What if you didn't have to guess what content is most important to candidates, or you didn't have to waste hours, weeks, even months creating and pushing out content that may be having no impact on your recruiting strategy?

Rally's Lori Sylvia will teach you Candidate Question Mapping — an expert strategy to attract your target candidate personas with persuasive recruiting content that makes them think, "You know me!" In just 1.5 hours, you'll be ready to create a better Recruitment Marketing content plan that attracts talent by answering their most important job search questions. Includes 5 videos, 2 templates, complete examples, bonus downloads, plus exclusive access to our new Q Map tool so that you can hit the ground running!

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          Hi, I'm Lori. I love supporting your success in Recruitment Marketing! The methodology I teach here is the same strategy I've been teaching through all my in-person workshops for years, but now I've packed it up into this mini virtual course and have made it super affordable so that everyone can learn how to do this... yes, YOU!

5 videos lessons taught by Lori that can be watched in just 1.5 hours

Candidate Question Mapping™ Tool — exclusive to this course! (PPT, PDF, XLS)

Candidate Journey Map & Content Planner Template updated 2020

Complete example of an entire candidate journey map and content plan for a popular candidate persona

Infographic showing how content influences the candidate journey that you can use to explain this methodology to your team, leadership and hiring managers

Lifetime access to the course and all the downloadable materials

Online discussion with Lori and our student community

Rally Certificate of Completion

SHRM and HRCI professional development credit

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Rally Content Rescue

Imagine if you could stop guessing what content would attract and influence your ideal talent and get a clear methodology and all the tools you need to do this the right way and with confidence?

Rally® Content Rescue

Virtual Course on Recruitment Marketing: 

Lori Sylvia

Founder & CEO, Rally

What's included in this Recruitment Marketing course:

Checklist: The Ultimate Checklist of Candidate Questions, includes 55 questions including on COVID-19

Guide: Where to Find Content for Recruitment Marketing

Template: Candidate Persona Template with 5 examples

Plus, 3 BONUS downloads:

... You want to be sure that you have all the content that's needed to attract your top candidate personas

... You're under pressure to update the content on your careers site to resonate better with talent

... You worry that your social media content is being ignored but you don't know what to share

... Your talent network and candidate database are going stale because they never hear from you (because you're not confident that you're sending the right stuff)

... You just defined your EVP, or you're getting ready to define your EVP, and you need to plan what's next

... You don't have budget for an agency, or you want to know how to direct them

... You're developing a strategy to improve your candidate experience  (hint: the right content is critical!)

... You need a content framework to follow to work faster, smarter and with confidence

... You want to add a new strategy and skill to boost your resume and your career

... You're ready to step up and demonstrate your value and justify why you need more resources

... Other people keep telling you what content to create, and now you want to tell them

... You want to tie together all your candidate communications with a framework that everyone can easily understand and get behind, and that will gain the confidence of your team and leadership in your plan

This online course is for you if ...

Understand the strategy to create a content plan that’s mapped to each stage in the candidate journey

Unpack each part of our template and learn step-by-step how to customize these tools for your company

Get our Candidate Question Mapping™ tool and learn the methodology to create persuasive content

See a completed example of a popular candidate persona that you can borrow immediately!

Lori will save you time and give you the know-how by breaking down each step clearly and simply:

Even if you think you're great at creating content

              Especially if you don't think you're great at content

                     You should know the Candidate Question Mapping method!


Meet Your Instructor

“Lori Sylvia is a terrific speaker and truly engages with her audience.”
       — Allan Miller, Manager of Candidate Experience, Norfolk Southern Corporation

“Lori is very smart and knows her profession. Would suggest anyone to join her workshops and conferences.”
       — Jess Schuster, Manager of Candidate Engagement, Northwell Health

Lori Sylvia
Founder & CEO, Rally

        I absolutely loved this course. Lori goes from strategic and theoretical to tactical, and it’s what recruitment marketers need. More than ideas, she delivers well-curated action steps and her walk-through really brings this strategy to life. I highly recommend this course not only for new learners, but also as an important reference point for seasoned professionals. 

Jason Kent Crowell, Recruiting & Retention Manager, Brady Trucking

Rally® Content Rescue

This online course is for you if ...

Meet Your Instructor


P.S.   You'll also learn how to create a Candidate Journey Map...

... because it's essential to your content plan, so you can use our framework to not only create better content but improve your candidate experience too!

Marketing & branding leader with a 25 year career at 5 high-growth startups and 1 Fortune 100 company, and a 2 time entrepreneur

Recruitment Marketing evangelist and teacher since 2014

Founded RallyRecruitmentMarketing.com, the largest community of 45,000 professionals learning how to use modern marketing strategies to attract, engage, recruit and retain talent

My life motto: "Enjoy every day." I get this engraved on the back of all my Apple devices to remind myself to do it 


      This is a fantastic course that really breaks down the content management process as well as the candidate journey and how the two marry. Lori is easy to understand and her pace is perfect. I felt well informed after listening to this course and ready to implement immediately.

