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8 Tips for Creating a Winning Recruitment Marketing Content Strategy

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The best Recruitment Marketing content strategies go beyond job listings to turn employee stories into powerful tools that attract talent who align with your culture and mission. See why Nestlé USA, Dell Technologies, Kyndryl, ChenMed and Booz Allen won Rally Awards for their content marketing campaigns.

8 Tips for Creating a Winning Recruitment Marketing Content Strategy
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In Recruitment Marketing, we know it’s all about the content. But we’re not just talking about job listings here; it’s the stories you tell that make people sit up, take notice and become interested in working for your company. The winners of the Best Content Marketing category in the Rally Awards have shown us how it’s done right. From connecting the dots between great healthcare and great careers, to igniting LinkedIn with the childhood dreams of their employees, these content marketing campaigns didn’t just fill positions — they built communities and showcased company cultures in ways that text on a job board never could. And they remind us that at the heart of successful Recruitment Marketing is content that resonates, inviting potential candidates to envision themselves on your team.

In this blog post, we dive into the Rally Award-winning strategies of Nestlé USA, Dell Technologies, Kyndryl, ChenMed and Booz Allen. You’ll see that with the right approach, content can do more than attract talent — it can inspire, connect and even transform perceptions. So, let’s roll up our sleeves and see what makes these campaigns tick and learn how we can borrow a page from their playbook to make our own Recruitment Marketing and employer branding content strategies shine.

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2023 Rally Award Winner for Best Content Marketing Program (First Place)

Jess Almodovar, ChenMed – “ChenMed Content Marketing Recruitment Program”

Jess Almodovar clinched first place in the content marketing category with a standout campaign at ChenMed, emphasizing their mantra, “It’s not just primary care, it’s transformative care.” Jess saw the connection between attracting new talent and keeping the current team motivated, opting for a content strategy that made ChenMed relatable and human. Her efforts were aimed at attracting candidates who are also driven by mission and purpose, aligning perfectly with ChenMed’s foundational values. By framing their work as not only about providing primary care but as a transformative journey for both patients and employees, Jess made the story of the deeper impact of ChenMed’s mission at the center of Recruitment Marketing.

Through her persona-driven content strategy, Jess rolled out several key initiatives, including a corporate blog for physicians (which differentiated her strategy from their talent competitors!), a careers blog to appeal to a wider recruitment audience and the “Faisel & Friends” podcast, which specifically targets primary care providers. The results were impressive, with a 40%+ jump in website pageviews, a 50%+ increase in podcast subscribers and a more than 90% surge in interest from potential physician recruits. Jess didn’t just throw content out there; she crafted her content carefully and used owned-channels like the podcast to deeply engage with the healthcare community, boosting ChenMed’s reputation as a leader in healthcare transformation. Her approach clearly shows how a well-thought-out content marketing strategy can not only attract purpose-driven talent but also significantly amplify a company’s voice and leadership in its industry.

ChenMed careers blog

ChenMed’s careers blog is a rich resource for healthcare workers.

Note: ChenMed also won third place in the Best Recruitment Marketing Campaign – Large Team category!

2023 Rally Award Winner for Best Content Marketing Program (Second Place)

Kyndryl – “Kid to Kyndryl Employee Activation Campaign”

When Kyndryl spun off from IBM, stepping into the world as a brand-new IT services giant with tens of thousands of employees across 34 countries, they faced a major challenge: How do you build a sense of togetherness right out of the gate? Despite serving the who’s who of the Fortune 100, Kyndryl had to reintroduce itself, not just as a big player, but as a community leader with a soul. The challenge was clear: create a united company culture and shout from the rooftops about Kyndryl’s expertise and leadership in the IT industry.

