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Celebrate Employees to Create a Magnetic Employer Brand on Social Media

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Powerful insights from Rally Inside reveal how celebrating employees on social media creates a magnetic employer brand that will broaden your talent reach and dramatically boost engagement.

Celebrate Employees to Create a Magnetic Employer Brand on Social Media
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Social media is an essential part of every talent acquisition team’s recruiting strategy. It’s where our talent audience—both passive and active candidates—hang out. Platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn are where people spend nearly 2 hours and 23 minutes a day, actively scrolling for interesting content that will keep them entertained and informed.

So, what’s the most effective type of social recruiting content to grab a candidate’s attention and lead them to your employer brand? If you guessed content that focuses on your people, you’re on the right track. New data from users of our Rally Inside Recruitment Marketing & Analytics tool shows that a specific type of people-focused content—content that “celebrates” your employees—is currently getting the most impressions, engagement and clicks.

In this blog post, I’ll share data-backed strategies with insights and charts that show how to create a magnetic employer brand on social media that will attract and engage candidates effectively and authentically (and boost employee engagement too!).

Let’s dive in!

Why Celebrate Employees on Social Media?

Celebrating employees on social media isn’t just about creating a feel-good post; it’s a strategic move that boosts engagement, enhances your brand’s image and attracts top talent. According to our Rally Inside data, our users’ posts that highlight employee achievements, milestones and life events receive significantly higher engagement compared to practically any other content. This is likely because celebration content is more relatable, emotional and fosters a sense of community and belonging among our audience—key ingredients in recruiting and retention.

Our analysis reveals that certain keywords associated with celebrations lead to a surge in engagement and clicks. Words like “congratulations,” “celebrate,” and “thank you” are used in posts that generate an above-average engagement rate on LinkedIn.

Celebration keywords by engagement on LinkedIn. Source: Rally Inside

Celebratory posts outperform other types of content, drawing more attention and engagement from the LinkedIn audience, according to Rally Inside data.

Rally Pro Tip: Be careful with announcement-type posts. They’re possibly perceived as too corporate or impersonal and lacking the invitation for the kind of interaction that social media thrives on.

Our Rally Inside data shows a similar positive result on Instagram, with the IG audience also responding well to our users’ content with celebratory keywords, but with some nuances compared to LinkedIn.

For instance, the word “congratulations” can boost engagement rates by more than 60% on Instagram. Interestingly, even terms like “awards” and “announcements” perform better on Instagram than on LinkedIn, a sign that the Instagram audience may be more emotionally invested in the brands they follow.

Engagement rate of posts with celebration keywords on Instagram. Source: Rally Inside

Best Practices for Employee Celebration Posts

So, what lessons can we learn from this data? To maximize the impact of your social recruiting content, we need to do more than showcase our employee stories and voices. We need to celebrate our people!

Here are some types of posts that have proven effective in celebrating employees for the practitioners who use Rally Inside:

  • Work Anniversaries: Celebrating the tenure of employees, marking the years they’ve been part of your company and how they’ve contributed to your success.
  • Milestones: Recognizing significant personal or professional milestones in your employees’ lives, such as completing major projects, earning certifications, or hitting customer service targets.
  • Welcoming New Employees: Giving a warm welcome to your newest team members. These posts are a great way for your new associate to share their career growth with their network and for you to show that your company is growing.
  • Celebrating Promotions: Highlighting career growth within your company by congratulating employees when they step into new roles or get promoted.
  • Employee Appreciation: Shining a spotlight on the incredible effort and achievements of your team members, showing how much you value their hard work and dedication.
  • Career Achievements: Showcasing the professional accomplishments and accolades received by your employees, such as awards, notable project completions, and customer appreciation.
  • Community Honors: Highlighting the recognition your employees receive from the communities they serve, such as volunteerism and leadership in community organizations. These external honors reflect positively on them and, by extension, your company too.

Rally Pro Tip: While celebration content is generally effective, be cautious with awards content, as its performance can be inconsistent.

