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Top 10 Rally Resources for Social Media Recruiting

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Having a strong and effective social recruiting strategy is a key aspect to any Recruitment Marketing program, but finding success with attracting quality candidates on social media can be difficult. The Rally community is here to help with these best-practice ideas and pro tips for developing a comprehensive social strategy that gets results.

Top 10 Rally Resources for Social Media Recruiting
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Social media recruiting is one of the most important strategies in Recruitment Marketing. With an estimated 4.9 billion people using social media, and with the average person spending 2-3 hours each day checking their social accounts, practically everyone that an employer wants to hire is using social media today.

This is why it’s become essential that every recruitment marketer, employer brand practitioner and talent acquisition team know how to attract and engage a talent audience through social recruiting strategies. It’s not enough for your company to have a business page on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, X and LinkedIn that promotes your products and services to potential customers and partners — you must also showcase your company as an employer and tell potential candidates (and remind existing employees!) why you’re a great place to work.

Effective social recruiting requires partnering with your corporate marketing team to share the real estate, so to speak, on your corporate social channels, given how much candidates are using social media to learn about employers and jobs. For some TA teams, it means building careers-focused social channels that concentrate on company culture and the employee experience. Whatever approach you pursue with social media recruiting, it requires an intentional strategy that ensures you are publishing the right content for each social channel and that you have the resources and commitment to build a social presence for the long term.

To help you take your social recruiting strategy to the next level, we’ve pulled together the most popular resources on, featuring expert strategies from some of the leading practitioners in our community. Dive in now to get the top 10 Rally Resources for Social Media Recruiting!

Social Recruiting Strategy

1. Creating a Social Recruiting Strategy that Gets Results (Without Overthinking It)

One of the most important aspects of a social recruiting strategy is the content you publish. It’s content that will interest and engage your social audience beyond posting a job and asking people to “apply now.” There are many types of recruiting content that can be effective on social media, including employee testimonials, company awards and examples of your company culture (to name a few). Really, the sky’s the limit!

This blog post features two members of the Rally community, Jessica Summerfield and Jana Luitjens, who share their social recruiting content examples and pro tips to help you attract talent to your employer brand and career opportunities. By using some creative thinking, focusing in on their hiring goals and testing and measuring different types of Recruitment Marketing content, they’ve each built social content machines that actively engage and convert their talent audience into candidates. 

A LinkedIn post that was based on an internal Lunch and Learn about the Project Leader role at Parexel. 

2. How an Influencer Program can Upgrade Your Social Recruiting Strategy

Over 84% of organizations are currently utilizing social media for their recruitment process. If you already have an active social recruiting strategy, then you know it takes a content marketing engine to keep all your social media channels full of engaging material. But you don’t have to go it alone! Getting your employees involved can have a big impact on creating authentic social channels that influence candidates to want to join your organization.

In this blog post, Tricia Day shows you how she upgraded her company’s social media presence by leveraging employer brand champions. Trish explains that she defined what it means to be an influencer, how employees can contribute, the importance behind the program and what’s in it for them. Whether it’s starting small with just a handful of employees to build an Instagram presence, or scaling a full influencer program, your efforts will help trigger a domino effect and ultimately improve your social recruiting strategy.

3. What Does an Award-Winning Careers Social Media Presence Look Like?

An effective social recruiting strategy needs to be thoughtful and intentional. It’s not enough to post corporate party pictures or a “we’re hiring” graphic with a stock photo. You need to ensure that you’re posting the right content in front of the right candidates.

One company that’s doing an exceptional job at this is ADP, the winner of the Best Social Careers Channel in the 2021 Rally Awards. ADP spent a year thoughtfully crafting their @ADPCareers presence on social media to earn them a whopping 12% increase in click applies from organic social posts alone!

In this blog post, you’ll learn the story behind ADP’s award-winning social recruiting strategy to help you elevate your employer brand on social media. The ADP’s team advice: to increase your presence on social media, you must prioritize employee-centric content, source content from a variety of channels, post content where candidates hangout online and have the right CTAs (calls to action) to convert candidates.

Social Recruiting Channels

4. Social Media Takeovers: How TTEC increased intern engagement by 40%

It’s clear that the best social recruiting content highlights your employer brand and features your culture, values and people. And the more thought and creativity you put into your effort, the more success you’ll have. While you need to lead the effort, you can also outsource some of the work. This is exactly what Leesha Bush-Anderson and Rebecca Brookson and their teams from TTEC did with their social media campaign around National Intern Day.

In this blog post, Rebecca and Leesha share how they collaborated with their interns to create a social recruiting campaign to celebrate National Intern Day. Not only did they showcase their interns in order to develop awareness of their intern program to college students, they gave the interns the keys to their social media channels and let them lead the strategy. This blog post will inspire you to leverage your employees to create fun, engaging, authentic content for social media that will captivate your audience, bring awareness to your employer brand and impact your hiring efforts.

The video recording of the LinkedIn Live with 4 interns speaking about their experiences at TTEC. 

The video recording of the LinkedIn Live with 4 interns speaking about their experiences at TTEC. 

5. How to Create a Better Candidate Journey from your LinkedIn Posts

If you’re just publishing “we’re hiring” social posts on LinkedIn, you’re doing it wrong. New data from our Rally® Inside™ Recruitment Marketing & Analytics tool reveals a better way to create high-converting candidate journeys that lead more qualified talent from your organic LinkedIn posts to your open jobs.

This blog post focuses on what Rally learned about social recruiting on LinkedIn to help you know what types of content (and literally what words) actually work better to engage talent through your organic LinkedIn feed. And importantly, this post will explain what this means for the candidate journey that you will need to provide in order to convert more interested candidates from social media to want to apply.

