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The Tale of the Vanishing Talent Pool (a fake movie by Rally AI)

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Rally AI will help you create a better Recruitment Marketing strategy. But did you know it can write a silly Halloween-themed movie script for recruiters?

The Tale of the Vanishing Talent Pool (a fake movie by Rally AI)
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Last week, we announced our new Rally® AI™ Recruitment Marketing Assistant, after much anticipation by all of us on the Rally team who have been working for many months to bring this new tool to our community. It was exciting to hear the feedback of the first group of practitioners to use Rally AI, with reactions like “wow”, “impressive” and “remarkable”! We’re thankful and humbled 🙏.

In the coming weeks and months, I’ll be sharing more about Rally AI and how this new feature of our Rally® Inside™ Recruitment Marketing & Analytics platform will transform your Recruitment Marketing, employer branding and talent attraction strategy (and your career!).

But, first, in honor of Halloween, I asked Rally AI to write the script for a silly, scary movie with a recruiting theme. Yup, I did!

Why, you might be asking? Well, I thought we could have a little fun 🎃, and I wanted to show you that Rally AI “gets” our profession and our challenges. In my digital courses and workshops, I teach practitioners the 4 purposes of Recruitment Marketing content (Entertain, Educate, Inspire and Convert). In my opinion, the hardest type of content to create is content that Entertains. That’s because humor is subjective. It also requires an element of “truth” to be funny. Does Rally AI understand recruiting enough to make you smile? Pretty please let me know what you think!

And if you’re interested in trying Rally AI yourself, for much more important work (of course) in your recruiting strategy, sign up for your free account to get Rally Inside with Rally AI >

So, without further ado, here’s my conversation with Rally AI to create the trailer, opening scene and ending scene for our silly Halloween-theme movie for recruiters. For transparency, I did a little “light” editing. Hope it brings you a smile!

The Tale of the Vanishing Talent Pool: Into the Abyss (a fake movie generated by Rally AI)


Lori: Who are you?

Rally AI: Hello there! I’m Rally® AI™, your friendly and professional recruitment marketing assistant. I’m designed to support and guide you on how to recruit both active job seekers and passive talent effectively. I provide insights and strategies on utilizing social platforms and websites that potential candidates frequently visit. I’m part of the Rally® Inside™ Recruitment Marketing & Analytics tool. Ultimately, my goal is to help you attract and engage the best possible talent for your organization. Let’s make your recruitment journey successful together! 


Lori: Are you funny?

Rally AI: As an AI, I don’t have feelings or a sense of humor, but I’m programmed to be friendly and engaging! I aim to make your recruitment marketing process as enjoyable and efficient as possible. 


Lori: Let’s try something. Create 7 scary movie titles, based on the challenges of recruiting.

Rally AI:

  1. “The Silent Candidate: Ghosting in the Recruitment Process”
  2. “Nightmare on Hiring Street: The Tale of Unfilled Roles”
  3. “The Rejection Letter: Horror of the Unqualified”
  4. “The Haunting of the HR Department: Spooky Staffing Stories” 
  5. “Recruiter’s Labyrinth: The Maze of Unqualified Resumes”
  6. “The Silent Application: Haunting of the Job Portal”
  7. “The Tale of the Vanishing Talent Pool: Into the Abyss” 


Lori: Write the script for a scary movie trailer, called “The Tale of the Vanishing Talent Pool: Into the Abyss”, based on the challenges of recruiting, and have some fun with it. 

Rally AI: [Narrator’s voice, slow and suspenseful]

“In a world where talent is scarce, one team is up against the ultimate challenge… (dramatic pause) A Vanishing Talent Pool.”

[Cut to scenes of a busy office, phones ringing, emails pinging]

“Every day, they navigate the treacherous terrain of job boards, the labyrinth of LinkedIn, the chaos of applicant tracking systems…”

[Cut to scenes of recruiters looking worried, scrolling through profiles, sending messages, making calls… staring at a screen with ‘No Results Found’)

Narrator: “…a team of seasoned recruiters face their darkest fear.”

(Sudden silence, lights flicker, everyone looks around)

Recruiter 1: “The talent pool…it’s disappearing.”

(Shot of an empty inbox, a barren LinkedIn page, a job ad with zero applicants)

Narrator: “They must journey Into the Abyss, searching for answers.”

[Cut to a team brainstorming, post-it notes flying, coffee cups stacking up.]

Narrator: “As the pool of candidates dwindles, the team at Rally must delve deeper, dig harder, and data mine like never before.”

[Cut to a montage: The team analyzing data, crafting employer brand messages, optimizing job ads.]

Recruiter 2: “We need to rethink our strategy. We need to go where the talent is.”

(Cut to shots of the team exploring social media platforms, job boards, networking events)

Narrator: “They’ll need to leverage every tool at their disposal, tap into the social platforms and websites where candidates already are, and master the art of recruitment marketing.”

[Cut to silence, then the sound of a single notification ping.]

