11 Ways to Humanize the Candidate Experience

Humanize your candidate experience with these 11 strategies to create a more authentic and transparent employer brand, more personalized and responsive communication, and more accessible and timely engagement. Shows great examples in career sites, job descriptions, social media, email marketing, talent networks, employee stories, text, chat and surveys. Features GE, Dignity Health, Sprint, MongoDB, Article Furniture and more.

52% of candidates never received any communication from the employer two to three-plus months after applying. (Source: Talent Board)


Rally Recruitment Marketing Ideabook:
11 Ways to Humanize the Candidate Experience

Improving the candidate experience is an ongoing priority for HR and TA leaders. Good progress has been made in areas like mobile-friendly career sites, shorter apply times and standardized interview methods.

Process improvements are important, but what candidates are telling us they really want is more communication.

The latest Talent Board research shows that job seekers rated their candidate experience higher when there was open, transparent and two-way communication (including feedback) between them and the employer throughout their candidate journey.

It turns out that a great candidate experience has come down to meeting a few basic human needs: the chance to be heard, the satisfaction of getting a response and the feeling of being respected.

It’s time for us to take the next step in improving the candidate experience. It’s time to HUMANIZE it.

This Ideabook will inspire you to humanize the candidate experience through new strategies and technologies that enable better communication and engagement.

We’ll look at 11 ways that we can make it happen:

1. Show the Real You
2. Make it Personal
3. Describe Your “Why” First
4. Respect Everyone’s Time
5. Help Candidates Find Their Potential
6. Be Social on Social Media
7. Provide Real-Time Access
8. Leverage Tech to Build Relationships
9. Add Value, Not Clutter
10. Manage Expectations Transparently
11. Ask for (Candid)ate Feedback

Sponsored by Workable, this Ideabook features examples from: Article, BetterHelp, Dignity Health, GE, MongoDB, Planned Companies, Policygenius, Six Flags, Specsavers, Sprint and Zapier. The examples can work for all company sizes, all industries and all Recruitment Marketing budgets.

Get ready to be inspired to humanize the candidate experience. Download your copy of the Rally Ideabook today.

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