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Top 12 Rally Resources for Recruitment Marketing Beginners

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Expert practitioners in the Rally community share their top resources and pro tips for Recruitment Marketing beginners on how to attract and retain quality talent.

Top 12 Rally Resources for Recruitment Marketing Beginners
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When you are trying to begin using Recruitment Marketing strategies, you may not know what to do or where to start. Most talent acquisition and HR professionals are not trained in marketing, so it’s understandable that strategies like social media marketing, content marketing and employer branding can seem a bit daunting. But don’t worry, that’s where we come in.

To help you get started in Recruitment Marketing, we’ve pulled together the most popular resources on especially for beginners, including easy-to-understand strategies, step-by-step guides, pro tips, videos and examples contributed by the expert practitioners across the Rally community.

Here’s the top 12 Rally Resources for Recruitment Marketing Beginners that will help you develop these in-demand skills to take you to the next level and give your company a competitive recruiting advantage.

Recruitment Marketing Strategy, Trends & Budgeting

1. What is Recruitment Marketing?

The definition of Recruitment Marketing is the practice of using marketing strategies to promote the value of working for an employer in order to attract, engage, recruit and retain talent. Recruitment Marketing is both a strategy used by talent acquisition, human resources and marketing professionals, and an exciting career for a growing number of specialists. It’s supported by a set of skills, practices and technologies that have become essential for employers to compete for the best talent.

This blog post will introduce you to what is Recruitment Marketing and why it’s important, the differences between recruiting and Recruitment Marketing, what is the role of a recruitment marketer and how that role is evolving, how you can become a recruitment marketer and the key skills you’ll need to succeed, and finally, how you can join this exciting community of practitioners.

2. Where to Focus Your Company’s First Recruitment Marketing Strategy for Fast Results

Recruitment Marketing as a field continues to gain traction among employers but the support and resources available to many of us are still nowhere near where they need to be. Companies establishing Recruitment Marketing strategies for the first time often have a lot to prove, and need results fast.

If you’re the first Recruitment Marketing presence at your organization, or you’re simply starting anew and want to know where to focus your efforts for the best and quickest ROI, read this blog post for some helpful recommendations for fast results.

3. 5 Tips for Prioritizing Your Recruitment Marketing and Employer Branding Initiatives

Whether you’ve landed a new job or you’re planning your next strategy, it’s never a bad time to review your priorities and how you can make the most impact at your company. Lesley DeWitt, Recruitment Marketing Specialist at Morley Companies, shares her advice and resources for what to focus on in your Recruitment Marketing or employer branding role.

As Lesley learned when starting her current role, knowing what to focus on can feel overwhelming. Your organization’s budget and resource constraints, competing stakeholder expectations, Recruitment Marketing and employer brand maturity, and other factors can make your head spin. You can’t take on everything at once, so how do you prioritize? There are lots of resources and tools to help you, and Lesley’s recommended several from Rally Recruitment Marketing and elsewhere that you can tap into right away. You’ve got this!

4. 9 Recruitment Marketing Trends for 2023

Talent acquisition teams are navigating a very challenging time: the current economy is making some companies more cautious, yet the hiring market remains highly competitive for top candidates. Although some sectors are experiencing layoffs, it’s still difficult to find quality talent. Unemployment remains low in the U.S., and there are still 5 million more jobs than available workers. This push and pull has caused some practitioners to shift their approach to attracting and recruiting talent, and investing more in Recruitment Marketing and employer branding for 2023.

If you’re new to Recruitment Marketing, this blog post will teach you nine Recruitment Marketing trends that are important right now.

5. How to Spend Your Recruitment Marketing Budget in 2023

Every new fiscal year, you’ll need to get approval for your Recruitment Marketing strategy, which means getting approval for your Recruitment Marketing budget. As you’ll soon learn, the size of your budget will be different not only based on your company’s overall recruitment budget, but also how much you can prove the effectiveness of your Recruitment Marketing strategies. Whatever budget you have to work with, this blog post will help you make the most of your resources, whether you’re a solo practitioner or part of a team.

In this blog post, you’ll learn:

  • Benchmarks for the average Recruitment Marketing budget, based on company size
  • How to align your Recruitment Marketing budget to your recruiting funnel and talent acquisition goals
  • Why you must include organic strategies in your Recruitment Marketing budget (and why you must track and measure their effectiveness), and finally
  • Recommendations for spending your Recruitment Marketing budget, whatever resources you’re given

Recruitment Marketing Content & Social Media

6. 7 Types of Recruitment Marketing Content that Candidates Want to See

Attracting and recruiting talent requires well-crafted Recruitment Marketing content that provides candidates with an authentic window into your company culture and answers important questions that keep them moving along their candidate journey.

In this blog post, get started with your Recruitment Marketing content plan by learning the 7 types of Recruitment Marketing content that candidates most want to see right now, plus get tips for creating your own content library.

