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Expert Tips for High-Volume Recruitment Marketing

Expert tips for high volume recruitment marketing
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High-volume hiring can feel overwhelming, but with the right Recruitment Marketing strategies you can attract, engage and hire top talent efficiently. Discover expert insights and actionable tips from industry leaders to fill your pipeline faster.

Expert Tips for High-Volume Recruitment Marketing
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High-volume hiring can feel like a never-ending marathon. You’re not just filling one or two positions; you’re filling hundreds, maybe even thousands each month. To stay ahead, you need a Recruitment Marketing strategy that’s not only robust but also agile. The goal is to attract a large pool of quality candidates, engage them effectively and move them through the hiring process swiftly… within budget, of course.

It all can feel overwhelming, so we turned to the experts in the Rally community for help! We gathered several industry leaders for a webinar entitled, Innovative Recruitment Marketing Strategies for High-Volume Hiring, and asked the panel to share their top strategies and actionable insights for mastering talent attraction at scale. Meet our featured speakers: Dennis Tupper, VP of Talent Attraction and Engagement at Wells Fargo; Courtney Obbink, Director of Recruiting Resources at Great Clips; and Sam Fitzroy, co-founder and CEO of Dalia.

Drawing from the rich examples and pro tips they provided, we’re highlighting the most effective strategies for scaling up your Recruitment Marketing efforts. As you’ll learn in this blog post, our experts agreed there’s a repeatable blueprint for high-volume Recruitment Marketing:

  • Understanding your audience
  • Crafting compelling and authentic messages
  • Leveraging digital marketing channels, and
  • Optimizing your recruitment process

While these strategies may seem like common sense, the true innovation lies in how they are woven together to create a repeatable, reliable process that not only meets but anticipates and stays ahead of the business’s needs. So, let’s learn from the pros and explore these innovative strategies that can transform your Recruitment Marketing efforts for high-volume hiring.

But before we hear their strategies, let’s meet Dennis, Courtney and Sam!

About the Experts

Dennis Tupper

Dennis Tupper, Wells Fargo

Dennis Tupper, VP of Talent Attraction and Engagement at Wells Fargo

With over a decade of leadership experience, Dennis has been instrumental in driving Recruitment Marketing and Employer Branding strategies for esteemed Fortune 500 companies. Having provided guidance to half of the Fortune top 4, Dennis currently spearheads these initiatives for Wells Fargo, focusing on Technology and the National Branch Network across the US. His expertise lies in crafting and executing multi-channel candidate attraction campaigns, underpinned by meticulous data analysis for performance optimization. 

Courtney Obbink

Courtney Obbink, Great Clips

Courtney Obbink, Director of Recruiting Resources at Great Clips

She and her team are responsible for the international Great Clips talent brand, Recruitment Marketing strategy and brand representation at industry events. They also provide recruiting field support to 1,000 franchisees, consulting on recruiting strategies locally, digitally, and on cosmetology school campuses.

Sam Fitzroy

Sam Fitzroy, Dalia

Sam Fitzroy, co-founder and CEO of Dalia

Sam is the co-founder & CEO at Dalia, a recruitment marketing automation platform. He has been in the talent acquisition and HR tech space since 2008. Dalia is a candidate conversion platform that activates hidden talent pools and proactively builds interest through personalized touchpoints, automatically. Connect, build interest, and convert best-fit candidates into hires faster, with zero work from your team.

Know Your Audience

The first part of the blueprint is ensuring that you really know your audience. To craft an effective strategy, understanding the local talent landscape is key. Dennis emphasizes the power of market intelligence, both external sources and your hiring managers. By talking to people on the ground, analyzing local demographics and getting the lay of the land before you launch a campaign, you can uncover crucial insights that will increase your chances of success.

For example, Dennis led a campaign to hire for Wells Fargo’s Shoreview, Minn., facility. Before he moved ahead with any tactics, he invested in identifying key talent segments in Shoreview, including night-shift workers and people for whom English is a second language. This understanding allowed him to tailor the messaging and outreach efforts more effectively. The campaign included a landing page highlighting Wells Fargo’s local community involvement and emphasizing career growth opportunities. This approach resonated well with candidates and boosted applicant volume.

