Submission Guidelines

As a Rally Member, here’s how you can share content to help the community learn about Recruitment Marketing strategies and technologies. The content and ideas that you submit should be your own, ok to be published publicly and valuable to the community. (We suggest that you read our Community Etiquette first).

What Can I Contribute?

Note: All new posts and product reviews will be reviewed before they’re published. Please be patient while the community is in its early formation. Thx!

Write a Blog Post:
  • Can be original content that you create for and publish on Rally
  • Can be content that you contributed to another site and then repost here – if so, please include a link at the bottom to the original content
  • When you submit a post, be sure to select one or more relevant categories and to tag your post with relevant keywords, so that our Members can easily find your content when they search

Your posts can contain videos, audio and images. Plus you can include just about any type of embed code from sites like LinkedIn, Slideshare, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Rate and Comment on a Post:
  • If you read a post you like, rate it using the 5-star rating system at the top of every post
  • If you have feedback or want to contribute to the conversation, submit a comment or reply to a comment at the bottom of the post
Ideas to Rally Forward:
  • One type of post is called an Idea post – these are ideas for new strategies and tactics to recruit candidates, and the community will give you feedback by rating and commenting on your idea – when you submit an Idea post, be sure to follow the format of the examples already on the website, and select the Ideas to Rally Forward category, and any other relevant categories
  • As other Members submit Ideas, be sure to check them out and give your feedback using the 5-star rating system at the top of the post, and by commenting at the bottom of the post – this is how we’re crowd-sourcing the best ideas in Recruitment Marketing
Ask the Community:
  • Submit your questions about Recruitment Marketing strategies and technologies by adding a topic to an existing forum or creating a new forum with new topics – someone in the community, including one of our expert RallyRM Mentors, will respond with an answer
  • If you’ve got an answer to someone else’s question, share what you know!
Submit a Review:
  • Tell the Rally community about your experience using a product or service – can be a product you previously used or currently use – this is how we’ll give each other confidence to buy and implement new technologies and solutions that help us be more successful

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