The Importance of Tagging Employees

One of the reasons celebration posts create a magnetic employer brand presence on social media is that they provide an opportunity to tag your employees. This not only alerts the people tagged but also increases the likelihood of their followers engaging with your post, significantly expanding the reach of your content and brand awareness. When you tag someone, you’re essentially giving them a virtual shout-out, which encourages them to interact with the post by liking, commenting or sharing.

Here are a few tips to tag effectively and respectfully:

  1. Always Ask for Permission: Before tagging someone, especially in a photo, make sure you have their consent. This shows respect for their privacy and ensures they’re comfortable with the post.
  2. Use Relevant Tags: Tag only those who are directly related to the content. Over-tagging can seem spammy and may deter engagement rather than encourage it. It could also trigger the social algorithms in a negative way resulting in your post getting fewer impressions or reach.
  3. Engage with Responses: After tagging, keep an eye on the post and engage with any comments or interactions quickly. This keeps the conversation going and can lead to even more impressions and engagement.

Analyzing People Keywords in Social Recruiting

To optimize your social recruiting strategy, be sure to use specific “people” keywords. These terms are closely aligned with updates about your employees which we know is the key to creating a magnetic employer brand on social media platforms.

People keywords by clicks in LinkedIn posts. Source: Rally Inside

This chart demonstrates how words like “employee,” “team,” “associate,” “colleague,” and “leader” drive higher clicks on LinkedIn, indicating a strong audience interest in personal and professional updates. Overall, we’ve noticed LinkedIn content becoming more and more personal in recent years, which aligns really well to an employer brand strategy focused on showcasing your people.

On Instagram, the results are more varied:

  • Employee: High impressions and reactions.
  • Team: Average performance.
  • Associate, Colleague, Leader: Below-average impressions but better engagement.

The use of people keywords in social recruiting posts on Instagram. Source: Rally Inside

This data suggests that many practitioners start their Instagram careers channel focused on sharing culture content and employee stories, so their audience is mainly employees initially. Once these employers can drive employee engagement, they work on growing their talent audience.

Social Media Content Ideas Using High-Value People Keywords

By focusing on these high-value people keywords, you’ll not only boost the relevance of your posts but also foster a deeper connection with your audience. These keywords help humanize your employer brand, showing that behind your products or services are real people with stories and achievements that resonate.

Here are several types of content, published by Rally Inside users, that effectively leverage these keywords to engage and attract talent:

  • Employee Spotlights, Stories, and Testimonials: Share personal stories and testimonials to humanize your brand.
  • Team Meetings: Showcase behind-the-scenes looks at how your teams operate.
  • Community Events and Volunteerism: Highlight how your employees contribute to their local community or causes they care about.
  • Leader News and Thought Leadership: Share insights and news from your organization’s leaders. After all, both employees and candidates want to work for companies that are leaders in their industry.
  • Team Jobs: Promote open roles by showing the team that the new hire would join. Talk about the work that the team does and showcase the team culture, then mention that the team is expanding.

This approach does more than just spice up your content; it also makes it more powerful, turning your social media channels into an authentic representation of your company’s culture and the amazing people who make it all happen.

Using Data to Guide Your Social Recruiting Strategy

So, how do you create a magnetic employer brand on social media? By celebrating your employees! The data from the users of our Rally Inside Recruitment Marketing & Analytics tool underscores the importance of using celebratory language and people keywords to boost engagement and attract top talent. By implementing these data-backed strategies, you can create a more relatable and engaging employer brand that’s true to your organization and that resonates with both current and prospective employees.

Remember, social media is continually evolving, so it’s important to measure changes in your audience’s interests by regularly analyzing your data to spot patterns and know how to adapt. This way, you’ll ensure that your employer branding efforts are not only effective but also resilient in the face of shifting trends and algorithms.

Want to dive deeper into the data and analytics that drives successful employer branding on social media? Learn more about our Rally Inside tool and how you can elevate your Recruitment Marketing results.

Celebrate Employees to Create a Magnetic Employer Brand on Social Media
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