Enter the Kid to Kyndryl campaign, a stroke of genius from the Kyndryl social media team that turned Kyndryl’s biggest asset — its people — into storytellers of their own professional journeys. Employees were encouraged to share tales of their childhood curiosities to demonstrate how the most curious and innovative children in the world go on to become Kyndryls. By pairing nostalgic childhood photos with stories of personal growth, the campaign struck a chord on LinkedIn, transforming professional profiles into personal narratives. What was the results of this wave of employee generated content (EGC)? In just the first 10 days, the campaign garnered over 2.5k posts, 1.5 million impressions and a tidal wave of engagement on LinkedIn, far outpacing industry benchmarks. This wasn’t just about boosting numbers; it was about knitting a global team closer together and showcasing Kyndryl’s heart and spirit to the world, proving that behind every great company are great people with interesting stories waiting to be told.

Note: Kyndryl also won first place in the Best Employee Generated Content category!

Kid to Kyndryl campaign

Kyndryl won second place for Best Content Strategy in the 2023 Rally Awards for their ingenious LinkedIn campaign, “Kid to Kyndryl”.

2022 Rally Award Winner for Best Content Marketing Program (First Place)

Nestlé USA – “Elevating the Stories that Fuel Nestlé”

Nestlé USA’s Recruitment Marketing team, a multi Rally Award winner over the years, scooped up the Best Content Marketing award in 2022 with a strategy that was all about getting personal and staying relevant. They built a strategy based on data to ensure every piece of content — especially their use of video storytelling — landed exactly where and when it was supposed to. They achieved a 30% jump in engagement and a 4x increase in people watching their videos compared to the year before! In particular, the Nestlé USA team made their content count with deep dives into Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), celebrating moments like Juneteenth and Black History Month in ways that didn’t just speak to audiences but spoke about what matters to them.

The Nestlé USA Recruitment Marketing team also focused on blending consumer brand content and employer brand content to connect with their talent audience, showing candidates how Nestlé is a place where innovation thrives, recognized by none other than Fast Company. In addition, their sustainability stories captured millions of impressions and engagements, especially with early careers talent. By bringing real employees’ journeys to the forefront, tapping into the ASMR craze for their coffee campaign and continually refreshing their recruiting content to keep up with social trends, Nestlé USA didn’t just market their employer brand; they made it a living, breathing part of the conversation. The takeaway? Being real, being relevant and using data to guide the storytelling can turn content into a key ingredient of Recruitment Marketing strategy.

Nestle USA recruitment marketing content

Nestlé USA won first place in the 2022 Rally Awards for Best Content Marketing strategy for creating employee stories that brought the Nestlé culture to life while showcasing its innovation through the people that make it happen.

Note: Nestlé USA also won second place in the Best Use of Video in Recruitment Marketing category!

2022 Rally Award Winner for Best Content Marketing Program (Second Place – Tie)

Dell – Dell Technologies Employer Brand Content Marketing: Fueled by Stories

Dell Technologies, recognized globally for leading the charge in digital transformation and known as an employer that fosters an inclusive culture, created a stories-based content marketing engine to power its Recruitment Marketing strategy. Tying for second place in the Best Content Marketing Program in 2022, Dell created a consistent flow of high-quality recruiting content across web, email, social media, talent nurture and internal channels that resonated deeply with both candidates and employees. The cornerstone of their success was in leveraging employee stories, a strategy that showcased Dell’s culture and commitment to its people and their well-being.

From global snapshots of remote work life to spotlighting the experiences of team members from Dell’s True Ability Employee Resource Group (ERG), Dell’s content vividly illustrated its dynamic and inclusive work environment. Moreover, the content crafted by Dell’s employer brand team wasn’t just used for Recruitment Marketing purposes, it was so well-regarded that the content was repurposed for a variety of uses, from internal communications to customer-facing materials. This strategic approach yielded remarkable results, with their Recruitment Marketing content achieving over 150 million impressions and 3 million clicks and driving hundreds of thousands of applications. The Dell content marketing strategy shows us the effectiveness of authentic storytelling in embodying and promoting an employer brand.

2022 Rally Award Winner for Best Content Marketing Program (Second Place – Tie)

Booz Allen – Making Connections Through People, Passion & Purpose

Booz Allen Hamilton tied for second place in 2022 for the Best Content Marketing program for setting the standard in how to attract hard-to-find technical talent with an essential security clearance. Nearly half of their tech roles needed someone with a clearance, posing a significant recruiting challenge in a competitive talent market that’s as tight as it gets. So the Candidate Attraction & Experience team at Booz Allen revamped their game plan from a strategy that was focused on filling positions to one that was all about making real connections. Their content plan used every tool in the toolbox — think emails, social media, videos, you name it — to not just attract talent but to keep them engaged and show off the incredible culture and mission-driven projects that make Booz Allen stand out from the crowd.

