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Celebrate the Winners of the 2024 Rally Awards

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Introducing the winners of the 2024 Rally® Awards! Join us in celebrating the practitioners and teams who set new benchmarks in Recruitment Marketing and employer branding, moving our entire field forward.

Celebrate the Winners of the 2024 Rally Awards
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The Rally® Awards is an exciting global competition that shines a spotlight on the most innovative work in Recruitment Marketing and employer branding, drawing from our vibrant community of over 48,000 professionals. Each year, this dynamic and emerging field grows and evolves, driven by the creative and strategic efforts of pioneering practitioners and rising stars. Now celebrating its fifth year, the Rally Awards proudly highlight these accomplishments, shining a light on our community’s role in enabling their companies to attract and recruit top talent.

Last week, we honored the 2024 Rally Awards winners, whose breakthrough achievements not only advanced their companies but also propelled our entire profession forward. This year, 29 awards were bestowed across 15 categories, demonstrating the effective use of digital marketing, content marketing and social media strategies which have become essential in modern talent acquisition. Each year, the practitioners in our community raise the bar, and this year was no exception, with many categories awarding first and second place winners.

As a peer-reviewed competition, the Rally Awards is known for its rigorous evaluation process. Judges assess entries based on strategy, quality, innovation and results. With a record number of entries, we convened an extraordinary panel of judges:

  • Heather Johnson
  • Casie Shimansky
  • Anthony Rosato
  • Cristal Mikenas
  • Rachel Duran
  • Antonio Stephens
  • Christina Spadaro
  • Audree Hall
  • Robin Dagostino
  • Kayla Branham
  • Whitney Wallace
  • Liz Gelb-O’Connor

2024 Rally Awards Judges

 A HUGE thank you to our esteemed judges, all of whom are distinguished practitioners and thought leaders within our community—and some are even past Rally Award winners. They gave careful consideration and attention to each of the nominees, and certainly had their work cut out for them! Their dedication is a testament to the passion and excellence that define our community.

Now, without further ado, it’s my honor to introduce the winners of the 2024 Rally Awards!

Introducing the Winners of the 2024 Rally Awards!

2024 Rally Award Winners logos

Meet the winning practitioners, teams and employers of the 2024 Rally Awards, celebrating excellence in recruitment marketing and employer branding.

Best Employer Brand Video

First Place:

Ford Motor Company — “Movers of the World, Makers of the Future”

Second Place (tie):

Evonik — “Be Part of Something Special”

King — “Making the World Playful”

Third Place:

Grab — “Grab life with both hands”


Best Employee Generated Content

First Place:

HCL Tech, Sahil Mehta, Vivek Garg, Abhimanyu Prathap, Surbhi Sharan, Sudarsana Ganguly — “Empowering People Through Music”

Second Place:

SiteOne Landscape Supply — “Lights, Camera, Action: Engaging Passive Candidates Through the Power of Employee Video Storytelling”


Best Talent E-Newsletter

First Place:

TTEC — “Keeping Smiles Connected: How Our Global Alumni Newsletter Bridges Distance and Fuels Growth”

Second Place:

UBS — “Recruitment Ready with UBS”


Best Use of Organic Social Media in Recruitment Marketing

First Place:

King — “Amplifying the Kingdom on LinkedIn”

Second Place (tie):

Church & Dwight — “Always-On Talent Attraction”

TTEC — “Bringing Smiles to TTEC EMEA’s Facebook Communities”


Best Use of Paid Social Media in Recruitment Marketing

First Place:

Baylor Scott & White Health — “BSWH Paid Social Media”


Best Use of Video in Recruitment Marketing

First Place:

Grab — “Grab life with both hands”

Second Place:

UBS — “UBS Apprenticeship Campaign Video”


Best Recruitment Marketing Campaign

First Place:

UBS — “UBS Apprenticeship Campaign”

Second Place:

Eaton, Raven Hazlett — “Attracting a Manufacturing Workforce in the Digital Age”


Best Content Marketing Program

First Place:

Grab — “Grab life with both hands”

Second Place:

Ascension Health — “Associate Storytelling – Ascension Careers”


Best Employer Brand Launch

First Place (tie):

Dunkin’, Kristen Ferguson, Ashley Fowler — “All ‘In For The Win”

SEB — “SEB Global EVP”

Second Place:

Intuitive — “Proving What’s Possible”


Best Careers Blog

First Place:

Cisco — “WeAreCisco Blog”

Second Place:

Baylor Scott & White Health — “BSWH The Heartbeat Blog”


Best Launch of Recruitment Marketing Strategy (Solo / Small Team)

First Place:

Gerdau North America, Bryce Rioux — “120+ Year Old Steel Manufacturer going All In on Recruitment Marketing”

Second Place:

Cleaver-Brooks — “Ignite your Career with Cleaver-Brooks”


Best Launch of Recruitment Marketing Strategy (Large Team)

First Place:

MetLife — “At MetLife, it’s All Together Possible!”


Best Use of Recruitment Marketing Technology

First Place:

Northwestern Mutual — “The Full Funnel: Northwestern Mutual’s Comprehensive View to Drive Marketing ROI, powered by Talentegy”


Recruitment Marketing Rising Star


Sarah Osborne, Mutual of Omaha


Recruitment Marketer of the Year


Megan Claar, Sheetz


2024 Rally Awards - Distinguished Honors: Sarah Osborne, Recruitment Marketing Rising Star; Megan Claar, Recruitment Marketer of the Year

Watch the 2024 Rally Awards Virtual Ceremony

Missed the live ceremony? Catch up with all the highlights! The virtual ceremony was streamed live on LinkedIn on April 25, 2024, and remains available on-demand. Watch it here to see the excitement and discover the innovative strategies that won this year:

Gratitude to our Sponsor and Supporters

A special thank you to Ph.Creative for their generous support as the main sponsor of the 2024 Rally Awards. Ph.Creative stands out as a leader in employer branding, candidate experience design, careers website development, talent attraction campaigns, and employee engagement strategies. Their expertise in employer branding and talent attraction is instrumental in enriching our community’s capabilities.

Additionally, thanks to all the companies that nominated their clients and customers, including:

  • Appcast
  • Aspirant RPO
  • Atomic
  • Bold Content
  • exaqueo
  • iCIMS
  • Mofilm
  • Ph.Creative
  • Recruitics
  • Stories Incorporated
  • Wiser
  • White Space Concepts
  • Universum

Keep Pushing Boundaries

As we celebrate this year’s winners, we’re reminded of the limitless potential within our profession and the vital contributions that all of you make every day to your companies, your employees and your candidates. No matter the size of the goal or the complexity of the challenge, our community consistently rises to the occasion, continually setting new benchmarks in Recruitment Marketing and employer branding.

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll highlight the winning campaigns and videos here on the Rally Recruitment Marketing blog, providing you with actionable insights to enhance your own strategies.

Let’s harness the energy and inspiration from this year’s Rally Awards to propel us forward to continually innovate and excel in talent attraction. Together, we stand ready to transform challenges into opportunities for growth and leadership, not only for ourselves as professionals but also for the employers we represent.

To learn more about the Rally Awards and find out how to apply for the 2025 competition, visit RallyAwards.com.

Celebrate the Winners of the 2024 Rally Awards
5 (100%) 13 votes

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