Our Team

There are many helping hands working together to build the Rally community.

Lori Sylvia, Rally Founder and CEOLori Sylvia, Founder and CEO

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I’m Lori Sylvia, and I’ve been in Marketing and Communications for 25 years. I started out as a technology journalist, then became a marketer of new technologies. I’ve worked for a non-profit membership association and a Fortune 100 company, but grew my entrepreneurial spirit working at five start-ups, most recently as Chief Marketing Officer of SmashFly Technologies.

I joined SmashFly in 2014 as employee #30 and the second person in Marketing. I was hired to build the Marketing team and function to help SmashFly scale. At the time, Recruitment Marketing was synonymous with recruitment advertising; candidates were synonymous with applicants; and if you had recruiting technology in addition to your ATS, it was likely a talent CRM. I brought together the most amazing #marketeam in the world, and we went to work on educating practitioners about Recruitment Marketing and creating the new product category of recruitment marketing platforms.

With Rally, I’m excited to have this opportunity to help more people learn how to practice Recruitment Marketing so they can advance their careers and lead the future of talent acquisition. When I need to relax, I’m at the ocean, and when I need to laugh, I’m with my family and friends. Or sending them Bitmojis.

Kaitlyn Holbein, Content Strategist

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I’m Kaitlyn and, like many of you I suspect, I stumbled into the Recruitment Marketing space completely by chance. My academic background was in English literature and later Communication Design at the Master’s level. I love the written word and assumed I’d end up in a more traditional communications role. However, in 2015, while working for a tech startup, I stumbled into the world of Recruitment Marketing and haven’t looked back.  It’s an amazing opportunity to play a role in bringing people and organizations together to achieve great things—it doesn’t get much more impactful than that!

Today, in addition to working as a Content Strategist for Rally, I offer up my Recruitment Marketing and Content Marketing services as a freelancer and consultant at kaitlynholbein.com.

My role here at Rally is to curate and create content to help you advance in your career and do some great work! If you ever have any ideas for content you’d like to see, please connect with me!

Shelby Erwin

Shelby Erwin, Email Marketing Strategist

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I’m Shelby Erwin, and my passion is Marketing! My background is in Marketing and Sales and for the last five years I have worked with Marketing teams to build scalable demand generation campaigns. For me, the best part about Marketing is being given the opportunity to plan and build campaigns, make an impact, create value and build relationships with people. Joining the Rally team is an amazing opportunity and I’m so excited to bring inspiration to the Rally Recruitment Marketing community.

My role here at Rally is to support deployment of the Recruitment Marketing resources you’ve come to know and love and create the communications to share them with you all. In addition to inspiring the Rally community and helping Lori realize her dream, I run my own Marketing consulting & freelancing business. What can I say—I love living my passion!

Ashley Bush, Social Media Strategist

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I’m Ashley, a  Recruiter-turned-Marketer who has a passion for making my fellow recruiters’ lives easier! I landed my first job in recruiting roughly 6 years ago. While I enjoyed helping candidates find their dream jobs, I really wanted to get back to my roots in communication and brand analysis. In 2015, while I was recruiting for a software development company, the developer relations team needed help with community management. I was responsible for engaging with the developer community on social media by creating engaging content and converting those developers into product users. Then…the light bulb went off! I was creating all of this awesome content to connect developers with our products, but they were also our primary candidate persona. Why was I not creating targeted, career-based content?  I did my research and found the emerging discipline of Recruitment Marketing and realized I found my community.

Today, I’m utilizing my social media skills in a more traditional communication role serving as RallyRM’s Social Media Strategist.  I take to our social channels to share our new templates, blogs, and any other resources from the RM community that will keep you informed and help you get ahead in your recruitment marketing game. Not too long ago I was searching for resources to get started with Recruitment Marketing efforts, and I wish that RallyRM were around sooner! I look forward to connecting with our community of Rally-ers. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @Rally_RM!