7. Recruitment Marketing Strategies that Boost Engagement

As a new recruitment marketer, data is going to be your best friend. Rally offers a free Recruitment Marketing & Analytics tool, called Rally® Inside™, for the Rally community to help you learn what a successful, high-engagement Recruitment Marketing strategy looks like.

In this report, you’ll learn what content topics recruitment marketers should be posting to attract today’s talent, what that content should look and sound like, when and where to post that content on social media and other digital channels and so much more!

most popular content topics posted by recruitment marketers

The most popular content topics posted by recruitment marketers.

8. How to Create a Better Candidate Journey from your LinkedIn Posts

Social media is one of the most important channels you’ll use as a recruitment marketer. But if you’re just publishing “we’re hiring” social posts on LinkedIn, you’re doing it wrong. New data from Rally Inside reveals a better way to create high-converting candidate journeys that lead more qualified talent from your organic LinkedIn posts to your open jobs.

This blog post will teach you what types of content (and literally what words) actually work better to engage talent through your organic LinkedIn feed. And importantly, this post will also explain what this means for the candidate journey that you will need to provide in order to lead candidates from LinkedIn to your company’s open jobs.

9. Creating a Social Recruiting Strategy that Gets Results (Without Overthinking It)

One of the most important aspects of any Recruitment Marketing strategy, no matter the channel, is content. It’s content that will interest, educate, excite and engage your talent audience beyond just “apply now.” Recruiting content could be employee stories, quotes or testimonials, company awards and examples of your company culture (to name a few) in written, video, audio or photo/graphic formats. Really, the sky’s the limit!

Social recruiting can seem like it takes a lot of planning and effort to start, but it doesn’t need to be that way! In this blog post, two Rally community members – Jessica Summerfield and Jana Luitjens – share their proven structure for starting a successful social recruiting strategy.

Examples of data Jessica uses to measure and analyze social recruiting success- chart at the top comes from Google Analytics, showing data specific to careers site. The Charts at bottom from Rally Inside and shows which social posts performed best.  

Examples of data used by recruitment marketers to measure and analyze social recruiting success. The chart at the top comes from Google Analytics, showing data specific to a careers site. The Charts at the bottom is from Rally Inside and shows which social posts performed best.

Recruitment Marketing Analytics

10. What Metrics to Measure for Each Recruitment Marketing Channel

Having so many channels to now connect with candidates is great news for recruitment marketers. But as you’ll likely experience, the more channels you use, the more complicated measuring your entire strategy can become.

That’s exactly why we created our How To Guide, How to Track Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy. Aside from explaining what Recruitment Marketing tracking consists of and why it’s so important to your strategy, it also shows you what metrics are worth tracking for different Recruitment Marketing channels.

Learn what metrics you should be measuring for the 3 most popular Recruitment Marketing channels: email, social media and your careers site — and what you can learn from each metric.

11. Recruitment Marketing Content to Hires: Making the Connection

As you grow as a recruitment marketer, one of the biggest challenges you’ll contend with is connecting the content you create and the number of hires that result. Not knowing creates a major issue in our field, as it stands in the way of being able to:

  • Know what content you should be focusing on to meet your hiring goals
  • Know how much you can expect to pay for it
  • Back up the direction of your strategy to stakeholders
  • Justify requests for bigger budgets to leadership

Fortunately, with a little digging and a small handful of data points, any team, regardless of size or experience level, can make the connection between Recruitment Marketing content and resulting hires. In this blog post, learn to use data to make the connection between the content you’re producing and the hires it will generate.

12. 5 Ways Data is Advancing Recruitment Marketing Strategy

Recruitment Marketing strategy is becoming more and more data driven, not only to make decisions about what content, campaigns and channels to use, but also to defend recommendations made to business partners.

In this blog post, learn five ways that tracking, data and analytics can guide and empower your Recruitment Marketing strategy as you evolve from beginner to professional to expert.

Bonus: Free Recruitment Marketing & Analytics Tool

Get your free Rally® Inside™ account! Our tool shows you how to attract talent using the social media and digital channels where candidates already hang out, so you can stop waiting for job boards to solve your recruiting challenges. You can also access industry benchmarks to see which content topics and channels work for other employers that are recruiting the same job functions as your company. Sign up today!

This list of the top 12 Rally Resources for Recruitment Marketing beginners is just the tip of the iceberg. Search for “Recruitment Marketing” in the search bar at the top right of our website to discover even more resources on how to begin your Recruitment Marketing strategy.

You can also keep the learning going through Rally Academy which offers online digital courses, virtual training and in-person workshops.

Thanks to all of the practitioners and companies who have shared their pro tips and advice to Rally so that you can learn how to develop these in-demand Recruitment Marketing skills to attract and recruit top talent. You got this!

Top 12 Rally Resources for Recruitment Marketing Beginners
5 (100%) 4 votes

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