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5 Innovative Employee Videos: How Top Brands Won a Rally Award

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See how top employers create compelling videos that captivate candidates, reflect their authentic employer brand and drive talent attraction success. Meet the winners of the 2023 Rally® Awards™ and get inspired by their innovative video strategies and impressive results.

5 Innovative Employee Videos: How Top Brands Won a Rally Award
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Creating compelling and engaging video content is one of the most important strategies we can use in Recruitment Marketing and employer branding. A great video can capture the essence and authenticity of our employee experience and company culture, like nothing else really can. At the same time, producing a great video rarely just happens by chance. It takes strategy, planning and creativity, and then the right promotion behind it to ensure the videos have impact and influence on talent attraction.

In the Rally® Awards™ program, we celebrate outstanding videos in two categories:

  • Best Employer Brand Video — You used the power of video to tell the value proposition of your company as an employer. The content was authentic, creative and impactful, and uniquely your own.
  • Best Use of Video in Recruitment Marketing — The video you created had a measurable impact on attracting talent for a key hiring initiative, setting a new best practice in using video in recruitment marketing.

In the 2023 Rally Awards, 4 teams were winners for best video: UBS, Citadel, Booz Allen, and Nestlé USA. These companies showcased some of the most innovative and impactful videos in our field. From using humor, authenticity and storytelling, the winners of last year’s awards set new benchmarks in engaging potential talent through video content.

Let’s look at what makes these videos the gold standard in Recruitment Marketing strategy, to inspire your own video content to attract, engage and recruit talent to your organization.

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2023 Rally Award Winners for Best Employer Brand Video (First Place)

UBS: “Junior Talent Campaign for APAC”

UBS set an ambitious goal to achieve a 50/50 gender split in student hires for its Junior Talent programs worldwide, spanning divisions from Investment Banking to Technology. The initiative, particularly focused on the competitive markets of Singapore and Hong Kong, aimed to navigate the challenges of a candidate-driven market where attracting female talent remains a fierce battle. The financial services sector faces stiff competition not only from other banks but also from fintech, consulting and technology companies. To stand out, the UBS Recruitment Marketing team embarked on a larger-than-life campaign following the success of their engaging headflip/shoeflip reels from the previous year.

The cornerstone of this innovative campaign was a 5-day filming project executed in UBS’s Singapore office, in collaboration with an external creative agency, This comprehensive project yielded 4 reels, 3 long videos, an interview-style video and a series of photoshoots. The content was meticulously crafted to resonate with both non-tech and tech audiences, leveraging the authentic experiences of UBS’s own junior talent, especially focusing on women. The videos were rich in humor, grounded in data-driven insights and reflected the career aspirations and expectations of students in key markets. Following the production, UBS launched a targeted paid social media campaign to first raise awareness of its Junior Talent programs, and then to drive applications to its open roles. For a relatively low budget, the campaign achieved its goal: women made up nearly half of all applicants.

Why They Won

The judges lauded UBS for their innovative and attention-grabbing content, which skillfully balanced humor and insightful data-driven messaging. The campaign’s success was attributed to:

  • Tailored a strategic mix of video formats for different stages of the candidate journey.
  • Portrayed the company culture and early careers talent authentically, enhancing relatability and appeal.
  • Used social media campaigns effectively to generate awareness and drive applications, demonstrating a strong ROI from video production and social media spend.

2023 Rally Award Winners for Best Employer Brand Video (Second Place)

Citadel: “What If”

Citadel’s “What If” video celebrated the relentless curiosity and unwavering pursuit of innovation that’s at the heart of what they do. In partnership with Mofilm, Citadel brought this ethos to life in a way that was both engaging and inspiring. The idea? To showcase Citadel as the ultimate “What If Machine,” constantly pushing the envelope and asking the kinds of questions that drive real progress in the finance world.

Through stories and insights from team members across the globe, the video showed Citadel’s unique approach and the impactful results of their work. The Citadel company culture was also clear, showing that the best ideas win, teamwork is everything, and together, they’re able to uncover opportunities that others might miss.

The “What If” video was used on Citadel’s refreshed website and social platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, broadening its impact. When it premiered, the video was introduced by none other than Citadel’s founder and CEO Ken Griffin at the firm’s annual town hall, putting a spotlight on Citadel’s commitment to asking the right questions and relentlessly seeking better ways to make an impact in the finance industry and beyond.

Why They Won

One judge said, “The message is brilliant! GREAT GREAT GREAT!” The video’s brilliance was recognized for its ability to inspire and engage through a powerful message and dynamic storytelling. Key highlights include:

  • Narrated a compelling story that underscored Citadel’s culture of innovation and teamwork.
  • Employed strategic use of employee stories to add a personal, relatable touch for candidates.
  • Achieved broad reach and engagement across multiple platforms, enhancing Citadel’s employer brand visibility and appeal.

2023 Rally Award Winner for Best Use of Video in Recruitment Marketing (First Place)

Booz Allen Hamilton: “Be the Future Video Series: Elevating our Brand, Empowering our People”

The “Be the Future Video Series” by Booz Allen Hamilton was celebrated for its strategic and authentic approach to talent attraction. The team’s use of video in Recruitment Marketing originally began in 2017 with hiring managers talking about job descriptions, but by 2022 it had become a holistic video strategy showcasing the firm’s mission-driven culture.