This strategy shift was anchored by a refresh of their employer brand guided by insightful survey data, focus groups and market research. This led to a targeted brand platform and narrative around “Be the future” that enhanced their messaging through reputation-focused articles, compelling stories about life at Booz Allen and engaging social media campaigns. Their “Be the future” video content became the most shared content with their employer brand advocates! The impact of these efforts grew their talent community by more than 50%, increased careers site traffic by 30% year-over-year and boosted @LifeatBooz social followers by nearly 30%. Booz Allen’s success shows us the magic of showcasing compelling stories, especially in video format, to supercharge talent attraction.

Life at Booz Allen

Booz Allen’s content showcases #LifeatBooz to put the focus on the employees at the company.

The Judges’ Guidance for How to Win a Recruitment Marketing Content Award

When it comes to crafting a Recruitment Marketing content program that stands out and potentially clinches a Rally Award, the judges’ feedback provides valuable insights and guidance. Here’s what we can learn from their comments to elevate our own strategies:

  1. Diverse Content Mix: Incorporating a variety of content types and employing a full-funnel approach can significantly enhance engagement across different platforms. It’s crucial to not limit content strictly to career-related topics but to also be topical to engage candidates in a broader conversation.
  2. Thought Leadership: Integrating thought leadership content into your strategy can showcase your company’s expertise. Afterall, candidates want to work for companies that are leaders in their field.
  3. Employee Generated Content: Encouraging employee generated content can add a personal touch to your campaign, making it more relatable and authentic by coming directly from the people who work at your company.
  4. Innovation and Skill Highlighting: Innovative campaigns that allow candidates to see how their unique skills could be a perfect fit for your organization can be particularly compelling. Highlighting this connection can inspire potential talent to envision a future with your company.
  5. Leveraging Consumer Brand: Utilizing your consumer brand to enhance your employer brand shows that the two are synergistic. This approach demonstrates a willingness to engage with your audience in a holistic manner, recognizing that customers can also be potential candidates, and vice versa.
  6. Amplifying Employee Voices: Showcasing real employee stories and photos can make your brand more approachable and genuine. This strategy emphasizes the human aspect of your organization, making it more appealing to potential candidates.
  7. Focused Targeting through Candidate Personas: Investing time in creating detailed candidate personas shows a commitment to understanding and attracting specific talent. A targeted approach ensures your messaging resonates more effectively with your intended audience.
  8. Commitment to Authenticity: Demonstrating a genuine interest in the stories and experiences of your employees indicates a deeper commitment to authenticity. This authenticity not only strengthens your employer brand but also enhances your appeal to prospective candidates.

By incorporating these insights into your Recruitment Marketing strategies, you too can develop content campaigns that not only attract top talent but also resonate on a deeper level, fostering a genuine connection between candidates and your employer brand and employee experience.

Blueprint for Success: Content Marketing Strategies that Resonate with Talent

The Rally Award winners in the Best Content Marketing category have set a high bar, showcasing how creative, engaging content can do much more than fill open positions — content can align candidates to our purpose, mission and culture. What we can learn from these trailblazers is invaluable: authentic engagement, strategic storytelling and a deep understanding of your audience are key to a successful content marketing strategy in talent acquisition. Congratulations once again to these winning practitioners and teams!

As we look ahead to the 2024 Rally Awards, there’s a wealth of inspiration to be drawn from these campaigns. Whether it’s leveraging employee stories, innovating with video content or blending consumer and employer branding, there’s a proven blueprint for success. We invite you to submit your work for the 2024 Rally Awards and share how you’ve used content to make an impact in your talent attraction strategy. Let’s continue to push the boundaries, inspire potential candidates, and build communities that showcase the very best of our company cultures!

8 Tips for Creating a Winning Recruitment Marketing Content Strategy
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