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How DEI Boosts Your Employer Brand on LinkedIn by 141%

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Does your talent audience want to engage with DEI content in their social feeds? Yes they do! Discover how to share DEI content the right way on LinkedIn, during heritage months and all year long, and you could get 141% more impressions and 255% more clicks. Featuring data-driven insights from Rally® Inside™.

How DEI Boosts Your Employer Brand on LinkedIn by 141%
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In Recruitment Marketing and employer branding strategy, platforms like LinkedIn can bring important awareness to an employer’s culture and values—especially when it comes to championing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). With the recent celebration of Black History Month in February and with Women’s History Month in its final week, we thought it was a perfect opportunity to see how employers are leveraging social media to show their commitment and actions to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. We were curious to know: Do social media audiences, and candidates in particular, even care about this type of content?

To answer this question, we turned to our Rally® Inside™ Recruitment Marketing & Analytics platform, used by 1,700+ practitioners to track, measure, analyze, report and benchmark their strategy to attract and engage talent on social and digital channels.

Using AI, Rally Inside analyzed a wealth of data on the performance of organic LinkedIn posts on corporate pages that use DEI-related keywords. The results paint a vivid picture about what resonates with candidates and followers. So let’s share the valuable lessons learned and see how we can apply these insights to boost our social recruiting performance during future heritage celebrations such as Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in May, Pride Month in June, Hispanic Heritage Month in September-October and Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in November.

Let’s dive in!

The Value of Celebrating Diversity on LinkedIn

For talent acquisition teams, LinkedIn is more than an effective recruiting and sourcing tool; it’s a platform to tell the story of your company and employee experience, connect with new potential talent and grow the reach of your employer brand. When done right, using your company’s organic social media channels to recognize cultural and historical months can bring to life your company’s core values and commitment to fostering an inclusive work environment, both attracting talent and engaging employees.

But is there employer brand value to celebrating diversity on social platforms like LinkedIn? Yes!

Rally Inside data reveals that content centered around Black History Month, International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month received 55% more impressions and 56% more reach than other LinkedIn posts published during February and so far this March. While this could be the result of the LinkedIn algorithm prioritizing this content more, generally speaking more audience engagement will trigger social media algorithms to show your posts to a larger audience, garnering more impressions and reach. The LinkedIn audience’s engagement with this type of DEI content speaks for itself:

  • 25% more reactions
  • 36% more comments, and
  • 30% more clicks!

Overall, DEI-related LinkedIn posts are receiving 25% more engagement than other company posts since February. The engagement spike, driven by content focused on celebrating Black History Month, International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, underscores a clear message: audiences on LinkedIn are not just receptive; they’re eager for content that champions diversity and inclusivity. It shows their alignment with companies that openly support and celebrate diversity. And it reveals an essential truth: when companies communicate their commitment to DEI, they don’t just engage their audience—they connect with them on a deeper level, fostering a sense of trust and community.

The key takeaway: DEI content is one of the key ways that we can attract talent who align with our company values.

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Understanding the Language of Diversity

Since we launched our Rally Inside platform in 2021, we’ve been tracking the types of content topics and messaging that are most effective in candidate emails, talent newsletters, careers blogs, digital ads and social media posts on dozens of channels including LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. It has enabled us to learn the “language of diversity recruiting” that can resonate with your candidate personas and influence them to become interested in learning about your career opportunities.

When it comes to DEI, Rally Inside data shows that every word matters! Here are some of our important finding:

  • Keywords like “Diversity,” “Inclusion” and “DEI” each drive over 100% more impressions for organic posts on LinkedIn. The term “Diversity” is particularly powerful, getting 141% more impressions than the average LinkedIn post of Rally Inside users, signaling a strong audience interest in broader DEI conversations.
  • Words like “Equity” are associated with posts that receive 255% more clicks, while “DEI” receives 266% more clicks! This tells us that the talent audience on LinkedIn isn’t just passively consuming content; they’re actively engaging with employers that resonate deeply with their values and beliefs.
  • Posts from Rally Inside users honoring Black History Month received 34% more engagement than the average LinkedIn post.
  • And during Women’s History Month, our data so far shows that “Women” as a keyword is getting a 110% increase in comments, suggesting that celebrating women’s achievements and sharing their stories generates considerable discussion and audience engagement.

As practitioners, by learning how to market our employer brands, not just advertise our open jobs, we can become better communicators and thoughtful conversationalists who understand the power of words to include, empower and inspire—especially on social media where our talent audience can be reached.

Rally Inside analysis shows that DEI content overall gets 68% more reactions and 60% more comments than the average LinkedIn post of our users.

Best Practices in Creating DEI Content

Beyond keywords, what type of DEI content has resonated most with the LinkedIn audience during Black History Month, International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month for Rally Inside users?

Diving deeper into the Rally Inside analysis, it’s clear that specific elements contribute to the success of DEI-related LinkedIn posts, more than a simple post to observe the holiday. Let’s break down the data to give your DEI messaging a significant boost on LinkedIn.

