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January 22, 2024

Mastering AI 

Earn a Rally Certificate + 6 SHRM and HRCI Credits



By registering for this Rally Academy Course, you are also signing up to use our Rally AI tool in order to complete the hands-on exercises. During the 2-week course, you'll have access to Rally Inside with Rally AI. After the course is over, your access to Rally AI will end, but you will continue to have access to the Free Plan of Rally Inside.  

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Note: This course is not available for vendors or agencies. Rally reserves the right to approve or reject registrants.

Mastering AI

for Employer Branding

or watch on-demand

starting Sept. 16

or watch on-demand

starting Sept. 16

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Future-proof your skills by learning generative AI for employer branding, recruitment marketing and talent acquisition

Building an authentic employer brand with a compelling employee value proposition is one of the most strategic initiatives in talent acquisition. Yet it's a time-consuming and resource-intensive project that requires the right strategy and implementation. Now, with the power of AI, you can create and launch your new messaging and brand platform faster and more effectively, without the need for a large team or reliance on external agencies.

In our new course, Mastering AI for Employer Branding, you'll learn how to harness AI at every step of EVP development and brand activation. We'll guide you through using AI to get to the heart of what makes your employee experience and culture unique, backed by research and analysis. Then, you'll learn how to use AI to develop strategic plans to roll out your EVP internally and externally across your channels and content with data-backed confidence.


All skill levels

Leverage AI through every step of developing or updating your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to streamline your process and support your business strategy.

Craft critical questions for employee surveys, focus groups and interviews, and use AI to analyze responses to uncover key insights.

Conduct competitor analysis of messaging and branding to differentiate your EVP and stand out in the talent marketplace.

Align your EVP with your company's core values, mission and vision to resonate with employees and candidates alike.

Ensure your messaging platform resonates with your candidate personas so that you can attract and engage top talent effectively, aligning your brand with their values and needs. 

Create implementation plans to roll out your EVP internally and launch it externally across your careers site, social media profiles and job descriptions.

Develop a content plan that showcases your EVP in action through employee stories, day-in-the-life videos and blog posts, and continuously monitor its effectiveness using AI-driven metrics.

Explore AI Ethics in Employer Branding to address bias, privacy and compliance, ensuring responsible use of AI in your branding efforts.

You'll learn how to:

Save my seatLaunch your EVP

AI is dramatically changing the world of recruitment, influencing everything from sourcing candidates to automating routine tasks, to enhancing the candidate experience and creating engaging recruiting content. We’re on the cusp of an AI revolution that is fundamentally reshaping how we attract and recruit talent, and how talent finds and chooses their next job and employer. So, the big question is: How will your job change as you integrate AI into your day-to-day activities, and more importantly, how can AI be used to boost your own value as a professional? In other words, are you AI-ready?

Why learn how to use generative AI?

Training with Lori
Participate in 4 hours of classes -- 2 hours on Sept. 5 and 2 hours on Sept. 6 -- held live over Zoom OR you can watch the recordings on-demand beginning Sept. 16 (4 hours)

Hands-on Exercises
Over the 2 weeks that follow, complete 4 hands-on exercises at your convenience using our Rally AI tool, provided to you for free during the course (
1.5 hrs)

Online Assessment
Take a short assessment to earn your Rally Certificate and 6 PDCs from SHRM and HRCI

Q&A and Discussion
Submit your questions to Lori throughout the course and participate in online discussion with Lori and your peers, so you're always supported!


This certification course takes place over 2 weeks through a combination of instructor-led classes (or on-demand videos), hands-on practice, take-home exercises and online Q&A and support.


Lori Sylvia

Taught by...

Founder, Rally Recruitment Marketing


Get hands-on, instructor-led training to learn how to use generative AI to build your employer brand

Meet Your Instructor

          Hi, I'm Lori. I love supporting your success in Recruitment Marketing! I'm on a mission to help you become AI-Ready to future-proof your career. So I've made this course super affordable so that everyone can learn about this transformative technology and get hands-on experience... join me!

Lori Sylvia
Founder & CEO, Rally

Marketing & branding leader with a 25 year career at 5 high-growth startups and 1 Fortune 100 company, and a 2 time entrepreneur

Recruitment Marketing evangelist and teacher since 2014

Founded, the largest community of 48,000 professionals learning how to use modern marketing strategies to attract, engage, recruit and retain talent

Creator of the Rally® Inside™ Recruitment Marketing & Analytics platform with over 2,000 users, and the new Rally® AI™ Personal Recruitment Marketing Assistant

My life motto: "Enjoy every day." I get this engraved on the back of all my Apple devices to remind myself to do it 

"You've brought complex ideas into very simple, bite-sized bits. Love the specifics, details and examples!"

“Lori Sylvia is a terrific speaker and truly engages with her audience.”

“Lori is very smart and knows her profession. Would suggest anyone to join her workshops and conferences.”

Through a combination of instructor-led classes by Rally Founder Lori Sylvia and hands-on exercises using our Rally® AI™ tool, you can earn a Rally Certificate and 6 PDCs from SHRM and HRCI.

Let's harness AI to master employer branding!

Mastering AI for Employer Branding

for Employer Branding

Complete the course within 2 weeks, including attending the classes or watching on demand and completing the homework, then pass the online assessment in order to earn a Rally Certificate of Completion and be eligible to receive 6 PDCs from SHRM and HRCI. 


(and grow your career!)

Sept. 5 & 6, 2024

1pm - 3pm ET // 10am - 12pm PT

Join live on Sept. 5 & 6 or watch on-demand

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Plus, get our digital workbook with all the course materials, prompts and templates!

or watch on-demand

starting Sept. 16

Sept. 5 & 6, 2024

1pm - 3pm ET // 10am - 12pm PT

Sept. 5 & 6, 2024

1pm - 3pm ET // 10am - 12pm PT

Virtual over Zoom

or watch on-demand

starting Sept. 16

Mastering AI

for Employer Branding

or watch on-demand

starting Sept. 16