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6 Easy Social Recruiting Posts to Celebrate Women’s History Month

6 Easy Social Recruiting Posts to Celebrate Women’s History Month
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Creating social content Women’s History Month doesn’t have to take all your time and resources! We’ve got 6 examples of easy and effective posts that celebrate and recognize how women have played a vital role in your company.

6 Easy Social Recruiting Posts to Celebrate Women’s History Month
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March is Women’s History Month and any time during the month is a good time to be posting social recruiting content about this holiday, whether it’s the beginning, middle or even the end of the month. While many companies plan how they’re going to celebrate this holiday well in advance, with live and virtual events, employee takeovers of their social media channels and professionally produced videos, not every organization has the time and resources to do that. And that’s okay! 

Whether you are a recruitment marketer, creating and posting content on your company’s corporate channels, or an individual recruiter sharing through your personal channels, there are many quick and easy ways to create engaging and authentic content to recognize and celebrate how women have played a vital role in your company, industry and community. 

Women’s History Month (just like Black History Month, Pride Month and National Hispanic Heritage Month) is an opportunity to showcase your company’s values and culture. However, a generic post that “celebrates” the holiday is ineffective at getting candidate engagement, according to Rally Inside benchmark data. What is more effective is sharing stories about women (past and present) who have impacted your company, highlighting the benefits that you provide to positively impact their lives and showing how women play a vital role in your business. 

The following are 6 creative examples of companies recognizing Women’s History Month in their social content. We’re highlighting these specific examples to show that this content doesn’t need to be overly involved to be effective.   

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Simple and Effective Social Recruiting Posts for Women’s History Month

1. Encourage employees to record their own videos

Video content has always performed well on social media, but with the rise of TikTok, it continues to go through the roof.  

Everyone now can record a high quality video on their phones without much effort or preparation. Encourage employees to show their support for Women’s History Month by sharing their stories in a short video and sending you the file. With minimal editing, you can post the videos across your social channels.

Give employees a prompt like asking them to answer, “How has working at our company supported you in your career?”  

This is a great example from Uber of an employee in the Ukraine, Kateryna, sharing her story through video recorded on a phone: 

A video of an Uber employee sharing her story. 

2. Create a video or animated gif using employee quotes 

Videos using a mix of text and graphics can also be easily created and will provide insight into your company and employees in a fun and dynamic way. 

This example from Homebase, has fun animated graphics, quotes and photos of employees, and upbeat jazz music. In the past, videos like this would have been expensive and time consuming to create, but now with a tool like Canva, a video like this can be made quickly on your own! 


A fun video from Homebase with a mashup of quotes, photos and graphics, showcasing a number of the company’s female employees. 

Notice that all the employees that were featured in this video got tagged in the post. This will alert the tagged user that they were mentioned, encouraging them to reshare the post to their own social networks and further the reach of your content. 

3. Share photos of women who’ve had an influence on your organization

Engaging social posts don’t all have to be videos. And posts for Women’s History Month don’t have to focus on your current employees. Who are the women who’ve influenced your company and the work you do? Remember this is Women’s HISTORY Month. 

This is a great example from Texas Children’s Hospital. They’ve posted a photo of Dr. Benjy Frances Brooks, the first woman to become a pediatric surgeon in Texas, doing work at Texas Children’s. Sharing this story shows potential employees the legacy that exists at the organization.  

A post from Texas Children’s Hospital sharing the story of Dr. Benjy Frances Brooks, the first woman to become a pediatric surgeon in Texas.  

4. Involve your talent audience with interactive content

This example, from the University of California, is about UC Berkeley neuroscientist Marian Diamond. The post accomplishes several things. Similar to the example above from Texas Children’s Hospital, they talked about the impact of a female scientist at one of their schools. But here, instead of just sharing information, they made the post a quiz, asking participants to answer a fun trivia question. Over 230 people answered the quiz, which is great engagement for a post!

Additionally, University of California incorporated content for Women’s History Month into their regular series of posts called #TriviaTuesday, which keeps this post consistent with the content they publish generally. 

The University of California trivia question Women’s History Month, UC Berkeley neuroscientist content interactive encourage engagement. 

The University of California posted a trivia question for Women’s History Month, recognizing the accomplishments of a UC Berkeley neuroscientist and making their content interactive to encourage engagement. 

5. Share a snapshot that highlights your company culture

Great content that shows your company culture doesn’t need to be overly involved. Sometimes a candid photo taken from your phone is the most authentic way to share what’s actually happening at your company. 

Avanath Capital Management posted a photo of their female employees enjoying their time at dinner together. This photo helps us see the diversity of women who work at the company. It’s like the type of photo you’d post on your own personal social media, and that’s the kind of content your talent audience wants to see (especially on Instagram). 


An instagram post from Avanath Capital Management, showing some of their employees out to dinner. 

6. Ask employees to share “then and now” photos working at your company

This final example, from our friends at PetSmart, is another social post that serves double duty. They’re posting about Rhonda Jo, an employee who has been with the company for a number of years and moved up in her career through a number of different roles. 

Not only does this post recognize a woman who’s made an impact on the company, but it also shares the type of career progression that’s possible when working here. 


PetSmart’s post about Rhonda Jo’s career journey at the company. 


These 6 examples of social recruiting posts for Women’s History Month are just a sample of the authentic and engaging content you can quickly and easily share on your social channels (corporate or personal) that doesn’t take a lot of time and resources. 

We’d love to see your examples! If you posted some creative content about Women’s History Month that got great engagement, share it with us and we’ll feature it in a follow up blog post. 

Need even more help with your social recruiting strategy? Sign up for a free account of Rally Inside, our Recruitment Marketing tool, and get access to our Social Recruiting Content Calendar so you can know which of your social posts are most effective at engaging talent. 

6 Easy Social Recruiting Posts to Celebrate Women’s History Month
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