Rally Community Etiquette

Community Etiquette

Rally is an online community for everyone who’s interested in learning and sharing ideas about Recruitment Marketing, employer branding and candidate experience. We welcome everyone into the community – HR, Talent Acquisition, Recruiting, Marketing, Communications, in-house practitioners, agencies, vendors, analysts, consultants, students, etc. – because we believe that the diversity of experiences, ideas and perspectives is what will propel our strategies, our careers and our companies forward. Let’s Rally together to keep our community great by practicing Community Etiquette.

No Jerks

We want Rally to be a community that you love to participate in, where you can learn new skills, get advice to overcome a challenge, be inspired to try new strategies and make new connections. We strive for a tone that’s welcoming, helpful, encouraging and tolerant. That means No Jerks.

Your Content

The majority of content on Rally Recruitment Marketing is community created. When you contribute content such as presentations, blog posts, comments and ratings, the ideas and opinions should be your own and valuable to the community. By contributing content on the site, you’re granting Rally a license to that content. Read our Submission Guidelines. In addition, by contributing content to the site, you’re doing so in the spirit that others may be inspired and learn, and that they may borrow and use your ideas and content.

Give Credit

If you borrow and use ideas and content from the Rally website, please do the right thing and give credit to the source of that content, and link back to the page on the Rally website where that content exists.

Relevant Promotion

It’s ok to mention a product or a company on Rally if it provides value to the community and is relevant to what’s being discussed. If we don’t think it is, we’ll remove it. Rally users who do this repeatedly will have their access privileges revoked (and probably get shamed by the community, which may be worse).

Be Authentic

Authenticity is a MUST when you join the Rally community. If you’re found to be misrepresenting your identity you will have your access privileges revoked, and won’t be welcomed back. This is a BIG no-no, because our community trust is based on the transparency of getting ideas, recommendations and advice from other practitioners.

If you have any questions about Rally Community Etiquette, or want to report an issue, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us. Thx!

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