  1. Mention Recognizable Names and Partnerships: Posts that mention collaborations with well-known organizations or individuals tend to generate more impressions and engagement. For example, mentioning partnerships with global companies or recognized speakers at events can lend credibility and attract attention. Remember to tag them in your post so that you can reach their followers, expanding awareness of your employer brand.
  2. Showcase Real Stories and Achievements: Content that highlights individual achievements, particularly your leaders and team members who are recognized by prestigious awards or who achieved a milestone in diversity and inclusion, resonates strongly with the LinkedIn audience. A post featuring employee recognition not only humanizes your brand but also emphasizes your commitment to celebrating their success. Employee stories in their voice are especially powerful.
  3. Make Event Announcements and Invitations: Posts that serve as announcements for events related to DEI, including those featuring influential speakers and topical discussions, get high engagement rates. This suggests that the LinkedIn audience values opportunities for learning and networking within the DEI space. When crafting these posts, focus on what attendees will gain, such as actionable insights or strategies they can use in their own careers, to encourage higher engagement and attendance.
  4. Share Educational Content and Thought Leadership: Providing value through educational content, such as what your employee resource groups (ERGs) might be doing in your community, positions your organization as a thought leader in DEI and one that takes action.
  5. Use Interactive and Engaging Formats: Content that invites interaction, whether through asking for opinions, sharing experiences or participating in a program, also sees higher engagement rates. This could include calls to apply for a DEI-focused program, requests for comments on a particular DEI issue or invitations to engage with content like a video series. Engaging your audience in dialogue makes your content more relatable and shareable.

By focusing on these specific elements, you can craft DEI-related LinkedIn posts that not only capture attention but also inspire action and conversation. Remember, the goal is to not just talk about diversity, equity and inclusion, but to actively demonstrate your company’s commitment through engaging, informative and impactful content, ideally in a way that puts your people front and center.

Rally Best Practices in Creating DEI Content for LinkedIn

Leveraging Insights for Future Diversity Celebrations

The success of Rally Inside users in celebrating Black History Month and Women’s History Month on LinkedIn gives us lots of insight for planning content for future diversity celebrations such as Pride Month, Asian American Heritage Month, National Hispanic Heritage Month and National Disability Employment Awareness Month, among others.

Here’s how we can apply these lessons learned to ensure that our organic Recruitment Marketing content resonates with our talent audience, sparks meaningful dialogue and builds their interest in potentially working at our company.

  1. Plan with Purpose: Start by defining the ‘why’ behind your content. Is it to educate? To showcase your company’s commitment to DEI? To highlight stories of resilience and achievement within specific communities? Your purpose will guide your content strategy, ensuring it aligns with both your employer brand values and your talent audience’s interests.
  2. Embrace Authenticity in Storytelling: We all know that authentic storytelling is the foundation to every effective Recruitment Marketing strategy (it’s one of the key lessons we’ve learned by hosting the Rally Awards for the past 5 years!). So, share real stories from your employees that reflect their experiences, achievements and the significance of these diversity celebrations to them.
  3. Create Spaces for Dialogue: Encourage your audience to share their stories and perspectives too. Rally Inside analysis shows that DEI content overall gets 68% more reactions and 60% more comments than the average LinkedIn post of our users. It’s particularly valuable for driving employee engagement and fostering a culture of inclusivity and belonging.
  4. Educate and Inform: Use your platform to educate your audience about the history, significance and current issues facing the communities you’re celebrating. It’s even more impactful if you can tie your story to your local community or industry. Providing valuable, informative content positions your company as a thought leader and an ally in the push for greater diversity and inclusion.
  5. Amplify Voices: Partner with influencers, thought leaders and organizations within these communities to co-create events or content. This not only amplifies diverse voices but also extends your reach, engaging a broader audience and bringing new perspectives to your page.
  6. Make Your Commitment Visible: Finally, ensure your content reflects the actions your company is taking towards greater diversity and inclusion. Highlight initiatives, programs or policies you’ve implemented to support these communities. It’s crucial that your social content goes beyond mere acknowledgment. It should draw attention to the important work your company and your employees are actually doing.

It’s Your Turn: Data-Driven DEI Storytelling

If there’s any doubt among your internal stakeholders about the value of publicly showing your company’s commitment and actions on DEI, forward this Rally Blog post to them right now 🙂. The data from our Rally Inside Recruitment Marketing & Analytics Platform gives us all the proof we need: DEI content and storytelling on LinkedIn really does work to increase awareness of our employer brand and attract more talent to our companies!

Of course, the celebration of diversity on LinkedIn is more than a series of posts; ultimately it must reflect your organization’s true commitment to fostering an inclusive workplace and driving meaningful change.

As we look ahead to celebrating Pride Month, Asian American Heritage Month, National Hispanic Heritage Month, Native American Heritage Month and other observances that honor our employees and communities, let’s rally together to use these valuable insights and lessons learned from past celebrations to craft content that not only engages talent but empowers, educates and unites. Afterall, we’re the storytellers of our employer brands, and we have the power to make every story we share a step towards a more diverse and equitable future.

How DEI Boosts Your Employer Brand on LinkedIn by 141%
5 (100%) 7 votes

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