6. How to Increase Engagement on Instagram (and Other Recruitment Marketing Social Channels)

With Instagram’s average engagement rate being less than 1%, figuring out how to increase engagement on the platform and creating content that actually engages candidates are challenges you’re likely all too familiar with.

Read this blog post to learn specific strategies to know what content you should create for Instagram and your other Recruitment Marketing social channels that actually engages your candidates in your company culture and careers. This post covers: creating candidate personas, using benchmark data, activating employee-generated content, ensuring diversity and representation and adhering to each channel’s preferred format.

Social Media Analytics

7. Social Recruiting Strategy Benchmark Report

Earlier this year, we held our first-ever community-wide Social Recruiting Rally event to help Recruitment Marketing, employer branding and talent acquisition professionals at all levels to become better at attracting talent through social media. Participants learned how to boost their social recruiting strategy using the latest data and insights from our Rally® Inside™ Recruitment Marketing & Analytics tool

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • How to decide your social channel strategy
  • Pro tips for creating a social content plan
  • What makes an organic social post perform above average
  • The latest benchmark data on using social media to attract talent
  • And more!

Don’t miss these key learnings from the Social Recruiting Rally participants as well as all of the users of our Rally Inside tool in this 40-page Social Recruiting Strategy Benchmark Report

6 key factors to consider when choosing a social recruiting strategy

The Social Recruiting Strategy Benchmark Report includes these 6 key factors to consider when deciding which social channels to use for your Recruitment Marketing strategy.

8. What Metrics to Measure for Each Recruitment Marketing Channel

Having so many social channels to now connect with candidates is great news for recruitment marketers. But as you’ve likely experienced, the more channels you use, the more complicated it becomes to measure your entire strategy.

That’s exactly why we created our Rally How To Guide: How to Track Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy. Aside from explaining what Recruitment Marketing tracking consists of and why it’s so important to your strategy, we also explore what metrics are worth tracking for different Recruitment Marketing channels including social media.

Read this blog post to learn what metrics you should be measuring for 3 of the most popular Recruitment Marketing channels: email, social media and your careers site — and what you can learn from each metric, and then download the report to begin building your social media analytics strategy.

Social Recruiting Content

9. Build Your Fall Social Recruiting Calendar (using proven data)

Data from our Rally® Inside™ tool shows that organic posts on LinkedIn and Facebook that promote individual jobs don’t get clicks 50% of the time. Candidates are ready to engage with your employer brand on social media, but they prefer to see content about your people and company culture.

In this webinar on demand, you’ll learn:

  • Rally’s expert framework for creating a content plan that’s aligned to the candidate journey
  • The latest benchmark data showing what type of recruiting content your talent audience wants to hear from employers on social media
  • How to know what works best for different job functions such as technical roles, nursing and healthcare services, sales professionals, customer service representatives and manufacturing production workers
  • The right posting schedule and cadence to keep your talent audience engaged
  • Examples of high-performing social posts and why they work, so you can borrow these strategies right away

10. Create an Employee Generated Content Campaign That Gets Noticed on Social Media

Having a social recruiting strategy (both for your company’s social pages and your own personal channels) is an opportunity to showcase your employer brand, highlight employees and bring attention to your company culture and values. When creating your social recruiting content, it’s important to consider what would get the attention of passive talent. They make up 85% of the labor force and they’re not paying attention to jobs content, especially on social media.

But creating an effective strategy for social media that’s not focused on just posting jobs can seem intimidating. This is where employee generated content (EGC) can be both practical and powerful. While it still takes time and planning to execute successfully, it will provide you with an abundance of authentic content that shows potential candidates exactly who your company is without you having to collect stories or testimonials from employees and write each post.

Read this blog post to discover how Lisa Kay Davis and the Kyndryl team harnessed the power of employees and their social networks to authentically and uniquely share the passion, diversity and culture within their company.

Social Recruiting Bonuses!

11. RallyFwd Virtual Conference: Recruitment Marketing REIMAGINED

Throughout 2023, employers continue to face challenges when using traditional hiring strategies to attract the talent they need. Talent acquisition teams are confronting outdated and ineffective recruiting methods, tight budgets and limited resources, causing them to struggle to keep up with hiring demands. Candidates now make job decisions based on a company’s values, diversity and inclusion, and the employee experience they’re promised. We need to evolve how we market our jobs to tell the full story of what our company offers as an employer, beyond a job description, and take our strategy outside of job boards to the social and digital channels where people already hang out online.

Watch the sessions from our latest RallyFwd Virtual Conference to see expert presentations on various social recruiting strategies that you can learn from and put into practice right away.

12. Rally Inside Recruitment Marketing & Analytics Tool

Get our Rally® Inside™ tool to help you attract talent using the social media and digital channels where candidates already hang out, so you can stop waiting for job boards to solve your recruiting challenges.

With Rally Inside, you can create best-practice social posts in under 5 minutes, track your Recruitment Marketing in one place in real time, focus your strategy by candidate persona, validate your employer brand messaging and discover how to get more qualified applicants at a lower cost per applicant. Sign up today!


This list of the top 10 Rally Resources for Social Media Recruiting is just the beginning. Search for “social media” or “social recruiting” in the search bar at the top right of our website to discover even more resources on how to boost your social strategy.

You can also keep the learning going through our Rally Academy which offers online digital courses, virtual training and in-person workshops.

Thanks to all of the practitioners and companies who have shared their pro tips and advice to Rally so that you can learn how to build a social media recruiting strategy and create the right content that will attract the talent you want to hire. You got this!

Top 10 Rally Resources for Social Media Recruiting
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