Our Brand Story

You might be wondering why we’re called Rally, why there’s a hand in our logo and how we picked our colors. Let us tell you our brand story!

Our Name: Rally™

Do you know how hard it is these days to come up with a brand name that’s easy to remember, has meaning behind it AND where the website domain and social profiles aren’t already taken? It’s next to impossible.

We brainstormed and researched literally hundreds of potential names. 539 name combinations to be exact. Yes, it was a bit much, we were obsessing, but hey, choosing a name is a big deal!

A few names rose to the top, so we researched them some more, debated a little more and then tested the finalists with our family and friends.

The overwhelming choice was Rally. It made everyone happy to say the word out loud. The word Rally is energetic and positive, and evokes a feeling of togetherness.

Our goal with this community is to bring people together so that we can all move forward. Rally is about advancing our careers and our companies. It’s about drawing on the knowledge and the energy of one another to have the confidence to be bold.

They say change requires two things: the will and the means. We hope that Rallying together will give us all both.

Our Logo: A Hand

We communicate a lot with our hands. We ask a question. Offer an answer. Greet one another. Wave hi from afar. Gesture to come along. Give a thumbs up. Give applause. Give a pat on the back. Reach out to lend a hand. Pull ourselves up. Give others a boost.

When we thought about what symbolized the feeling we wanted the Rally community to have, the idea of a hand came pretty quickly and naturally. It’s universal, human and inviting.

To be honest, Recruitment Marketing and Employer Branding can be intimidating. Suddenly it’s important that our job descriptions are search engine optimized, that candidates can apply through their smartphones and that we’re using social media to source and connect with candidates. We’re being pushed to adopt new strategies and technologies, and it’s all pretty confusing. But sometimes that’s hard to admit.

Rally is a place where you can raise your hand and ask a question and not feel awkward doing it, and where plenty of folks are ready to jump in with an idea or an answer, and lend a hand to help you figure it out.

Our Colors: The Sunrise

We took our color inspiration from the sunrise, the warm hues of blue that turn purple, then pink and orange and yellow.

Watching the sunrise brings anticipation and excitement about the possibilities of the day ahead. That’s what we’d like Rally to bring you. Every day, a new opportunity to learn and connect and grow. And at the end of the day, you’ve taken another step forward towards your goals.

We’re so excited you’re here on the journey with us.

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