Why Rally?

Because there’s a widening gap between what candidates expect, what businesses need and what Recruiting and Marketing deliver – but we can do something about it, together.

We’re in the midst of a major shift in how people search for their next job and employer. Today’s candidates are socially engaged and digitally connected. The corporate brand and the employer brand are intertwined. Marketers need to communicate with candidates, not only customers. And recruiters need the same know-how as marketers. Skills like branding, messaging and analytics. Channels like search, social media and email. Tactics like SEO, PPC and content curation. Technologies like marketing automation, AI and predictive analytics.

We’re All Learning

There’s a lot of new stuff to figure out and it’s hard to keep up. You’re hearing about new strategies and technologies that can help you and your team better compete for talent, but the options are confusing. Hundreds of new technologies, agencies and consultants, all advocating different approaches.

Let’s Rally Together

We’re here to help make sense of it all by crowd-sourcing fresh ideas, expert advice and product reviews from practitioners in HR, Talent Acquisition, Recruiting and Marketing.

Our mission is to give you more confidence and skills to adopt Recruitment Marketing strategies and technologies that can change the trajectory of your career and the future of your company.

Rally is unique because our community:

  • Brings recruiters and marketers together to learn from one another, attracting more marketers to Recruiting and upskilling more recruiters with marketing acumen
  • Is technology independent, vendor agnostic and strategy inclusive, inviting everyone into the community, regardless of company size, industry, team size, budget or tools
  • Teaches Recruitment Marketing beginners to become professionals, and enables experts to become mentors, so that we can advance the entire profession together

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