Melissa Willis, Talent Acquisition Manager, Allstate


You'll earn:

Rally Course Certificate

Watch a course preview:

Your recruiting content might be the reason why great talent keeps dropping off. Or worse, ignoring you.

The secret is creating content that answers candidates' most important questions.

In 1.5 hours you'll master a powerful methodology for creating persuasive recruiting content that anticipates candidates' questions and answers their needs at every stage in the candidate journey so that you influence great talent to choose you.

"Many times I feel like I don't know what type of content to publish but this course gave me a big picture view of the why and the how. I will 100% utilize this!"

"You've brought complex ideas into very simple, bite-sized bits. Love the specifics, details and examples!"


Everyone else is focusing only on technologies and touchpoints to try to get more quality applicants. They're not wrong. They're just looking at part of the problem.

The reality is that you won't be in a position to improve your entire talent attraction strategy and candidate experience unless you also put the right content in front of the right people at the right time.

To do that, you need to answer the RIGHT QUESTIONS.

Introducing the
Candidate Question Mapping™

It's not you.

Or your company.

The truth is...

The candidate experience is a communications experience... 

... And the candidate journey is an information journey.

At the core of both should be your CONTENT.

The problem might be that your candidates still can't clearly envision themselves working at your company when they come across your social media pages or view your careers site or read your job descriptions or get your talent network emails.

They just don't think that you offer what they're looking for, and they still can't find answers to their most pressing questions about changing jobs right now.

You're both great, and who wouldn't want to work with you and the rest of the team!?


Imagine if you showed up at the next zoom meeting with this methodology in hand, a proper plan and the confidence to make it all happen?

And that makes a huge difference because...


1.5 hour virtual course: 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I buy this, try this and then request a refund?

Q. How long will I have access to the course?

Q. How quickly will I get access to the course after I buy?

Due to the digital nature of this course—and the fact that you could consume it in just one hour—we do not offer refunds.

Your access never expires! You can re-watch the videos and download the course materials pretty much forever. Plus, you'll always have access to the Discussion feature to ask questions.

Immediately, yay!

                So why not start today? 

Frequently Asked Questions

Rally® Content Rescue

Rally® Content Rescue

Lock in this limited offer today!

Take 1.5 hours to master this simple but powerful methodology for Candidate Question Mapping and know exactly how to create a better Recruitment Marketing plan so that you can attract the right talent and persuade them along their candidate journey to choose you as their next employer.

5 easy-to-follow videos with expert instruction by Lori — $150 value

Candidate Question Mapping™ Tool — exclusive to this course! — $150 value (available in PowerPoint, Adobe PDF and Excel)

Candidate Journey Map & Content Planner Template — $50 value

Complete example of a candidate journey map and content plan for a popular candidate persona that you can borrow — $100 value

Infographic showing how content influences the candidate journey — $50 value

BONUS: The Ultimate Checklist of 55 Candidate Questions — $50 value

BONUS: Where to Find Content for Recruitment Marketing — $50 value

BONUS: Candidate Persona Template with 5 examples — $50 value

Online discussion with Lori and our student community to get all your questions answered — $50 value

Lifetime access to the course and all the materials — priceless!

Rally Certificate of Completion

SHRM and HRCI professional development credit

Here's everything you get with this online course:

You'll be taken to our Academy page where you can purchase the course using a secure checkout. Our Academy is hosted on the Thinkific platform (which you'll love!).

Q. What happens after I click the BUY THE COURSE pink button below?

P.S. Are you currently out of work due to the pandemic? If so, we have a limited number of scholarships available for this course. Contact us.


You'll earn:

Rally Course Certificate

1 Professional Development Credit

Because you shouldn't waste another minute on
 content that's being ignored.

Use this expert know-how to jumpstart your content plan faster and with confidence!

Virtual Course:  Rally Content Rescue

$700 value

For a limited time only $497!

Q. Why should I take a Recruitment Marketing course on how to create content?

Because content is at the very core of your Recruitment Marketing strategy, and the wrong content might be the reason why your talent attraction strategy isn't working. You can't afford to waste another minute getting this wrong.

Q. How do I know if this course is right for me?

If you're responsible in some way for attracting, engaging, recruiting and retaining talent, then you need modern marketing and branding skills to not just be effective, but to be relevant as a practitioner today. By learning my strategy and methodology, you’ll have an easy to understand framework with the know-how and the tools to create your plan with confidence!

Who will benefit from this course?

Who will benefit from this course?





and the Q Map™ tool!

    Are you like...

" Someone please just show me exactly what recruiting content I should be creating, so I can stop wasting my valuable time!
( and deliver better results! ) "