With the launch of “Be the Future”, Booz Allen positioned itself as a beacon for talent in the competitive arenas of tech and security. The series included 7 videos that showcased the heart and passion of Booz Allen’s team. Filmed virtually with support from iShoot Direct, these videos brought authenticity to the forefront, breaking down stereotypes of the government contracting world and highlighting the firm’s innovative culture. The results were impressive, with significant increases in social media impressions, site traffic and a record number of applications and hires. This series didn’t just fill positions; it transformed Booz Allen’s recruitment narrative into a dynamic, engaging story that continues to attract top talent to #LifeatBooz. These evergreen videos position the firm as an employer of choice within an increasingly competitive talent market in the highly cleared and technical spaces. Be the Future describes the lasting impact that our people make by working with today’s most emerging technologies. To date it is the most shared piece of content on our employer advocacy platform, and the most viewed video on the Booz Allen YouTube channel.

Why They Won

The judges were impressed by Booz Allen’s strategic and authentic approach in their video series, highlighting the well-thought-out strategy and its successful implementation.

  • Utilized innovative virtual filming techniques to capture authentic employee experiences and genuine, relatable stories.
  • Implemented an omnichannel marketing strategy that maximized the visibility and impact of the video content.
  • Recorded notable achievements in engagement, career site traffic, and hiring growth, highlighting the effectiveness of the video series in attracting top talent.

2023 Rally Award Winner for Best Use of Video in Recruitment Marketing (Second Place – Tie)

Citadel: “Extraordinary Colleagues – Joon”

Citadel also tied for second place in the video category: Best Use of Video in Recruitment Marketing. Their rise to become the most profitable hedge fund ever is not just a tale of financial acumen; it’s a narrative woven from the extraordinary people behind its success. The “Passions Applied” video series peels back the layers on what makes Citadel’s team tick, showcasing the blend of brilliance and drive that propels the firm forward. Among these employee stories, the video of “Joon” stands out, telling the story of an exceptionally bright portfolio manager whose fascination with outer space doesn’t just fuel his imagination but also influences his approach to investment strategies at Citadel.

In this video, developed in partnership with Mofilm, shifts the focus from finance (what the company does) to a more relatable, human-led narrative (who works at the company). The video has resonated widely with Citadel’s audiences across LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube, proving that stories of personal drive and passion can powerfully convey the essence of a firm’s success and the people who make it happen.

Why They Won

The judges were captivated by Joon,praising its inspiring narrative that effectively showcased the firm’s human-centric approach to finance.

  • Made Joon’s journey interesting and relevant to candidates, blending personal passion with professional success to inspire potential career paths.
  • Distinguished the video from typical recruitment content through cinematic storytelling and production quality.
  • Effectively portrayed Citadel’s culture, emphasizing values and team benefits.

2023 Rally Award Winner for Best Use of Video in Recruitment Marketing (Second Place – Tie)

Nestlé USA: “Out of the Box | Innovating What’s Next in Pizza”

Nestlé is a household brand name and a leader in the pizza market, but to maintain its leadership and to continue innovating requires the company to attract the brightest talent in consumer goods. The company had recently tapped into the emerging trend of non-traditional meal times, like breakfast pizza, and used the story of this strategy to skillfully show candidates how the company continuously pushes the envelope to develop products.

Why Nestlé USA clinched this award is clear from the campaign’s impact: with millions of social media views, a significant boost in brand recognition within the frozen foods category and a remarkable engagement rate, the videos did more than just advertise products; they narrated the story of Nestlé’s innovative team in the food industry. The videos not only enhanced Nestlé’s reputation as a pioneer in food innovation but also reinforced its position as an attractive employer, where taking strategic risks and embracing innovation are part of the company culture.

Why They Won

Nestlé USA’s award-winning campaign stood out for its creative flair and strategic positioning, showcasing the company as a hub for innovative thinking and culinary creativity.

  • Highlighted Nestlé’s role as a beacon for creative talent, showcasing the company’s strong positioning in the market.
  • Provided an engaging and fun exploration of Nestlé’s willingness to embrace new and innovative ideas in the food industry.
  • Subtly promoted Nestlé as an attractive workplace for prospective talent through its showcase of a creative and innovative culture.

Innovation and Authenticity: Keys to Winning a Rally Video Award

The 2023 Rally Awards underscored the importance of authenticity, innovation and strategic storytelling in Recruitment Marketing and employer brand videos. These videos not only succeeded in attracting talent but also in setting new industry standards for creative and impactful talent attraction. Using authentic depictions of company culture, visionary storytelling or innovative approaches to video production, these winners demonstrated the power of video in building compelling employer brands and engaging potential candidates. Congratulations once again to the 2023 video winners: UBS, Citadel, Booz Allen, and Nestlé USA!

As we celebrate these achievements, we also look forward to the next wave of creative brilliance in the 2024 Rally Awards. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to the field, we encourage you to draw inspiration from these exemplary campaigns and consider how you can leverage video in your own talent attraction strategies. We can’t wait to see your videos and learn about your impact! Learn more about entering the 2024 Rally Awards and be part of shaping the future of Recruitment Marketing.

5 Innovative Employee Videos: How Top Brands Won a Rally Award
5 (100%) 6 votes

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