number of clicks but the lowest number of applications. 

In addition, Rally Inside showed that the highest converting ads across all of their channels (YouTube, Google, Facebook) used messaging about employee benefits compared to other messaging they were testing.

By shifting budget away from the underperforming ad and by changing all campaign ads to feature benefits messaging, this user could generate 37% more applicants for 27% lower cost per application (CPA), without spending any additional media budget.

Now, think of how Conversion Analytics could help you save budget, time and resources so that you can hire faster and more cost effectively!

Free Trial of Rally Inside’s Conversion Analytics

We’re committed to helping you know the effectiveness of your Recruitment Marketing and employer branding strategies. That’s why, for a limited time, the Conversion Analytics feature is available for FREE to all users of Rally Inside. Anyone with an account (or who signs up for a free account now), can have access to this Premium feature through the end of August.

Sign up for Rally Inside today to make this the “Summer of RM ROI” and gain unparalled insights into the effectiveness of your Recruitment Marketing strategy so that you can gain an advantage in this competitive hiring market.

With Rally Inside’s Conversion Analytics capability, we can’t wait to help you see your value, know your value and show your value to your leadership and stakeholders! Get your Rally Inside account now >

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Recruitment Marketing: How to Finally Prove which Strategies Generate Applicants
5 (100%) 11 votes

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