By focusing on local community involvement, such as their work with Habitat for Humanity and local schools, Wells Fargo demonstrated a commitment to the area. This not only attracted potential candidates but also improved their perception of Wells Fargo as a local, invested employer.

Recruitment Marketing campaign

Conducting detailed marketing research enabled Wells Fargo to understand candidates’ motivators.

Craft Authentic Messaging

Finding the key motivators of your talent audience is crucial to developing on-target messaging that will resonate. Courtney shared how she and her team redeveloped the employee value proposition (EVP) for Great Clips. Their EVP focuses on enabling stylists to achieve professional ambitions, feel appreciated and nurture professional passions. Aligning their content with these pillars has been a game-changer for Great Clips.

One successful campaign featured a video showcasing the stability and benefits of working at Great Clips. The straightforward and authentic approach, with real employees sharing their experiences, attracted job seekers and reinforced the company’s commitment to providing a stable work environment.

Courtney also leverages user-generated content. Encouraging employees to create and share their own videos has been effective. One of their most engaging videos was filmed on an iPhone in a hair salon, highlighting the fun and collaborative culture among stylists, and shared on TikTok. This simple yet powerful content jumped on the This or That trend and struck a chord with potential candidates.

@greatclipscareers Who would do this haircut challenge? #GreatClipsCareers #ThisOrThatChallenge ♬ original sound – Great Clips Careers

Supercharge Your Digital Marketing

With our Rally Awards program, we see more and more Recruitment Marketing teams adopting digital marketing strategies, especially for high-volume hiring. So it’s no wonder that digital marketing is an important piece in the blueprint shared by our experts. Sam shared the impact of personalized job remarketing. Re-engaging candidates who’ve interacted with your brand but didn’t complete an application can make a significant difference. Dalia uses targeted email and text campaigns to guide these candidates back to the application process.

Text messaging has proven to be particularly effective, generating significantly higher engagement rates compared to emails. For example, a campaign for Compass Group led to a 21% increase in hires, thanks to strategic text messaging. 

Dalia’s approach focuses on high-touch, personalized job remarketing at scale. By integrating with the client’s career site and CRM, they can send highly relevant job opportunities to candidates who have previously shown interest. This method not only re-engages passive candidates but also increases the likelihood of conversion.

A comparison of email marketing and text messaging in recruiting

Data from Dalia shows that candidates click more on jobs content in text messages than they do in email.

Courtney has also used text messaging in a campaign to re-engage 280,000 past candidates. This strategy led to 5,000 candidates completing screening questions and moving forward in the hiring process!

Optimize Your Recruitment Process

Our experts agree that your Recruitment Marketing budget could be wasted without a process for timely and relevant communication at each stage in the candidate journey. Every touchpoint in the recruitment process should reflect your employer brand and values. Clear expectations, timely feedback and open communication can make a huge difference.

Dennis highlights the importance of setting clear expectations with candidates. Wells Fargo creates resources for candidates that outlines their recruitment process, typical timelines and tips for behavioral-based interviews. This proactive communication helps manage candidate expectations and reduces uncertainty.

Automation is another game-changer. Using automated responses, scheduling tools and candidate portals helps manage high volumes of applications more effectively. For instance, automated responses acknowledge receipt of applications and provide next steps, keeping candidates informed and engaged.

Dennis also believes in setting service level agreements (SLAs) with hiring managers, saying how crucial it is for ensuring timely feedback and maintaining a smooth process. Tracking these SLAs helps identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement, ultimately leading to a more efficient hiring process.

Scaling Up Your High-Volume Recruitment Marketing

High-volume Recruitment Marketing doesn’t have to be daunting. By understanding your audience, crafting authentic messaging, leveraging digital marketing tactics and optimizing your recruiting process, you can achieve repeatable and impressive results, just like our experts have shown.

A big thank you to Dennis Tupper, Courtney Obbink and Sam Fitzroy for sharing their invaluable knowledge with the Rally community. And thanks to our friends at Dalia for sponsoring the webinar. Their insights and proven strategies provide a clear blueprint for anyone looking to excel in high-volume hiring!

To learn more about this topic, watch our Webinar On Demand, Innovative Recruitment Marketing for High-Volume Hiring.

Expert Tips for High-Volume Recruitment Marketing
5 (100%) 3 votes

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