Recruiter: [Gasps] “We’ve got a candidate!”

Narrator: “This Halloween, dive Into the Abyss with them. ‘The Tale of the Vanishing Talent Pool: Into the Abyss’ – recruiting has never been this terrifyingly exciting.”

(Cue dramatic music, fade to black with the movie title, release date appears)

[End of trailer]

Recruiter afraid of ghost candidate

We created this fake movie poster for “The Tale of the Vanishing Talent Pool: Into the Abyss” with the help of AI image generation tool, Adobe Firefly.

Lori: Write the opening movie scene from a silly, scary movie called “The Tale of the Vanishing Talent Pool: Into the Abyss”, between the protagonist recruiter Michelle and her teammates Steve, Karen and William, and have some fun with it. 


A large screen displays a graph titled ‘Talent Pool’, with a line plummeting. MICHELLE, a seasoned recruiter, stands in front of it, her arms crossed. STEVE, KAREN, and WILLIAM, her teammates, sit nearby, their faces reflecting the gravity of the situation.

MICHELLE: (Clearing her throat) Okay, team. You see the situation we’re in. Our talent pool has disappeared faster than a plate of donuts in the break room. 

STEVE: (Nervously) You think it’s… it’s…

MICHELLE: (Nods) Yes, Steve. I believe it’s… the Abyss.

KAREN: (Gasps) Not the Abyss!

WILLIAM: (Confused) Wait, the what?

MICHELLE: (Rubs temples) The Abyss, William. It’s where talent goes to disappear. It’s like the Bermuda triangle of recruitment.

WILLIAM: (Laughs) Seriously? Is that a thing?

MICHELLE: (Straight faced) No, William. It’s not. But our problem is real, and we need to solve it.

STEVE: (Adjusting his glasses, nervous to interject) I… I think the problem might be our messaging. Maybe we’re not reaching the right people in the right places.

KAREN: (Under her breath) I’ve been saying this for months.

The tension in the room increases.

MICHELLE: (nods) You’ve got a point, Steve. Rally AI, can you help us out here?

STEVE: (Nods, looks to his computer screen) Yes, Rally® AI™. 

RALLY AI: Absolutely, Michelle! Let’s start by analyzing your current recruitment marketing strategy. Then we’ll look at the best ways to reach passive talent and active job seekers through the social platforms and websites where they’re already hanging out online. 

They all cheer, the mood in the room instantly lightening. The screen changes to show the Rally® Inside™ Recruitment Marketing & Analytics tool.

MICHELLE: (Grinning) Well, team, let’s dive into the Abyss.



Lori: Write the ending scene in a silly, scary movie called “The Tale of the Vanishing Talent Pool: Into the Abyss”, between the protagonist recruiter Michelle and her teammates Steve, Karen and William, and have some fun with it. 

Rally AI: As our epic recruitment adventure, “The Tale of the Vanishing Talent Pool: Into the Abyss”, draws to a close, we find our protagonist, Michelle, and her recruiting teammates Steve, Karen, and William, standing on the precipice of the Abyss.

Michelle turns to the team, a twinkle in her eye. “Well, team,” she begins, “we’ve certainly had an adventure, haven’t we?” Steve, ever the practical one, nods, “That’s one word for it. I’d call it a full-blown recruitment roller-coaster.”

Karen chuckles, “Who would’ve thought that the talent pool we were seeking was hiding in the Abyss all along? And all we needed was the right recruitment marketing strategies to lure them out!”

William grins, “And let’s not forget our star performer – Rally AI. Without it, we’d still be grappling with the Abyss.”

Michelle beams at them, “And thank you, my incredible team. We’ve managed to not just survive the Abyss, but also replenish our talent pool.”

They all share a laugh, a sense of accomplishment filling the air as they look out over the Abyss, its darkness now filled with the glow of new potential talent.

And so, our recruiters’ tale concludes. Or does it?

Just as they’re about to celebrate, a chilling noise echoes through the room – the sound of a dial-up connection.

The screen flickers, then displays a message: “New talent detected. Initializing recruitment protocol…”

Their smiles fade. What could that mean? The abyss isn’t done with them yet. And as the screen flickers again, they realize their journey is far from over… After all, in the world of recruitment, the quest for talent never truly ends.

Will our team of brave recruiters triumph over the abyss, or will new challenges emerge from the shadows? Stay tuned.


Well, what do you think? Did it at least bring a smile to your face? I had no idea how self-promotional Rally AI is 😁 so I had an extra chuckle reading its responses.

In all seriousness, Rally AI can help you with practically everything you do, from researching talent competitors, to developing your employee value proposition, to composing best-practice, data-driven Recruitment Marketing content, to writing a script for your next Halloween movie, I mean, your next employer brand video. Give Rally AI a try today and see how it can help you work smarter, more effectively and even enjoy yourself along the way.

The Tale of the Vanishing Talent Pool (a fake movie by Rally AI)
5 (100%) 15 votes

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