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A Winning Strategy: Using Employee Voices in Paid Social Recruiting Campaigns

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Learn how the strategic use of employee voices in paid social recruiting campaigns brought home multiple Rally Awards for Baylor Scott & White Health. Dive into this Q&A with Yvette Hansen and Whitney Wallace then listen to their engaging podcast.

A Winning Strategy: Using Employee Voices in Paid Social Recruiting Campaigns
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Hi Rally community! We’re Luke Carignan and Bo Brabo, podcast hosts of the “ASHHRA Podcast featuring Bo & Luke” and “The Bo and Luke Show”, where we dive into the latest in healthcare HR and talent acquisition trends. Recently, we had the privilege of interviewing Yvette Hansen and Whitney Wallace from Baylor Scott & White Health (BSWH) in Dallas, who have made waves in the Recruitment Marketing world by winning multiple Rally Awards in 2023 and 2024.

The Rally Awards are a global competition that recognizes excellence in Recruitment Marketing and employer branding. Winning these awards is a testament to the innovative strategies and hard work of individuals and teams who work in-house at some of the most forward-thinking employers worldwide. Yvette, the Director of TA and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging, and Whitney, the TA Marketing and Sourcing Manager, have led their team to achieve outstanding results, earning accolades in categories like Best Use of Paid Social Media and Best Careers Blog.

Yvette Hansen

Yvette Hansen, Director, TA & DEIB, Baylor Scott & White Health

Whitney Wallace

Whitney Wallace, TA Marketing & Sourcing Manager, Baylor Scott & White Health

If you’re not from the healthcare field, let us tell you that Baylor Scott & White Health is a leading healthcare system, known for its commitment to improving health and well-being in Texas and beyond. It’s no wonder that their strong focus on Recruitment Marketing has been instrumental in building their reputation and showcasing the organization as an employer of choice.

In this interview, Yvette and Whitney share their journey to winning multiple categories in the Rally Awards, the challenges they faced and the innovative approaches they’ve used. For the Rally community, this is a great opportunity to learn from an industry-leading team that’s set a new standard for Recruitment Marketing in the healthcare industry. Whether you’re looking to improve your own strategies or gain inspiration from their success, Yvette and Whitney’s story is packed with insights and practical advice that can elevate your Recruitment Marketing efforts.

Let’s dive in!

Q&A with Baylor Scott & White Health

Luke: Yvette and Whitney, can you start by telling us about your journey for the Rally Awards, how you found out about it, and your goal to compete and win?

Yvette: Absolutely. We learned about the Rally Awards early last year. I had known about them from my previous experience in Recruitment Marketing and knew the stiff competition we’d be up against. But I also knew our team had transitioned from doing some nice work to really great work in Recruitment Marketing. We focused on employee voice campaigns, nurturing passive candidates, and diversifying our efforts from career blogs to social media presence. When I mentioned the Rally Awards to Whitney, she was immediately excited and dove right into the research.

Whitney: I was pumped! Initially, I was skeptical about competing against such big names, but we had about six weeks to turn in our submissions. It was a scramble, but also a rewarding process to highlight all the amazing work our team had done over the past year. Even if we hadn’t won, the exercise of looking back and evaluating our achievements was invaluable.

Bo: What did you learn from the process of preparing for the Rally Awards?

Whitney: We learned a lot, especially from the feedback provided by industry professionals who judged the submissions. This feedback was crucial, whether we won or not. It helped us identify areas for improvement and opportunities to elevate our campaigns. For instance, we expanded our employee voice campaign and focused even more on using our employees in all our content. This not only boosted engagement but also motivated our employees, who were thrilled to see their faces in various media.

Luke: The categories you won are incredibly competitive. How did you manage to prioritize and stick with these initiatives?

Yvette: We’re particularly proud of our award for the Best Use of Paid Social Media in Recruitment Marketing. We were the first healthcare company to launch recruitment campaigns on TikTok, which was nerve-wracking but also groundbreaking. Our leaders supported us, and Whitney worked tirelessly to collect and produce high-quality content. We continuously A/B test everything to understand what resonates with our audience.

Rally Awards 2024, Baylor Scott & White Health

Baylor Scott & White Health won two awards in the 2024 Rally Awards competition: First Place in Best Use of Paid Social Media in Recruitment Marketing, and Second Place in Best Careers Blog.

Whitney: The employees’ excitement and willingness to participate keep us going. Seeing their reactions and the impact their stories make is incredibly motivating. We’ve gone from having to solicit volunteers to having employees eagerly volunteer to share their stories.

Bo: It sounds like you have a robust system in place for content creation and review. How do you measure the success of your campaigns?

Yvette: We monitor the performance of each campaign monthly, looking at metrics like cost per click, cost per apply, and source of hire. We’ve seen significant success with retargeting campaigns on platforms like LinkedIn, Meta, and Google. By tracking these metrics, we can make informed decisions about adjusting our strategies to maximize effectiveness.

Luke: Have you noticed a difference in the quality of candidates from these campaigns compared to traditional job boards?

Whitney: Definitely. While we still use job boards, we’ve found that our social media campaigns attract more passive candidates who are often higher quality and more engaged. These candidates are typically not actively looking for a job but are open to opportunities, making them more likely to stay longer with our organization.

Bo: You both clearly enjoy what you do. Can you share any final thoughts or advice for other practitioners?

Whitney: I owe a lot to Yvette for giving me the opportunity to transition into marketing and for nominating me for a Recruitment Marketing Rising Star in 2023. Our team’s passion and the support from our leadership make our work fulfilling. For anyone looking to replicate our success, my advice is to stay persistent, leverage your employees’ voices, and continuously test and learn from your campaigns.

Yvette: Partnering marketing with sourcing is crucial. Sorcerers are marketers, and by aligning these two teams, you’re setting yourself up for success. Provide your leadership with transparent data to gain their support and trust.

Luke: Thank you both for sharing your inspiring journey. Your success is a testament to your hard work and innovative approaches. We’re excited to see what you achieve next.

Wrapping Up: Elevate Your Recruitment Marketing Strategies

We hope you found this deep dive into Baylor Scott & White Health’s award-winning Recruitment Marketing strategies as inspiring as we did. Yvette and Whitney’s story highlights the incredible power of leveraging employee voices in paid social media campaigns, demonstrating how authenticity and innovative approaches can lead to remarkable success in recruiting.

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To learn more about the Rally Awards and how you can participate, visit the Rally Awards website. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get recognized for your efforts in Recruitment Marketing and employer branding.

Additionally, don’t miss out on following Baylor Scott & White Health’s social careers channels. They continuously share amazing content that showcases their innovative strategies and the vibrant stories of their employees.

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For more inspiration from Yvette and Whitney, listen to their interview on the podcast:

Keep pushing the boundaries of your Recruitment Marketing efforts!

A Winning Strategy: Using Employee Voices in Paid Social Recruiting Campaigns
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