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Lori Sylvia, Rally Founder & CEO

Lori Sylvia, Founder and CEO

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Hi! I’m Lori Sylvia, founder of Rally Recruitment Marketing, chief community builder and #1 evangelist in the industry for Recruitment Marketing. Why do I love Recruitment Marketing so much? Because of the people. I have mad respect and a special place in my heart for the people across our community who see an opportunity to make things better and who aren’t afraid to go first to try.

It’s hard to break the status quo and convince others to support a new approach that’s not well understood. I’ve faced this many times myself over my 25 year career in Marketing and Communications. So every day at Rally, my team and I work to empower our community with the strategies and skills they need to succeed, and to give them the confidence to know and prove their value so that they can gain more internal support and resources to make the impact they want to have at their companies and on their own careers.

I started out as a technology journalist, then became a marketer of new technologies and grew my entrepreneurial spirit working at five start-ups, most recently as Chief Marketing Officer of SmashFly in 2014. At the time, Recruitment Marketing was synonymous with recruitment advertising; candidates were synonymous with applicants; and if you had recruiting technology in addition to your ATS, it was likely a talent CRM. I brought together the most amazing #marketeam in the world, and we went to work on educating practitioners about Recruitment Marketing and creating the new product category of recruitment marketing platforms.

When I need to relax, I’m at the ocean, and when I need to laugh, I’m with my family watching a good flick.

Aaron Schwartzbord, Director of MarketingAaron Schwartzbord, Senior Director of Marketing & Operations


Hi, I’m Aaron Schwartzbord, the Director of Marketing at Rally. I’m so excited to be part of this team, using my 15+ years of experience in marketing to manage the promotion of our events, programs and resources through email, our website and social media channels. I love getting to share new resources and ideas with the community each week.

It’s really gratifying to be part of a community that focuses on growing and sharing skills to help brands connect better with their audience, which has always been a passion. While I’m new to Recruitment Marketing, my career has been focused on helping businesses of all types use data, technology and storytelling to engage with their audiences. Before working with Rally, I was working with live events and entertainment organizations to sell more tickets and connect better to their attendees and supporters.

When not working on a marketing project, I’m spending time with my friends and family, going to as many performing arts events as possible, enjoying good food, exploring my new city of Madison, WI or playing with my one-eyed rescue dog, Rory.

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