Submission Guidelines

Here’s how you can share your know-how to help the Rally community learn about Recruitment Marketing, employer branding, talent attraction and candidate experience strategies and technologies. The content and ideas that you submit should be your own, ok to be published publicly and valuable to the community. Please don’t submit content that’s obviously “selling” in any way, or just aimed to get a backlink. We suggest that you read our Community Etiquette first. When you submit content, you are giving Rally a license to that content. Rally retains final editorial approval of all submissions.

What Can I Contribute?

Write a Post for the Rally Blog:
  • We prefer original content that you create for and publish on Rally
  • Parts of your post can be content that you contributed to another site and then repost here – if so, let us know which parts you’ve shared elsewhere
  • When you submit a post, be sure to think through the relevant keywords, so that our community can easily find your content when they search
  • A best practice is to include images and/or video content with captions
  • Our community loves examples and lots of how-to details! Avoid topics that are already well understood, unless you can share a best practice that you implemented that elevates the practice of Recruitment Marketing, employer branding and candidate experience.
  • Citing original data and research are encouraged, but be sure the data is recent and the source is trusted
  • Word count – strive for at least 700 words

Note: You can include just about any type of embed code from sites like LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.

Rate a Blog Post:
  • If you read a blog post that you like, help our community to know it’s valuable by rating the post using the 5-star rating system at the top of every page
Contribute to a Rally Ideabook or How To Guide:
  • Let us interview you to feature your strategies, pro tips and best practices in one of our Rally ideabooks, how-to guides or templates. Our community especially loves to see examples of great work and learn how you made it happen.
Speak on a Rally Webinar or at RallyFwd:
  • Share your know-how with the community by speaking on a Rally webinar or at our RallyFwd Virtual Conference. You must be a dynamic presenter who can engage our audience through the camera, and who can confidently go into some level of depth about your strategy, how you implemented it and the results you achieved.

Ready to jump in? Please write a brief abstract and outline, and submit it through our Contact form. Thx!

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